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How could she miss it? The seventh element was right under her nose the entire time, supporting her, guiding her, and loving her. When it strayed from its course, destiny itself nudged it back into line. It was always there... It was just waiting.

Written for Rage Reviews and their prompt!

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DaeCat #1 · Nov 8th, 2015 · · 3 ·

Very unique and creative take on the prompt! Good luck!

6614171 Thanks kindly. It jumped out at me and I ran with it.

6614171 There's a prompt for that? I was actually using that whole seventh star thing as an excuse myself for why there would be a seventh element. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

6614264 The prompt was simply 'There is a seventh element', basically, and to write that without falling into the tropes that many of the other stories of similar theme fell into.

Hillbe #5 · Nov 8th, 2015 · · 4 ·


:ajsmug: Well if that don't beat all...
:twilightoops: Wut?
:rainbowlaugh: We all knew this could happen!
:yay: Yay
:duck: Twilight ? Are you OK darling?
:twilightoops: This is my destiny ?
:facehoof:To be a grand mare?
:moustache: :9

6614267 Huh, interesting. Of course I'm not sure what the usual tropes are since 'Seventh Element' style stories are actually kind of rare... That or my mind just blanks out all the ones that have less than a 50% approval rating. Frankly I have one peeve with some of the ones that I've read in that more often than not the 7th member comes out of nowhere and has no relation to the others in any way. The Summer Sun Celebration is not the true start of the Elements, the first Sonic Rainboom is which you at least took into account it seems. :derpytongue2:

6614277 Spike was present and affected by the rainboom. He qualifies that way too.

Most commonly, it's some random no-name OC appearing and suddenly they're super important, and an element, and knows kung fu!

Huh... this was... oddly more touching than I though. The element that was always there from the beginning, but never truly acknowledged...

6614308 Spike deserves more.

I like it.

6614420 Glad you enjoyed it!

Love me some Spike. Great job, man.

That's a sweet little story here.
I really liked the message behind it.

This is great. I've always wondered why spike have a seat inside the castle and this makes sense.

By the way, if you look closely at the number of stones on the pillar where the elements are supposed to be you might see seven stones. This is from part 2 of the pilot episode.

From secret to my excess ( I think that is the title of the episode when spike's greed is introduced), there is a stone ball in the pile that look just just the stone orbs from the pilot episode.

I can say that this story has potential and wood tie up in the Silver verse vary nicely.

Did Spike not git a pet phenix after the Dragon Migration in the show that he name Pee Wee?
Now that he live in Princess Twilight Sparkles castle can Pee Wee not live there now. There is less thing that he can start on fire.


Nice story. Love that, AJ and Pinkie, are the voices of reason. Those two do seem to have a nice connection with, Spike, out of the five other girls, besides Twilight.


Pinkie pulled down a chalk board from seemingly nowhere and made a quick sketch of Twilight's cutie mark, colors included. "Look! One for me, One for Applejack, One for Rarity, One for Fluttershy, and one for Twilight."

Think that was suppose to be, Rainbow, at the end.

Twilight trembled before she ran over to his side and grabbed him off, sending a few bags to the ground around him.

Take out the 'off'. Not needed.

Great story! I just wish Twilight gave some more consideration to her number one assistant.

6614790 Fixed! Thanks for noticing.

Loved it!
Spike need's more recognition.

As several others have said, good job giving Spike some overdue recognition. Since the prompt was "there is a seventh element" Spike is a good candidate.

However, I disagree with the implication that a valuable person will necessarily be designated by destiny or magical forces or what-have-you. Spike is an important member of the team without being an element, because his value has nothing to do with colorful lasers. Dash may be the element of loyalty, but Spike is the only person that has never turned against Twilight. Even in Owl's Well That Ends Well, his ridiculous jealousy of the owl was founded on his devotion to Twilight.

6615373 What you appear to be saying is that Spike is awesome. Agreed!

Very nice. Have a like and a 'stache: :moustache:

6615660 Glad you liked it!

... I liked it. Sad it's a one-shot, but oh well.

6615847 Glad you liked it. Not everything I write becomes a multi-chapter epic, alas.

So yeah, chucking a favourite and a like on this one :)
Be interesting to see where it goes, if you plan to carry it on any.

6616658 Glad you liked it! It's a one shot, alas. I can't make them all epics.

In a recently leaked episode list for Season 6 (taken with a grain of salt, of course) there's an episode entitled The Seventh Element. My first thoughts went to a story called The Seventh Star by Mr. Page. This story was a bit of serendipity, appearing just after I had contemplated both.

This work doesn't have any pretensions. It makes a point and doesn't try to dance around the issue. It manages to do that without feeling like a rant, and I find the use of Pinkie and Applejack to be particularly good choices for explaining to Twilight how it could be possible for Spike to be another Element.

I sincerely doubt that the series will ever make Spike an Element of Harmony. My guess is that the spoilered episode, if true (which is a long shot) will either concern Sunset Shimmer or Flash Sentry. Still, this work does an entirely respectable job of showing how and why it could—and perhaps even should—be Spike. Good job!:twilightsmile:

6616710 I would eat a metaphorical hat if they ever gave Spike so much recognition, ever.

If there is any Element out there that could help to describe what Spike is, I would have to say that the element would be "Hope"

Throughout the struggles and tribulations that Spike, his mother and their friends go through, he would be there to serve in some facility to bring about a bright future for others: whenever Magic fails, Hope would burn and reignite the Magic

*Cutie Mark Chronicles: Twilight was unable to hatch the Egg on her own (such is the way of a Kobyashi Maru), and through a combination of latent Magic and destiny, Spike came into existence: a feat that would help to validate Twilight's worthiness of becoming an Alicorn by creating life from nothing: since Spike is not a real Dragon in the conventional sense, only in the sense of what Twilight herself thought that a Baby Dragon would look like (vary, very few books to go off of based on the Dragon Migration episode, coupled with the cartoon dragon on the cart lacking in noteworthy wings) would lend to credence that Spike is an Entity in the form of a Dragon that is based off the mind of a childs' own interpretation. His own birth over-arched itself to spiral the events that would happen in the future.

*Return of Harmony Part 2: when the Mane Six became Discorded, Celestia used the message system to send letters to Twilight, letters of her Friendship Reports which reminded Twilight of herself and her nature.

*Lesson Zero: During Twilights' "episode", Spike would serve as a mental anchor for his mother; bringing her back into reality instead of going off on her little power trip of failure, it was thanks to his intervention in contacting Celestia that the only damage done was a minor doll obsession in Ponyville.

*Crystal Empire: Spike delivered the Heart of the Empire to its nexus spire in order to kill a Unicorn that two goddesses were unable to defeat 1000 years ago.


I'll take what I can get and say thank you for it none the less :twilightsmile:

Interesting one shot. Spike as the Element of Sacrifice (of all the Pinky options, I liked that one the best). Honestly suprised I didn't see this yesterday. What with the twenty cups of coffee, I was pretty on top of things :pinkiehappy:. For the record, at abut 16 cups you start getting seriously high, like there was some drugs involved. :pinkiecrazy: I likes it.

6617478 Be kind to yourself. You can't read horse words if you're dead.

6617511 Don't worry, ain't gonna do that again anytime soon. Although, honestly I don't know if you can OD on coffee at all, or what the cut-off point is (apparently higher than 20 cups), but things get a might bit weirdly at around 3 A.M.
Got lots of art done, though. So there was that. :scootangel:

Due to the great quality, plot, and potential in this story. I really enjoyed the story. Just because it's a one-shot now doesn't mean that you couldn't make it a full story later.
If you don't make this a full story. I will look for you. I will find you. And then....I will make you write it. Mwahahaha!!!!:pinkiecrazy:
Ahem....sorry....Don't know why I did that.
Anyways. Make it a full story later please and thank you for a wonderful one shot.

6617586 Glad you enjoyed it!

This makes a truly weird and entertaining amount of sense. Nice background observations.

I can't help but picture Spike as trying to be a knight at some adolescent stage of his life. Especially when he's actually mimicked such behavior as far back as season one. This fanfic... Well, it certainly does make me stop and go "huh."

6617823 A story that makes you think even for a moment is a success in my book. So, thanks, and glad you enjoyed it.

I hereby accept this as headcanon.

Nice story. I can't help but feel it's unfinished, though. It just feels like you didn't give the story enough flesh. Maybe once you feel like it, you could flesh out the story?

6618815 It was meant to give a little idea. A wee seed to live in your mind and grow. It was never meant to be a full 'thing', since Twilight accepting Spike as a full member of her team would mean changing the very nature of the show.

It tells what it's meant to, and no more. I hope you enjoyed it.

Head cannon accepted. You wrote this propmt very well btw. It makes it believable. :twilightsmile:

6619053 Thanks kindly! I wasn't sure how well my little vision would come across.

yes do more now

6619339 I wrote 10k words of fic updates today alone, have mercy.

6619343 i did not know do you need help more fan trailers for your work i can help you with that

6619352 I don't think I've ever had one of those for one of my fics.

If there is any Element out there that could help to describe what Spike is, I would have to say that the element would be "Hope"

Throughout the struggles and tribulations that Spike, his mother and their friends go through, he would be there to serve in some facility to bring about a bright future for others: whenever Magic fails, Hope would burn and reignite the Magic

I always thought so, myself. Five of the Elements of Harmony represent the qualities that make Friendship work, and Magic, the final one, binds them all together in a whole. But just because things are bound together doesn't mean they always burn brightly, or can manage to bounce back from a nasty hit once in a while. And

Hope is the foundation, and the driving force. The fire and light that keeps Magic alive and steady where and when it counts. Magic represents connections, but maintaining those connections requires a lot of belief and conviction in all of your friends. Hope and spirit are things that, quite often, only really get displayed to their fullest when it actually counts the most -- the darker and scarier the night gets, the brighter and stronger the light appears.

Spike being represented as the white background underpinning Twilight's own primary central star? That is absolute. Feathering. GENIUS, dear author, and I humbly accept this as my own headcanon. Thank you so much for writing such a simple, yet effective story that re-affirms some of my favorite ideas about the show! And double kudos to you for giving Spike some powerful, much-needed love, as well. Unspoken pillars of our lives, indeed. :twilightsmile:

6619363 i know a guy who makes good fantailer i can give you his youtube link and fimfiction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EGyMOaUvPw http://www.fimfiction.net/user/DraftTheFilmmaker your welcome i hope you do well for yourself

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