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After a long day of peril and danger, all Twilight wants to do is cuddle up with her baby dragon, who, for only a brief minute, had been the ruler of all dragonkind in Equestria.

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Hillbe #1 · Jun 1st, 2016 · · 3 ·

:moustache: infant? Dragon Lord Torch called me little....
:twilightsheepish: You'll always be my baby
:raritycry: Twilight!
:twilightoops: What? You found out Spike's a little dragon?
:raritystarry: OH? Little? No ??? not that, you teleported me to a bathtub full of vanilla frosting!
:facehoof: Pinkies place?
:duck: quite so dear....
:moustache: Mmmmmmmmm vanilla , , ,:pinkiehappy:

I have only one request for you!

... do not stop writing.

... that is all.


A beautiful story, friend. Lots of feels, well-written, and a great capstone to a great episode. Have a like. :ajsmug:

Cute. Fun. Not much else to say.

WHAT SECRET?!!?!?!??!!!!

I really liked this story it shows the relationship between Twilight and Spike in the best possible way. I liked the fact that Twilight's secret isn't revealed but she obviously put a spell on Spike to be able to safely teleport near him.

What's the Secret????? I need to know. Lovely bonding between Twilight and Spike. Now what's their secret????:flutterrage::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Corrections offered without malice.

much of an affect on your morals.”


still loathe to think


7426094 SECRET. NOW. and tell Twi's friends too!

When he watched the clash between Twilight and Starlight, Spike knew the time would come when he needed to go fight.

Dawww twimommy and her special sonpony

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