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Your friendly, sane, coffee-powered musicophile of a writer. Did I mention sane? No? I should also mention, I'm perfectly sane.

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Dream On, Dreamer

Progression of Stories

In order of motivation*:

Perhaps Death, Chp. 29: Something Something Silver Lining (Title Still Subject to Change)
356 words

Feyspeak, Chapter 8: Soleus
1,089 words (from 634 words)

Cascade! Clouds Above, Obfuscate! (✽ Tale III ✽), Chapter 13: CCXXXIII
16 words

Decadence, As Performed By Four Calling Birds (✽ Tale IV ✽), one-shot
28 words

On The Transience Of Adelasters (✽ Tale V ✽), one-shot

Velleity, one-shot
3,398 words

Postulations For Four, one-shot
783 words


Diprosopus, Chp. 40
0% (0 words, 12% outlined)

Lovely Days, Chp. 4
(60 words, 100% outlined)

Worlds, Chapters 2 - 4 1
(10,383 words across all chapters, 100% outlined)


1 am planning to release these chapters in one go

What I'm Listening To This Month (November 2017)

Changes at the beginning of each month. If you want to know what the titles are, right click and select the 'Search Google for image' option

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Sorry I was at work. I tend to reply really late but you are very welcome:twilightsmile:


Picture's not popping up, though the name of it suggests it's Kanna eating the crab on the beach.


I see you may have missed my Skype message. :raritywink:

Oh hey, you followed me. Thanks. To what do I owe this honor?

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Potential Choices for Next Songfic

Crack Up, Fleet Foxes

Really digging this album. It's dense both musically and lyrically, dealing mainly with differences in one's perception. Not sure how to translate the entirety of it all into a single story. It's more likely I'll pick a song from the tracklist instead. Then again, that's the same thought I had when working on Philosophize, so it may change should I actually start getting into it. Not sure why, but I'm envisioning the main character of this tale to be Limestone Pie.

A Crow Looked At Me, Mount Eerie

This album is depressing. Extremely depressing. After all, it is about the death of the singer's wife and it is as heart-wrenching as you could possibly imagine. I don't know how else to interpret this, considering how personal it is to the guy. A big part of me doesn't want to touch it, knowing how personal this all is to him in the end. I might just be putting it up here for a 'what if' scenario, in the end. Don't have even an inkling as to who the main character could be.

A Moon Shaped Pool, Radiohead

There have been multiple ideas floating around my head when it comes to this album. I think at a period of time, this album was supposed to be partnered up alongside Philosophize, though it isn't as carefully thought out as I had wanted it to be. Still planning a firm concept for the story, but the character is set in stone. If you haven't guessed it from the name of the album yet, it's our very own princess of the night herself.

True Care, James Vincent McMorrow

The sense of melancholy and sorrow on this album is extra strong on this one, exemplified especially by the lyrics. That's probably the singular thread tying all the songs together. The way it was done, they seemed like snippets of a story, which though I wouldn't put into my story word for word, it does give me a semblance of what the story might look like. Bittersweet romance is what I'm picturing right now. What's tricky might be the starring couple of the story. Spike and Rarity come into mind, though I'm not certain about it yet. Have to see.

An Introduction to WritingSpirit

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