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Oh look another fallout equestria story

Fallout Equestria: A good title, i appreciate that

Ohhhh ohhh ohhh! I am smelling steampunk/gearpunk coming up!

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

Great question! I've banged around that thought in my head for a while myself while I was working on all of this actually. For this question I'm assuming you're referring to Gearing and Stable 68's AI? If not, just let me know and I'll make additions.

For Gearing, he doesn't have a speaker or method of communication like that. His throat still has a variation of a voice box that, like normal individuals, vibrates to create different sounds as air is passed over it. He'd typically sound like a normal stallion, but something sounds 'a bit off'. The distortion sounds a bit like the reverberations of wind going through metal pipes or steam powered equipment whistles. The differences become really apparent when he's under duress and the distorting factor becomes more clear an audible. He's learned to hide and control it very well, but when he becomes quite literally "fuming" it's beyond his control anymore.

For the Stable AI, there's a couple bits to that, and it'll change a bit over time. However, for the two pieces shown thus far I can explain them. Also, as a bit of a rough 12hour advanced spoiler, her name's Sable. So I'll refer to her as that for rest of post.

While Sable was within the system and talking through the intercom system, she would sound similar to one of the voice synthesized earth pony mares used for automated systems. Also would have the typical 'speaker distortion' with all of her communications as that's a problem with the speakers themselves. However, even with those limitations, she'd learned how to change inflections of voice to sound 'more normal' and not so monotone with communications. But, because of wanting to sound as clear as possible, the voice has no real accent to it.

When inside the modified HH potectapony chassis, things change in a few minor, but noticeable ways for Sable's voice. The primary way is the speaker distortion is entirely gone. Also, instead of sounding like strung together prerecorded phrases/ words/ phonetics, it's much smoother, softer, and generally more life like sounding. The voice is definitively of a mare earth pony-ish with a slight soft lower reverb / echo, especially at the end of speaking.

I hope that helps. Also, if you were asking in terms of the group being voice acted, I have a general idea of all of them as well. But wanted to cover the basis before I drop another wall of text. :pinkiecrazy:

What about D&D or O&O?

Dungeons and Dragons is every other Saturday at 1pm.

As for Overloading and Overheating, that's why Sable got removed from the administration system, Stable 68 couldn't handle their lovin'. :rainbowlaugh:

Just finished reading all the current chapter and I think the story really started to get interesting when the captured foals were saved. I do like that the story focuses on the recovery and restoration of the Stable and the gradual unavailing of all of its mysteries about out it, and to be honest I really like this sort of setup for a FoE story over a wasteland hero running around and shotting anything around. I had mix thoughts that you took races of the Ponyfinder Game like the elementals and Clockwork ponies. I will be keeping an eye on this story and if you are in need of commissioning a cover art for this story let me know.

Thanks! I put a lot of thought into it, and had a bit of concern that it might be a bit too slow paced at the start. But Stable 68 had plenty of problems to root out, and at the same time gave a perfect opportunity for the characters to interact and build up an inter personal relationships. For better or ill.

Also, with my writing style, I like to pace like music. With varieties of intense action mixed with spots that are more subdued. Let's one appreciate each bit more by giving that juxtaposition. To pull a quote from Incredibles' Syndrome "When everyone's super, no one will be." If everything's 24/7 110% action it just gets kinda 'meh' after a bit.

Ponyfinder is exactly where I got the inspiration/ reference for them from. Also with "Suncats". I mean canonically there's been mention of felines etc, but I thought using Suncats specifically was useful. Although, I've taken some pretty serious artistic liberties with each of the races, vs Ponyfinder verse, so please keep that in mind going forward as all things else being equal: they aren't. Especially with function and origin. Outside of name and basics, I've written my own rules for them without paying attention to Ponyfinder canon.

As for the art, definitely going to need some eventually! I've got an idea for a cover, but it's going to be a bit before I can sketch out the idea. Desktop with software went down. Boo. I've been fighting with the combined timeline so much haven't had much time for anything else. I'll keep you in mind once I scrambled out of the trenches.

Interesting, resurrecting a unicorn colt is a noteworthy discovery, thought I wonder if it's a constant thing for him and if his growth is accelerated from the process and if he can retain his old memories more or less intact to an extent, could he be part of an experiment or just an anomaly that just so happen to have a place to that stable, and why did he resurrected now of all times? Could it be that he let himself die of starvation to avoid the effects of the raider plague, he certainly was hiding from where he was found.

I much prefer slow burn mysteries myself and I like the Deus ex Machena mantra, an Ocean Deep pound, and a Stable can allow a lot more in the way of a story on its own.

Well if you want to take a peek at my gallery in the link bellow, I have my fair share of FoE cover art, you can PM me here on Fim if ever you want to discuss the subject further.



Excellent questions indeed! A few of them will be answered in the next couple chapters, but a few of the others won't be revealed until later. MUCH later in a couple cases. But, as a bit of a teaser, I will say the little guy's more than just a macguffin. :rainbowwild:

Duly noted and bookmarked. Thanks for info!

Meat locker sex that'S something special

Well Sable certainly thought it was a CHILL idea. ;)

Some bathtub sun, is this turning more of a cheesy clop movie now?

Yeaaaah I can see how it'd seem that way. There's reasons behind it, but it won't really make sense for quite a while. Relatedly, this is also a bit of the "quiet before the storm" before things start going sideways. I mean, don't get me wrong, Sable's forever going to be an S-Class pervert. But there's more to her and the relationship than just that.

Okay so the colt has at least fragments of memories still that of a foal, incredibly accident prone, and seems to have a compulsion to go somewhere (a form of Pinkie sense maybe?). Now I wonder if if his apparent resurrection was just random or had to follow some prerequisites for it to happen, like presents of a pony nearby for stimulation or the possible avenue of escaping, and the apparent 'death' was just a form of hibernation or staises to save on resurrection energies or just just a way to prevent his mind from going mad for being alone for so long.

I won't say which one(s), but you're definitely on the right track with at least one of those points / questions. And, yes, it's significant. :raritywink:

I really liked this chapter this time, it was nice to see a little background info on Gearin and how things were for the ponies in the town. I am betting that his boss is in stasus or heavenly cyberrized. I wonder what the colt will be up to in the meanwhile.

As usual, you're hitting on some great points on that. Gearing's been mostly quiet about it for a reason. But the reasons, along with more of his background, will be made a lot more clear over the next couple chapters as there's a lot of Gearing's personal background revealed over the coming weeks.

Well the looks like the colt can grow to full buff adult size, but his mind is still that of a young colt for some reason. I wonder what would make him grow so fast all of the sudden and what you revers it beyond death. I am starting to thing that the tension between Gearing and Swift is inevitably going to culminate into a a fatal confrontation between the two if she keeps letting her throma get the best of her like that and can give him the benefit of the doubt. With what she got Pharynx to do to him is only going to get into Gearings head that their is just no reasoning to her and that she will act any and all of her paranoid mistrust not matter how much good will there was built up between the two. Well this was an interesting chapter keep it up.

Trust is definitely an important hinge that can make or break any group. And it's been shaky at best going every which way within this group. Good catch on that and, you're right, it's not sustainable. Something's eventually gotta give. But, those resolutions are going to be a bit further down the road. The next few updates are going to, as I previously promised, spend a bit more time explaining Gearing's past and motivations.

I am guessing that this was all part of a mission that he was given by RP either as a subterfuge or distraction for something larger unseen. If my lore on the Clockwork ponies is right, their souls have a very tenuous grip on their mechanical bodies and anything that could affect the grip can effectively sever them from their bodies. I would guess that the mare might be part of an investigation done by the MoA to make sure they are loyal to Equestria and not a Zebra agent of some sort. I am also taking that the the spark spell that was used on Gearing also had that same dangerous effect on him and could have killed him that time, so this won't help matters between then sense the mare was wholly ignorant of his condition for not wanting to deal with any 'heath' issues Gearing was having just because she immediately assumed the worst from him and neutralize him in the most expedient way she could think of without needing any consent form him. looking forward to the aftermath of this.

I don't want to give away too much, but you'll be getting a few answers soon as the situation resolves rather quickly. However the full truth of the situation won't be revealed until much much later. Like near the end of the story.

Also, please keep in mind, the clockworks of this story aren't exactly the same as the ones in the Ponyfinder-verse. But you are definitely getting close with how some spells will have rather unique / more dangerous consequences for a clockwork than for a normal flesh and blood pony.

So it was all a joke, a little disappointing? I hope this story won't turn into The Last Sentinel Side story.

I don't want to give away too much to this, and I realize it'll sound like a "noncommitted answer", but short answer is "No it wasn't." and long answer is "Yes, it was, with a 'but'." A hint I could give would be within how some characters acted / reacted, and the fact that the 'camera' during this segment was all around Gearing, and while he was conscious. And, yes, he WAS entirely aware during the entire over-voltage melt down. (Despite going non-responsive) Pieces to the over all puzzle will continue to be revealed as the story progresses.

I was asking in terms of the group being voice acted.

Please get back to the main story and at least spread out his past more in the story if you have to.

Yeah, this sequence presented a few problems for me on the presentation side of things. If I split it up and scattered it around, I risked people not making the connections, and that it was all one liner piece. This is definitely the longest segments of the past that will be present in the entire story. (unless I'm seriously forgetting something off the top of my head at the moment but I really doubt that)

The next chapter simultaneously finishes up this sequence of events and brings everyone back to the present. Then we carry on with the merry band's mission(s). With things really stating to pick up again with next Thursday's chapter I believe. Sorry If I'm not as clear as I normally would be, this cold is kicking my ass.

Interesting scene of what happened in Equestria with some of the survives of after the fallout, so sad.

Interesting, another side trip.

Mmmhmm. Sometimes the journey is just as, if not more, important than the original end goal. :raritywink:

Two on one Gearing vs Deux and Gorgon? Oh that's a big fat highly unlikely / good luck. Maybe if they were both idiot monsters. But they aren't. Both are battle hardened combat veterans with loads of fighting experience. Add in their respective modifications? And, yeah, not going to happen. I can pretty confidently say that one v one, and actually prepared, Gearing could take Gorgon. From what I understand, he's nothing more than a Chimera, combination of Pegasus and Cockatrice. IE still organic. IE still needs to breath. IE, poison gasses would still be highly effective, especially in an enclosed space. He's done it before. Poisons and bioweapons are his waifu. Why not, does nothing to him.

Deux is an entirely different monster... Gearing's "bullet resistant". Deux's guns aren't bullet hoses, they're freaking artillery. A direct hit by even one of those would, in all likelihood, turn Gearing into a 3d jigsaw puzzle scattered across Equstria. Game Over. GG. Nice Try. Add in all of his cybernetic enhancements that would, if I'm understanding the talismans correctly, pretty much render him immune, or at the worst of it highly resistant, to a wide variety of poisons and bioweapons. Thus majorly limiting Gearing's options. So I don't see that fight ending well even one on one. You put them both together, in a straight on head to head TRULY 2v1 fight? I'm pretty sure there'd be one very dead clockwork scattered across the pavement. Though, thinking about it, the outcome would probably be something like Gorgon and Gearing both dead, leaving Deux to trot off on his merry way screaming his favorite "C" word.

Though, given the events of Clockwork Precision are running concurrently with Project Horizons and Kkat's original Fallout Equestria, there's another blatantly obvious reason why Gearing wouldn't be able to beat / kill either of them, let alone both.

As for the color change, like pretty much everything, I like to work within set frameworks of reality/ science, preexisting canon, or logical deductions of the previous two. Like how Gearing weighs such an incredible amount, even though it's not covered in the inspiring source material... brass is over 8 times as dense as an average mammal. (Used human's specifically, but the weight to displacement ratio is apparently close across the board.) So I added that in as a factoid that's going to show up more later and present potential advantages and disadvantages, depending on the situation. For the exact color, I was referencing a particular chemical reaction. You can actually achieve a pretty decently wide range with brass as the starting point, depending on chems used.

Here's one of the ones I based it off of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7aZr1JZvyw

Although, if that wasn't a thing, and given the desperate need for some kind of light dampening coating, he'd probably resort to anodization, which would have been even more uncomfortable / painful.

Although, one of the take-aways from the whole mess is his quick and creative solutions to problems, even potentially self detrimental solutions. And his willingness to employ them to 'win'.

Secondary post to directly comment on art, since the last one turned into a caffeinated wall of text.

No I hadn't, that has a very steampunky feel with the tesla coils running from the head all the way around to the back. Like an electric mane almost. I'd seen you're gallery before, you have a pretty unique art style. Don't remember the unicorn off the top of my head though. Probably didn't get that far with all of my hopping around.

I like Swift. I think she is awesome :raritywink:

She's certainly a character, ain't she? :rainbowwild:

Interesting chapter, I really wouldn't have expect much from an encounter between Watcher and Gearing and go dandy. the new characters were fun, wouldn't mind seeing them again.

I am a bit annoyed that the part where he says that he could have killed the Cesar on multiple occasion, made sense why anyway, but it just makes him sound more like a Gary Stew like that with the contemptuous ease he said it like.

Interesting chapter, I am not too thrilled that had a face off with Blackjack, mostly for Gearing's sake. I take it that the rift between Gearing and the other is growing, while the other's certainly have their faults, but I also think that Gearing making unilateral decisions for the group and always thinks that he is right make him just as bad as Handy, at least he tried to have different inputs with a comity, even if it is way to impose his own opinion. while I a quite sure that he is aware of all their flaws and could take a hight and mighty stance on everything, he doesn't questions his own abscissions making. I think it's probably near invulnerability makes him brush off other concerns and disconnects him from those around him and thinks he can do everything.

Not really a spoiler, as it's already been shown, but may be worth pointing out:
A) Gearing knows of Blackjack, at least "Security Mare" from Breaker Bar, but nothing was explicitly given for appearance nor actual name.
B) The Would-be bounty hunters never gave the name of the bounty, and no real helpful identifying information either.

The end result of the lack of information on both sides, is Gearing has no idea the bounty is actually on "Security" at this point in the story.

As for flaws and decision making problems, on all sides, you're right. You are absolutely right. Each and every character has their own set of flaws. And, yes, that obviously, and ESPECIALLY, includes Gearing.

Interesting they are willing to abandon Gearing in a heart beat, they already EMP-ed him once without even trying to reason with him first already, that's strike two in my book and that two more then there should have been.

Interesting to see how the couple fight together

Yup. Though they can certainly fight on their own, they've been together long enough that they've learned how to aid and capitalize on each other's actions during a fight.

Hum interesting, a helmet can fuse to him if he drinks a potion, I wonder how Gearing will heal himself from this and if he is ever going to fly again.

Definitely directly related to the mangled nature of it, and the rigid nature of his anatomy.

Interesting to see how he can heal his metal body, I wonder what a repair stone like Deux has would do to him?

Given it's been hinted at and talked around already, I won't consider answering that a spoiler. So, since it won't be explicitly brought up / addressed for a long time, here goes:

A typical repair talisman, like what was implanted into Deus, or used in a variety of equipment like tanks, and powerarmor suits, would have remarkably little affect on Gearing. If you know about Full Metal Alchemist, he has a similar problem to Alphonse. Inert metal can't adhere, let alone replace, his metal body. Without the link, it's just dead/ lifeless metal.

However, his advantage over Alphonse is he has a natural healing / replacement factor, unlike Alphonse whose stuck with what he's got [short of a sorcerers stone]. Because of this, healing magic actually effects him. Thus a healing talisman would work wonderfully for him. Especially if it were tweeked and optimized to work with a clockwork.

Yet another example of the double edged sword that is "the clockwork curse".

interesting, not much interesting to say on this chapter today, I wonder if Big Daddy will send the the other reapers after gearing. I wonder if Gearing would know Gorgon and Deux?

This one certainly isn't as high paced as previous chapters. But It's main purpose is setting up things for the events directly proceeding it, and the repercussions much later in the story caused by how things resolve here.

Too bad Gauge, I did like him to an extent, I though he could be an interesting pay off and analogy of how Gearing high and mighty stance on everything makes him blind of the realties of the Wasteland and what people have to do to survive. Gauge never got the benefit of an education and didn't had any role model to follow in his life as example, all he knew was surviving to the next day; he was the product of his environment nothing more.

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