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The Fields of Ice

Hello Everyone! If any of you met me in real life, I doubt you'd know this by looking at me, but I love reading and writing romance stories. My favorite ships are Spilight and Spike x any CMC.


After Princess Twilight is given the news that she must move much farther from their friend than she already had, Spike finds himself infuriated. The resulting argument is enough to force him to run away, but neither could have imagined how devastating it would be to their friendship. Now, six years later, Spike can't stop thinking about what he did that night and how dearly he wishes to take it back. So, after many sleepless nights, he decides to return to the friend he's long since abandoned, though when he arrives in Canterlot, Spike may have found more than just friendship.

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@The Fields of Ice...

Aaagh...damn reboots in my Favorites' notification!

:raritydespair: : This is the. Worst. Possible. Thing! /faintingcouch


:raritywink: : Just kidding.

In truth, I am a constant preacher of the following fan-fiction writing axiom...

It is NEVER "too late" to go back to add-on, edit, refine, revise, or even completely overhaul, one's fan-fiction work(s) for the better.

So it is generally a positive sign when an Author takes the [time + effort] to go over their work(s), and have the literary humility to say, "I can do better," and (most importantly) act upon it.

3720889 Wish I had the ability to act upon getting my comments back. I didn't know deleting the old chapters would do that. :fluttershbad: Well at least everything else stayed the same.

Yeah, he said that things were rushed, and wanted to fix it up

It was as if those last two words able to rape his very heart.

Kinda weird dude, but overall,
Its like the same as the original chapter, only the development is shown and its taking its time!!!!!!!
Good on ya mate!!!!

3721020 That one has been in there. I didn't edit that.
There I changed it to crush.

Wow, I really do have a bad habit of looking only for the negatives. I didn't even notice the complement. Thank you.

Comment posted by The Fields of Ice deleted Jan 2nd, 2014

Not bad. Just... why would Spike need to ask Twilight permission to stay in his own home?

3721131 Thanks. Well, they're adults now so...

This is a much better chapter, and more developed to boot,
The last one was rushed and rushed the rest of the story too!!!!

3721167 Agreed. In this one I'm going to make them take much longer to get together.

Nice job man,
I like this story alot more than the original one,
You have my utmost support and respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't see why you would change perfection like this story but oh well, I will continue on to read the rest of this story

You did a good thing. While i liked the previous version, the relation between spike and twilight didn't feels right, as if something was missing, or even as if this relation was forced.
I don't feel like this anymore, good job :pinkiehappy:

I can honestly say I like this far better than the last version. Before, it was just another "now kiss!" shipfic, but now it seems like a believable romance with believable characters, though I'm still put off by Twilight suddenly realizing she's in love with Spike after he abandons her. Dorky as she is, she'd have run a gamut of scenarios (and not limited to her mindscape only) before finding the true answer, and besides, she doesn't seem nervous at all at the prospect of finally having a boyfriend.

3722323 Agreed, however don't worry. This is explained later on. What? You think I'm not thinking this one through like the last? Trust me, you'll understand.

I love comments like these. They are much better than complements because I can learn from them.

I hope at some point in this they will go back to Ponyville and will get reactions from the rest of the ponies seeing Spike for the first time in 6 years. I figure that could make an interesting couple of chapters

Please hurry with the next chapter I want to know what happens next:pinkiehappy:

“Well, was very

You might need a "she" in there, as in "Well [pause], she was very nice..."

But I do like the changes to this chapter! Viktor is hilarious!

3724690 Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out. I wouldn't have even noticed.

This story was pre-me so excuse this question. Was this the one where they went the whole drop the bomb scenario? If it was this has gotten better!! So much, from what I can remember, of it last time was just shut up and kiss already. Now it's plausible. Twilight still seems to be the biggest problem. Spike question what he was feeling, borderline denying it. Twilight didn't seem to do that. Though I expect you to expand on this later, if you don't... Well dissapointment is a common thing in life. Still... Why has Spike been avoiding Celestia? It's weird, does he not want her to know he's there? Does he want it to be a suprise? Maybe mommy's wrath scare him that much?

3724754 Yes, unfortunately. Also, thank you. :twilightsmile: I'm glad this version is working for you.
Yes, I shall explain in a later chapter, as I will do with nearly everyone's questions.
That's a good question. You see, despite the fact that Spike loves Celestia as his mother, he doesn't want her to know he's back just yet so he could spend as much time talking to Twilight as possible. He fears that when she finds out, she'll never let him out of her sight and may even throw a party in his honor. He just needed some time alone with Twilight is all.

Ah! Understandable, if Spike considers her a mother, logic follows she should to. I leave her reaction up in the air.
Now are you going to touch on what the girls have been doing? Well... Actually, no, that really wouldn't work. That is something of a whole different story. I hope, though, you will have them reconnect before the end of this fic.
Also, just cause it's me, how where you going to end the other version of this fic?

3724935 I may eventually, but now that I have this story going the way I wanted it, I fear it may be much longer than I was intending. Would still make for an interesting chapter.
To be honest, I pretty much canceled that version. I'm greatly looking forward to writing this version though.

While I have been enjoying the reboot, I certainly hope the framing for the plot (i.e. the Zebra/Hooviet/Equestrian tension) has not been abandoned. This seems a much happier story than the previous one did; the desperation of their love amidst the impending war was one of the things that made me fall in love with this in the first place. :heart:

Either way, still loving the fic.

Again you say the way you wanted? What exactly made the other story go in a direction you didn't mean?

3724993 I have no idea. I just reread it and thought to myself "My god! I would dislike this thing!" I mean when you think that about YOUR story, you need to change some things.

3724973 I'm going to flip a coin on that choice.

Aww bummer. Well, still got a reader in me, as Spilight is a woefully underrated ship. I'll just have to get my dose of Spilighmisery in my own fics.

I agree as well. If the author himself doesn't like the story, something went wrong. Is this gonna go the whole tension of war route? Honestly i can only see it ending in... unsavory fashions, following most psychological war theories.

3725031 Oh! You want misery!? :pinkiecrazy: You wait until I post Future Gazer and A Dragon's Flame. That's misery!

3725059 Oh, and Spilight... But then again I'm the writer, so duh. :derpytongue2:

3725037 Well, I was going to have Twilight prove herself as a princess by ending the crisis, but screw politics...

I tried to do that once, an unpublished work, so many problems kept poping up!? What would be the terms of peace? What would be sacrificed to achieve peace? Which side would lose, which would win. There was always something getting in the way somebody would always want more, someone wouldn't budge. Honestly I can't understand politics.

3725097 Which is why I said screw it! I just wanted a Spilight!

Fair enough. It can be that simple. Do you want it be?

It's been reposted? Ok then, Gods I'm excited to read it all over again, GET YOUR MARE, SPIKE!!:ajsmug:

The romance in this is very cute, a bit rushed but cute nonetheless, thank the Gods you see Celestia as Spike's mother as well, I'm a huge fan of that:ajsmug:

This was by a far a better chapter then the previous one, I'm so proud of you, you did very well. I hope to read more, both are funny in this story:rainbowlaugh:

Ah Luna, trust her to come out of nowhere, now all we need is Discord:rainbowlaugh: I enjoyed this chapter, it has a great pace, honest words and is genuine, very enjoyable, hoping to see what is to come next:yay:

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