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The Fields of Ice

Hello Everyone! If any of you met me in real life, I doubt you'd know this by looking at me, but I love reading and writing romance stories. My favorite ships are Spilight and Spike x any CMC.


Scootaloo has lived alone for much of her life since her parents' passing, but no one, not even her closest friends, know of her most guarded secret. But this soon changes when a young dragon comes passing by the clubhouse one winter evening. Now, whether she likes it or not, Spike intends to do everything he can to help her. However as the temperature falls, the way these two friends see each other begins to change as well, but it is still unclear if it was indeed for the better.

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Don't need to mention non clop fics if there is no sex tag : /

2706428 Oh yeah, I copied and pasted the description from Deviant art. But still, I've seen everyone stories turn mature in a heartbeat.

2706431 Yeah, but it's so rare. Wish there was more of it.

2706454 This one's pretty good, but judging by the author's other works it'll be awhile until any romance actually happens. 1
This one is okay, but the wording could be better. 2

2706654 Thank you very much, but I don't think I deserve such praise. I feel as though I could do better, but I believe it's true that the author is always the biggest critic. :twilightblush: However, you should know that this story will be one of my slower ones. I just want something to write when I'm in the mood for romance, but I'll do my best to keep my readers entertained. :twilightsmile: However, the slower pace may allow for me to think it out more, at least that's the theory.
Oh please don't hesitate to send me a link. I'd love to read it, after all this is such an adorable ship.

A most excellent start. Can't wait to see were this one goes

2706700 One of my favorite writers wrote one of my favorite ships.
Faved & thumbs up.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

I just remembered something. doesn't a guy giving a scarf to a girl in a romance story/show/videogame occur oftenly?

YAY! Another story! :yay:
Oh when will the next chapter of Learning To Forgive show up? :twilightsheepish:

2707351 I don't think so. I mean not too many guys wear scarfs...

This is a good start. But I can't help feel like there was another story with this pairing. It started off differently then this, but the idea was close to the same in this other story. Spike finding Scoots alone in the club house only, but I remember the other story being a bit rushed in Spike finding out why she was there. Can't remember the name though.

Still I like where this story is going. Keep up the good work!:moustache::scootangel:

2709437 Yes, I found that story about an hour ago. I was pissed at the similarities... :facehoof:
I hope mine won't be so rushed...

2709136 Oh that's ok! :pinkiehappy:
Just happy to read SpiLights and good luck!

Been a while since I've seen a story that started out being ScootaSpike from the get go. I think the last time was way back in 2010...

By the way, you're missing a bunch of punctuation marks where they could be. This goes for the entire chapter, but not many readers really know the more advanced stuff, so it doesn't surprise me that people aren't pointing anything out. I can see that you probably don't have an editor yet, so I'd like to recommend that you get one, preferably someone who knows what they're doing.

2710180 Could you be my editor or recomend one? It's just been really hard to find one who actually has an advanced understanding. I mean finding one should be easy, a really good one is another story...

Does anyone know of a good editor? I really need one. Thank you! :rainbowdetermined2:

Good work! Not only is this really good, but well I must admit, I am pretty god darn surprised at how interested in this story I am and for that, I thank you.

Now keep up the good work and make sure to update it regularly!

:moustache:, you are such a good friend. :twilightsmile: raised you well!

The way she said 'No, they're dead.' just seems so cold.

loving it so far, any spikeXcmc ship is awesome in my books

2712258 Thanks! I'm glad to hear it! :twilightblush:
And I will!

2725601 Thanks! I too enjoy cmc x Spike ships. :twilightsmile:

Spike really is the sweetest gentledragon ever.

I believe in the following chapters that Spike will realize his situation is similar to Scootaloo's. He never knew his parents, he probably doesn't know if they are dead or alive. And if he asks Princess Celestia, there is a chance that she won't tell him.


Spike is best space heater? :moustache:

Coming from experience with the foster care system i can see Scootaloos reasoning for running away. :applecry: Great story keep up the good work, hope there is a happy ending for the poor girl.

2726653 You know I actually based that part of the story off of a good friend of mine. She's in the system and hates it, the horror stories she tells me would be more than I could handle.

Ya i am becoming a lawyer to try and help change the system, based on only some of the stories i have heard. The kids that go into the system need help and the system fails at that job.

SOrry to anyone who is in this system... my Grandfather was for a long time. I do like orphan stories though... so conflicted there. :fluttercry:

Yes! Now that is a good reveal. Great Job!
This is going to be good.:moustache::scootangel:

Awww cute story! Definitely can't wait to see more!

This is a wonderful story. When's the next chapter? :moustache: :scootangel:

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