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Warnings: Sporadic updates, long/plodding, backstory shipping

When Spike went to bed, he was a 162 year old dragon, war veteran, twice widower, and living on the outskirts of Ponyville. This morning, he wakes up to a voice he hadn't heard in decades on the eve of the 1000th Summer Sun Celebration.

Now, Spike must choose between the future he knows and a future he can make.

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You have my attention. A repeat with a wise and intelligent, mischievous Spike is always welcome.

Being known as a pervert in the new timeline? That's future Spike's problem. :moustache:

Looking forward to the next chapters!

Hmm, I found the premise of this really interesting, plus, TwiSpike is one of my favourite ships, so I will definitely be looking forward to future chapters :twilightsmile:

Let's see how future!Spike screws up the timeline :rainbowlaugh:

This is great! Can't wait for the next chapters!



I'm one chapter in and I'm inlove . . . :heart:

Sucks to see this is already on Hiatus. Hope you get your spark back soon.

Love the choices in wives!:moustache::heart::twilightblush::rainbowwild:

I have to ask, even if it's irreverent to the entire storyline: Who did Rarity get hitched with? Obviously it's not Spike, since he was the one to give Rarity and her groom the ring that probably for the longest time (and still stings because he's not the one that Rarity married to--shouldn't be too downtrodden though, apparently Spike married both Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle) he wanted to propose to Rarity with.

And I got to say, he's had a hell of a life already, and probably still in the prime of his life, even though he's one hundred sixty-two years old...a war veteran, a Prince before democracy came along, a husband and father, a grandfather and many-times-over great grandfather to who knows how many hybrids...

.....means that shit's about to go down, am I right? :fluttercry::fluttercry:

Please make more this is great

Wow, I actually didn't see this comment in the main section, I normally don't like doing this but I felt I should clarify: Dawnguard isn't Spike's offspring. Dawnguard descends from Twilight's son whom she had with Flash Sentry before his death.

Though you may have figured this out already.

As for who Rarity married, I went with Fancy Pants. And, yes, Spike has had a full life filled with ups and downs and is old enough to appreciate the good parts were only as good as they were because he had the bad parts to contrast with it.

I should also note here: when I began writing this story, it was before I think even the beginning of Season 5, while I do intend to incorporate some things of the new seasons (Ember and the Dragon Lord), I naturally will simply not touch on others. (Glimmer's own Time Travel stunt which would mean Spike would not nearly be as surprised by the potential to change history)

This story is kinda sad when you think about it

This story is giving me Background Pony vibes. Such sad. :fluttercry:

Ha, I put this story back on my trackinglist this night.

This is good stuff. I can't wait for more!

Howdy. Am I allowed to create a spin-off of this?

Loving this story. It's very well written and interesting.

I love seeing the little changes in the time line. I wonder how all this will affect the big picture.

Need help with pre-reading? I can help out, if ya need me.

Buckle up then, little Timmys, because there's a reason this story references the Butterfly Effect.

Normally, I might say 'no', but honestly, since I do update once a geological period, I'm going to say "feel free to make a non-canon* spinoff" though I will ask waiting until I publish the next chapter beforehand. Though, at the core, I'd encourage you to try your own original story at deconstructing the general concept of the "peggy sue" since I'm sure you'd be able to write something great on your own.

*I know non-canon status is a bit painful, but I'm not sure what you'd have planned and I don't want to crib from you.

Thank you, I'll contact you on that soon.

7201839 I just hope that the answer won't be the same as the butterfly affect because as awesome as that movie was, it was just too tragic

7199989 But still so good, you want to read it. Good job!:moustache:

Interesting premise! Let's see where this goes. :moustache:

...Uh, so all the alicorns are dead? Died in the war I take it?

Well, Spike is already changing history. May as well go and prevent the biggest war in said history. :rainbowdetermined2:

Tarnished Silver is wanted on suspicion of murder, practice of forbidden magic, and multiple accounts of theft and breaking and entering various museums and libraries.

"Did I close the kitchen-window?"

I have a sneaking suspicion we'll see this "Tarnished Silver" character again.

[...] He had not entirely ruled out some manner of enemy. "But it doesn't make sense? Why send me back if they wanted to manipulate history and not go back themselves? [...]

Speculation: ...And that she couldn't go back this far without sending Spike also, as an "anchor-point". Probably wants to "restore the Blueblood family name to its former glory".

Way to go Spike, that's what you get for mucking with the past.

You mention sporadic updates and yet end with a cliffhanger? Yer evil.

Stupid republics! Everyone with any sense knows that a mixed constitution is miles better than this 'democracy' rubbish!

Mixed constitution: Monarch, ultimately making all the decisions, then below them an aristocracy, and then the common people elect mayors and suchlike things.

Thank you, and my apologies. I've been having trouble finding a pre-reader.




Yeek, this butterflied badly for Spike...

I rather like these Lyra / Spike tales and shenanigans, here.

I can't help but wonder if it will repeat again for Spike, or if he'll wake up later with the profound changes already having been made.


It's funny to think that with all the changes made to the past here, the only one that mattered was that Rainbow Dash was too far away from Applejack to stop the suicide charge.

“Canterlot sounds like such an interesting place.” Shoeshine marveled.

"No more shines, Bill."

You know... that joke almost cost you a few down votes I imagine. :ajsmug:

Anyway, good to this story going again. Curious why you haven't removed the Hiatus tag though.

what if spike has the ability to reset like frisk? Just unintentionally.

Ouch. But I am sure he'll be fine

7276987 It's not like he's TRYING to. He's trying to keep everything on track, but just his very presence there is altering things.

Whelp...looks like this is all future spikes problem...Or is it past?

This is good shit. Hope for more soon!:moustache:

Obviously there is no time traveling, only alternate universes that are nearly identical. How else would paradoxes be reconciled? jk i dont even kno

I wish the next chapter would come already :applecry:

Whew, how much sadder is this gonna get? Is it gonna diverge hugely from the original time line ?

Hoo boy. So Spike just how much are you going to be tempted to change the timeline to prevent all this bad stuff?

DAMN YOU AND YOUR FLASHBACKS! I WISHED FOR INSTANT CONTINUATION! WHY, OH WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS, GOD?! :flutterrage: Keep up the good work, though. :pinkiehappy:


No worries, this was good and I get it. A out cold and it reminds him of that time he got injured in the same place. Cool! Sex is the best medicine!:moustache::rainbowwild:

The word Sawbones is screaming is "schweigen" (silence).

Plus it's "raus" (out) not "aus" (off).

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