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Sombra's takeover took everyone in the Crystal Empire by surprise. No one saw it coming, none were prepared for it, and almost no one got away. Almost.

A few hooffuls of daring souls managed to break out of the city and flee southwards, towards Equestria. Some ran to beg the Princesses for aid, others just to save themselves and their families from the mad tyrant.

But as the refugees are about to learn, it's the dead of winter outside the Empire's shield, and the crystal ponies are far too used to their warm life in the city. One filly that gets separated from her parents while trying to get away learns that fact all too painfully...

❅ ❆ ❅

Cover art by Marbo, Allfather of the Snowponies.

Additional tag:snowpony

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I remember the green this is based on. Can't wait to see the rest fleshed out! Also surprised there hasn't been more snowponies on here. Though I'm sure it'll be a few chapters before we see them

Yeah, it's not really realistic having them live some couple hours away from the Empire and not get discovered for thousands of years, I think. Agate will have to travel a bit before she actually reaches the snowponies.

Agate tilted her head at that. "Um... no, I don't think I do?" She asked tentatively.

I don't think I do either, I can guess, but what was he doing?

Anyway, this fic is off to a good start! Agate is charming already, looking forward to more.

How are snow ponies different then normal ponies? I think they’ve been barely use on FimFiction like the only story I recall using them was they were once Windgoes that turn into ponies but still have the abilities to live like one. To bad that story never got completed…

On the /mlp/ threads, snowponies are based on actual Yakut horses from Siberia. Tl;dr They're the descendents of ponies that didn't flee the windigoes/war with the other ponies and survived and adapted through their love for each other/the help of the spirits. They're a varient of Earth Pony. They first came about from Yakuts getting posted in the drawthread with a request to ponify them


Oh I never knew that and that sounds way better for them

I haven't read that story, but I'm quite certain they're not remotely the same thing at all. It's a newly created fan tribe that's descended from Earth ponies.

Basically, a few months ago, an anon in a 4chan pony drawthread made a request in to, I quote, "ponify the fluffy mini horses"

One artist, Marbo, was sitting in his pony forge high on a mountain. There, he toiled on his anvil, forging the finest pony art to be seen by mortal eyes. He heard the request carried on the wind, and took to the task. For a year and a day (or probably just a day or two) he worked, taking the coldest mountain ice, the hardest rock, and the fluffiest clouds to finally produce this.


/mlp/ exploded at that, and started drawing bunch more art, creating lore, poems and songs for the newly dubbed "snowponies".

I'm not going to write pages of lore here. To try and sum it up, they're sort of eskimo/taiga tribe ponies, living in the far north. They have super floofy coats, different magic - they can walk on snow without sinking through and on ice without slipping, have cold resistance, and have shamanistic magic traditions. Talking to spirits, making magic amulets and fetishes, etc. They also adapted to the fact that there's little greenery in the North by supplementing their diets with fish.


well, I got ninja'd. That's what I get for getting too verbose for the funnies.


That’s super cool. I definitely like this.

Yeah, it's what drove me to actually start writing after lurking here for 9 years.

If you want to see some art, there's over 600 snowpony pics on the boorus (except for Derpi).



That’s awesome. I’ve debated about writing for a long time and I did help someone with a few stories (which never got finished…). I’ve lurked in this place since… like 2013?

Pretty good first story you got here can’t wait to see more


Huh these snow ponies remind me of the tribes like in Mongolia back thousands of years ago or least more up in colder climates in other nations. Definitely has the native tribe feel to them. There is one manga I read that I can’t remember the name was but those designs remind me of it.

Though I wonder if Mammoths 🦣 would live along with the snowponies? Because there was this really good Rainbow Dash story were she got bored and goes on her own adventure just flying north to discovery what’s out there and she found a nation of Mammoths that love Basket Balls 🏀 and diving into the cold water for seed weed.

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And the story continues.

So. Hello to my (few) readers. I've been wondering how to get more eyes in here. I don't really care about "promoting" my story too hard, but I do recall being unpleasantly surprised when I started discovering really well-written fics that I never saw anywhere near the feature box, while the top ones sometimes had as many thumbs down as up. The worst ones could be generously called "a gibberish filled mess."

No such thing as bad publicity, I guess?

Can't comment whether my own fic is well written or not, but I certainly think that my grammar and flow are decent, at least. So, I added it to the Good Grammar Directory group. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to tell me any groups that you think my story would fit, or go ahead and add it yourselves.

Yea it’s sad there are good stories that get overshadowed and digging the site is a lot of work to fine something nice to read

So far I think the story is written pretty good. Like the song touch

I'm not sure about groups. Though there's The Shameless Self Promotion Bureau's forum.

Poor Aegis. It's going to get a lot worse before it gets remotely better

New chapter. Happy new year!

Sorry for the amount of time it took, but I work in retail, and dealing with Karens all day really drains my energy and motivation to write things. This was also a long one, more than doubling the story's length.

Oh no! The main character suffered a terrible fate! And yet, the story continues. What witchery is this?

Some of you might notice strange words used in the story. I am picking up pieces of Inuit mythology and adding them to the snowponie's lore. An akhlut is an orca that can shapeshift into a wolf/orca hybrid and go hunting on land. And an ijiraq is a malevolent shapeshifting creature that abducts children and leaves them to freeze in the snow.

Poor filly! Eager to see her meet the snowpones though. Kinda shocked there hasn't been more snowpony stuff on fimfic

From the snowpone general:

Anon, for expanding the coverage try Writer's group https://www.fimfiction.net/group/50/the-writers-group
I Just Want A Comment https://www.fimfiction.net/group/924/i-just-want-a-comment

Thanks, I saw it. I lurk snowpony threads a lot, though I'm often unable to post anything.


Probably because it’s only recently new?

Poor Filly… I hope she could get her body back or at least figure out what happened to her now she is a spirit… :raritycry:

How much of the story does a character need to occupy for me to add them to the tags?
I think I made a mistake by not adding Cadance and Shining Armor. They're only going to show up at the very end of the story (still got 1000 years 'till the Empire comes back), but they'll be in it.

Gonna be real interesting seeing her try to integrate with the tribe

I think her body disappeared with the empire, and she'll be stuck as a spirit for the thousand years, and then she'll get her body back and return to life. The ramifications of that are insane. A filly with a millennium of knowledge in her brain?

I’m definitely sad for the filly poor thing


Oh that’s a interesting theory and makes sense since the place has disappeared now.

Can’t wait to see what the filly will do with the pole. Like can she go inside?

Crap update time 'cause I've been distracted by things. I didn't bother re-reading this one, so point out any grammar mistakes and all that. Enjoy.

Edit: aw shit, looks like we got featured. Good job, boys, we've done it.

Really good chapter! Be interesting to see what Agate makes of her afterlife with the tribe. She's got a very long wait

Oof. Here goes.

Lots of lore here. My thanks to all of the anons on /mlp/ that helped shape and create the snowponies. I'd like to thank anon, anon, anon, that one anon, and lastly - you'd never have guessed it - but anon created some pretty nice pieces of lore. Thank you all, couldn't have done it without you.

Wonderful, this story is moving forward so well.

But as she got closer, the mare did something impossible. She reached out and grabbed the filly, wrapping her in a firm hug. Somehow. Unexpected sensations flooded Agate, things she never thought she'd feel again. The pressure of a hug, warmth, the feeling of a pony's coat against her face.

You made me cry. I then gave you a thumbs up. You have found the third alternative as an author, taken the road not yet followed, and surprised me. Most writers think in binary, the good thing will happen or the bad, this alternative or that. Whether the story stands up to the end, you have earned this author's praise. Well done.

Thanks. Watching people's reactions to this has been pretty interesting. Since this is my first story ever, I expected to mess up somewhere, (and I was fine with that, I was expecting to get constructive criticism and improve), but I literally didn't get a single negative comment so far.

For the reason I stated, I think you are taking people’s breath away.

Shorter chapter, but it kinda felt right to end it there. New day, new chapter.

Edit: the tale at is based on a real event that I remembered hearing about recently. Wonder if anyone else will know it.

Short chapter but feels right, considering we're building up to Agate's presentation to the entire village, I'm guessing the next one will be quite something.
This was a nice lore-rich chapter, and Agate's little run in the snow was nice to read. She's earned the break for sure.

Ah yes. Sunflower and the first feesh. Wondered if that would make its way in

Caught up with the chapters yay. I definitely like this story can’t wait for more

Love this story so far and I've a theory on why there are only ghosts in the north. It's because of electromagnetic dispersion from solar flares aka the northern lights, they would bring the glowey energy and the electromagnetic part could keep minds intact. Only problem is that cannonicly the crystal empire makes the lights but they could be separate since those lights shine over all of Equestria while the northern lights stay closer to the top.

Not sure if I should spoiler this, since the info is pretty much open in other places. But if you're only reading the story...
Well, aren't you a smart cookie? You pretty much got it in one. It was a piece of lore that got discussed in the snowpony threads. I got the idea of it from the images of how the magnetic field works.
Only instead of magnetism, it's more of a "magic field", I suppose. As you can see, that makes the poles soaked in magic.

A variant of Earth Pony that /mlp/ came up with after a request to ponify Yakut horses. The author has a blog post with more about snowponies

I wonder if she will go check out Equestria to see if they know what happened to her home. I kind of wonder if she will make a impact of how snowponies live now after telling them about her home’s industry knowledge? Is that the word I’m looking for…? Not sure what am saying about how she told them about how houses are made, roads with street names, schools, and etc I won’t be surprise the snow ponies take it and improve their lives like that like it was for the Native Americans when they were given knowledge on improvements and stuff.

Hm, strange. I usually get notifications for pretty much everything, but the comments on this chapter didn't show up.

Here's a lore dump if you're interested. If not, keep reading. I'm slowly explaining and unfolding their lore as I go.

You'll see. There's a lot of story left.

If you could tell us, we would like to know before reading, what is the Death tag for specifically?

See, that's a bit of a spoiler, but the main character dies! It's cool though, she hangs around as a spooky cute ghost.
Death is not a regular occurence at all and there's no graphic deaths (hence the lack of gore tag), but since it's related to the main character, I thought the tag was fitting.
edit: There's also other spirits in the story too, so it's kind of obvious that they died as well. Some discussions about dying and all that.

We knew it had a high chance to be a spoiler, thank you for your answers.

Nothing but the tiny form of a filly lost in the snow, listlessly trudging her way deeper North.

North... She was supposed to walk to the south, interesting, so she finally lost her way.

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