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The curtain sets over the stage, but the characters continue to move, to speak, to live. This is just one event that occurred after we tuned out. An event which would occur as the Ponyville Days festival drew to a close and and Twilight would finally ask for her assistant to speak his mind on the events which had transpired.

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I really liked this.

Thank you.:pinkiesmile:

Spike always reminded me of Carl from The Walking Dead: both of them had to grow up way too quickly.

Growing up sucks but we all have to do it at some point. Sadly some of us has to do it quicker than others.

Many people had a problem with how resigned Spike was in regards to Rarity's crush on Trenderhoof. I never had a problem with it, seeing as how Spike's worst fear isn't Rarity rejecting him, but rather Twilight abandoning him and telling him that she no longer needs him. Regardless, I found this story cute.

I like this take on of Spike, him being more mature than anyone his age. (Though personally in my mind he actually closer to the age of the Mane Six than any of the Cutie Mark Crusaders or anyone within that age range.)

I'd honestly would like to see an original story on your take of what Spike does now, after realising and admitting these thoughts to Twilight.

I've said this before and I'll say it again, Spike. Deserves. Better. And that's really all I have to say.

Great story. Growing up does suck. Nice to see that he handled the situation so well.

3966979 Yes... yes he does.

This is for you, Spike.

This was a good read and thus I gave my like. Also added to Spilight Library... dear writer, you really should join more groups, this way a masterpiece like this won't go unnoticed and yes it is a great fic as it also meats requirements for special bookshelf in library. I'm glad I have found it. :twilightsmile:

that little fella deserve everything and more. he is just only a kid and he take care of a Twilight and show so much maturity. hell if we didn't know he was a baby dragon we would think that he is an adult trap in a body of a child. he care so much for twilight and rarity that one day it could cause that his heart break. that little fella needs a good bro or a girl that understand him. he deserve it and more

You know, it's funny to realize that the title for this story actually comes from a Hentai Doujin. I had actually forgotten about that besides the name which stuck with me. And once more, pron serves as an strange muse to me.

Wait, why does this have a "romance" tag again?

4237732 I second that

4237732 His (Former) romantic feelings towards rarity

This is quite good, kinda what I thought Spike went though during that time.

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