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I love to write. I love to read. Most of all, I love ponies!

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Finally! · 6:39am November 9th

At long last, I've finally finished my first story here on FiMFiction! I had actually finished it awhile ago, but I didn't have the courage to post it until now. I know, it's silly, but I have a severe lack of self-confidence and it took a lot for me to actually make my work public for the internet to read. I look forward to seeing how people feel about it (good or bad) and will continue trying my best to get my stories published for any who wish to read them.

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Keys is an adorable undersized black and white unknown breed. He's only 12 months old. Sandwich is the new guy, I got him when he was three but now he's three and a half. He's quite big compared to Keys but I've never seen them fight. Sandwich is a longhair tabby.

I wuv them so much.

Charlie is short haired and Phil is long, though both are orange tabbies. And it's no problem, I love cats (or any animal really) and will gladly talk to anyone about them. What about your cats?

I like the names. Are they long-haired or short-haired? Or bald?

With all these questions I'm looking like a cat stalker.

Charlie and Phil. Kinda boring names for cats haha.

Aaaaw. What are their names? My cats' names are Sandwich and Keys.

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