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Bat ponies were a convenient hiding place. Few knew of their true nature, if they even really existed, so he could pretend to be one and get few hard questions. A pity one princess knew more than most, and would not be casually brushed aside.

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Shouldn't this have a changelings tag?

If it was about a plural of changelings? But it's about one specific one that is an original character. I figured the OC tag would cover that.

I like this story.

The changeling-in-the-royal-guard premise has been used a few times, but this time the leaders know from the start who/what they are dealing with.

Sounds fun.

It was a perfect plan. Shame it was flawed and doomed from the word go.

So much left unsaid. So much implied. Maybe I'll come back when it's done...

No idea when that will be, but it will update in 2sh weeks from the last.

Do you remember Skyline? We saw him in another world, another place, but, like others, he exists in a few maybes. Let's see what he gets into, hm?

Does this mean skyline is from another story? If so which one.


TSuck it up, Buttercup
He marched through the wastes. He was also bright yellow, and had a tail that did not sway much. He was also named Buttercup, not exactly a manly name, but it was his. His friend needed him. What is that? It looks like him, but also very not...
David Silver · 34k words  ·  76  11 · 1.1k views

good premises, good plot skeleton.

but the execution is bad. why luna guard is so bloody murderous, willing to pull out a spear on civilian. Is there any more reason for skyline to enlisted into an army that is racist toward him other than "i hate my old boss"?

There is no answer to this question. At least, no good one. This is not a yes or no situation. Anything I say could be taken one way or the other. Ultimately, the guard was trying to protect their princess from something that could be taken as an extreme threat. And although they threatened, they didn't actually stab anybody. I expect this to change few minds.

An interesting start!

"Before that," laughed the guard. "Princess Celestia loves her food, and she wants it around. A lot of food gets made that she doesn't get the chance to eat. She cries thinking about all that wasted food, so..." She pointed at her tray meaningfully. "She makes sure hungry ponies get to enjoy it."

Sunbutt is a good ruler. Can we put her in charge of Earth?

Also, I'm mildly surprised that Skyline eats like a normal pony. Maybe I'm just used to Starscribe's version of changeling biology?

"Newcomer." A unicorn stallion was peeking in at him. "Nopony else makes a squeak like that. New to the corp?"

Wait a minute. Is Luna guard similar to the marine corps :pinkiehappy:

If so then that just makes it even better.

There is a difference in what one can eat, wants to eat, and is good for someone.

The few, the proud? Skyline smiled gently, pride stirring in him. Also, the food was good! It wasn't bare staples to keep a guard from collapsing of hunger. It felt like the princesses were treating him directly to a fancy meal. "Mmm..." So many different parts to it too, sweet, sour, umami... If one didn't like a given portion, there were plenty of others waiting to be sampled. "This is amazing..."

Yep it’s equestria version of the marine corps.

And this makes me think Luna would love the U.S. marines even more.

Um for that sure but leader mmm going to have to disagreed to that somewhat.

I mean, changedlings at least do seem to canonically eat “normal” food and even be omnivorous. How much the pre-reformation black ones fundamentally differ in that respect is anyone’s guess, I suppose, and in any event fan work can go into a lot of directions, but ‘lings being at least able to eat like ponies and maybe even enjoy it isn’t really that much of a stretch -- if nothing else, it makes staying undetected that little bit easier.

Am I wrong for suspecting that "Piercing Thoughts" was ah, living up to his name?

This is an interesting start though I'm surprised by Luna's suggestion that there are no batponies outside those who wear the armor. Still curious to see where this goes.

There are many takes, this is just one. Still, it matches show canon, in that there are no bat ponies in sight anywhere.

Skyline is laready making friends which is good.

"Yeah..." The stallion forced himself to take a slow breath. "You aren't gonna... eat my love, are you?"

"Are you going to eat my hay fries?" Skyline dutifully checked the stallion's connections and straps.

"No! Um, unless you offered?" He licked his lips with the visions of salty fried hay fries waiting to be eaten.

"Then we're the same on that front."

Great comeback, that. :ajsmug:

It's unusual for changelings to be able to copy clothes as part of their shapeshifting. But it's not like the show ever made clear what is possible and what isn't.

Changelings have, in the show, assumed the form of ponies wearing things, like Cadance and her crown.

The only example has the clothes disappearing when the disguise is removed and that can be interpreted both ways. I don't have a problem with either but many fanfic authors have assumed that changelings can't create clothes as part of their disguise.

Oh, there's no argument there. If they drop the disguise, the clothes are gone. They can't take off those parts, as they are part of the changeling. Skyline's harness was attached as firmly as an arm.

So, does that mean that changelings can't copy loose, jangly bracelets? Or does the attachment point shift to simulate loose movement? And what about something like chain mail, which by definition is made up of linked separate units?

People have loose parts. They just don't come off easily, without pain on the part of the one who's bits you're taking.

Ponies are actually pretty xenophobic and ethnocentric in the show. Changelings are insectoid shapeshifters who feed on ponies and have mind control powers, they press a lot of fear buttons. And then there's the Canterlot Wedding where they kidnapped and replaced a Princess, mind-controled and drained the Captain of the Royal Guard, defeated another Princess and invaded the capital of the country.

Honestly, the guard's reaction is tame if anything.

The despription made it clear that he earned his mark when it glowed so it wasn't surprising. I wonder how his party will go.

You and I must be reading different fanfics, because it seems like I've encountered a lot of fics where it was assumed changelings can include clothing in the disguise.

Guess it's 50/50 on average then.

Huh. Can't say I was expecting that. But I think it's worth pointing out that, outside of Estee's works, a mark doesn't totally define you and your potential. Piercing or Sarge should probably have mentioned that bit.

On the other hoof, a changeling getting an actual mark? Twilight and the CMCs would have a field day with this.


"Even if I find some new talent, this mark is stuck. Once we get one, it's there. Before it comes, it coulda been anything, now it's one thing, forever."

They said it. They may get new talents. But the cutiemark remains. But they can get new talents.

You could also include Prince Thorax in that comment about Twilight and the CMC's having a field day regarding a changeling getting a cutie mark :twilightsmile:

Thorax isn't the prince of anything just yet.

Yeah. Timelines and such..... :rainbowderp:

Hehe, a young one! Not trained in infiltration then, which was very fortunate...

Not being left alone but also not heavily guarded. Wonder if there are any other cadets or if he's out of cycle...

Reading minds again...
Very interesting that these changelings' shape changing is more physical, there's a lot of advantages and potential applications to this, even if they are technically temporary...
Very glad to see anti-ling prejudice is reduced in the guard, wondering when the time is...

Well, it's not necessarily a Mark about dropping things, really. But that's for every pony to figure out themselves. Personally we believe it is more tactical resolution for a target. How ambiguous that applies, and well...
It seems at the very least there's no issues feeding, poor nutrition is an ender.
Let's see how popular the ling is.

Ah, yeah, changeling-specific etiquette hasn't really been codified. Still, tacit affirmation that created disguises are perfectly fine.
A bat pony out of uniform in broad daylight? Well, there were few conspiracy theories before but now they'll certainly start flying!

*sees chapter title*

(couldn't resist) :rainbowlaugh:

having ont because

one not ont. Can't have typo's ruining a party.
I wonder if he still has that mark if he were to become a zebra. It has never been clearly established if zebra's have cutie-marks as far as I know.

Grounds for immediate dismissal!

Heh that was fun! Thanks for another chapter

For one, if that detects two ponies of not-matching genders, the water stops.

Forgor about gay ponies 💀 that or the guard has DADT

It's good that Skyline has made a friend. Friendship is important to Equestria in many ways after all.

Indeed, you might even say it's Magic :pinkiehappy:.

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