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Spitfire and Sunburst are cousins.

They're an unlikely pair, but they make do with what they have.


An entry for the May Pairings Contest.

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It was in the coming and the going, in the patience of waiting. The roaring of coal fires and the hissing of steam. The words of greeting, the words of farewell, the hugs and the hoofshakes in between. The tinkling of bits for a ticket, a newspaper, a coffee with bread and margarine. And Sunburst saw them all amid the crowd, the ebbing and flowing therein.

I just wanted to note how beautiful this paragraph is to me. You put me right there in a train station! There are a lot of other parapraphs like this so far as well - really enjoying this story.

Glad you enjoyed this story! Especially happy to hear you liked that paragraph in particular—I'm pretty sure I spent more time than I liked trying to make it sound right. :twilightsheepish:

Thanks a bunch for reading!

The time spent paid off :twilightsmile: Good luck in the contest!

I'd put off reading this for too long - I should have done it way sooner.

A very heartwarming slice of life with two relatively underappreciated characters, in my opinion. The pairings are an interesting (and preferred) departure from the usual, and you've done a good job of characterizing them in a realistic way that doesn't flanderize their personalities! I couldn't ask for much more. The little nuggets of info like how Gilda is head of discipline at the school is what's keeping things interesting - at this rate Fleetfoot and Flash Sentry might be connected too! It is Fleetfoot that Spitfire was talking about, no?

The big mystery that caught my attention throughout this was seeing just how big this family really is - who's related to whom? Who's seeing each other in this little alternate universe? I'd be interested in seeing more - if not their reunion next year, then maybe perhaps Sunburst and Spitfire could start writing letters like they said they should have been? In the post-series time that this appears to be in, I'd like to think they've both learned enough by proximity to the M6 to want to set things right. You've written them like they're the only ones that truly get each other in that family, that kinda support isn't the same as any regular friend who's just been told about things instead of growing up with it.

This was a really nice story. It was great seeing Spitfire and Sunburst's individual lives, and then seeing them talk about it at the end. They have a really cozy interplay that still works for their characters. As the above comment noted, it was also interesting parsing out who's related to who.

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