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A FIMFiction writer and editor who is colourful in all genres, and doesn't know what the hell he's doing more than half the time. (Editors welcome)


Ballad of the Dawn Chapter VII is Now Available! · 9:19pm July 30th

Hey guys, Takarashi282 here! And no, I'm not dead, just had a stupid writer's block in the middle of this stupid chapter.

So yeah, the good news is that I'm now caught up to what used to be Chapter 3... four chapters later. Which means that Chapter 8 will be out sooner rather than later, because it's technically already done! I just need to go over it and see if there are any plot holes I've accidentally created and whatnot.

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The Thing of Stuff

Hello! Welcome to Stuff!

So, a couple things to know about me:
- I like writing either short, Slice-of-Life esque one-shots, or adventures. My earlier works, such as Discord! Under His Rule, Guardians of Tartarus, The Crusaders’ Curse (rated M), and even my earliest (horrible) work, Grandiur, are all examples of my adventure novels, where Cutie Malfunction, I Like Skateboards, The Straightforward (but Confusing) Autobiography of Tom the Boulder, and Spike Hits Puberty, are all examples of my SoL one-shots. Feel free to read any of these (but be warned, I wasn’t the best writer when I wrote these).

- I don’t write clop. Even though I am a little bit of a furry, I'm neither good at writing it nor do I want to offer straight up porn. It's more of a taste thing than an actual aversion to it, if that makes sense. In any case, I make fun of clop, I make sex jokes. No clop fics here.

- Anything that’s rated M is rated that for good reason. It may be for gore, crimes that I see unbefitting of the Teen rating, and explicit sexual acts. I do always strive to have SFW works, but sometimes I have to bite the bullet.

Incoming Fics

A Late Night Dip

  • Rating TBD
  • After accidentally spotting Twilight bathing, Rainbow Dash has to face the facts. Twilight, however, seems to only be attracted to stallions.
  • Release by April 2018

Latest Creations

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Gentlecolt Collaborations’ Pony Amnesia: Love and Mysteries

  • A dating sim revived anew in 2017, Pony Amnesia: Love and Mysteries features you, an amnesiac pony as you adjust to the pony way of life. Along your journey, you meet a colorful cast of characters from the show to befriend and/or engage a relationship with. All the while, you discover your mysterious past.
  • Currently in development.
  • Want to join the effort? Awesome! Applications are currently still going on! So if you have a knack for story-telling, art, programming, etc., click here to give their Discord a visit!
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