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Rumors of my demise were not exaggerated at all (I am now a lich lord! Bow to me!) · 9:45am May 4th, 2016

It's been a long time and while I did warn Dragonfly Effect was going to be sporadic in updates, even I didn't quite mean like this. But I have gotten back to work on it.

Not entirely helped the next chapter is supposed to be kind of lengthy since I'm moving through introductions with the remaining Mane Six before the waste product makes contact with the oscillating climate control device.

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Huh, I realize now that for a long time, my Pastebin thing only had old roleplay stuff as public. Well, I certainly fixed that, now everyone can see my terrible greentext stories from /mlp/!

i loved your applespike story, it was one of the best ive read

There is a comic birthday version of the Boatman oft sung at my birthdays, thus:
Happy Birthday, happy birthday
One year older, death is nearer.
Happy birthday...

Also, if you are up to it, may I ask you to give my AppleSpike story a read? It's called 'Unintentionally Yours', the first complete story for this ship, if my research is to be believed.
I would appreciate honest, raw, unfiltered, reactionary feedback, since I am still working on the sequel and prequel.
If you wish, I can supply ma review of your untitled AppleSpike story (which I consider the best I've read so far).

If I ever do, the story will likely be revised to be a bit less derivative of "Ah don't Need Help". An excellent, if incomplete, AppleSpike story which I highly recommend.

Also there's actually a scene missing that somehow didn't make it that involved Spike and Big Macintosh singing an English version of The Boatman of Volga. (A Russian work song)

I look forward to you uploading your AppleSpike story.
Better than mine by leagues.

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