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Spitfire and Sunburst are cousins.

They're an unlikely pair, but they make do with what they have.


An entry for the May Pairings Contest.

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A surprise visit from his coltfriend Flash Sentry during a dangerous magical experiment leads to the pegasus being struck by a misfired spell.

Now Sunburst has to spend their three-and-a-half year anniversary keeping an eye of him and making sure that nothing went wrong.

Of course, nothing went wrong.

Just maybe not in the way that either of them expected.

Written for the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group's Genre-Swap Contest

Many thanks to astrolatryy, Shaslan, Undome Tinwe and Vis-a-Viscera for the kind words
and to Silent Whisper for hosting the contest

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Seek comfort, should you need it.

Tell yourself that you deserve it. Force it upon yourself, if you must.

And when you find it, keep it. Keep them close.

For there is no greater comfort than knowing there’s somepony in your life who wants to take care of you.

A gift for the effulgent Novelle Tale,
written as part of the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group's Christmas Fic Exchange.

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Applejack tells a story about her many kisses she shared with Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash does too.

However, as one might find out soon enough, not all kisses are the same.

Written for the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group's Lyrical Contest

Many thanks to the following for their invaluable feedback:
Atom Smash, mushroompone, SnowOriole, starshield,
Sunlight Rays, The Red Parade, Vis-a-Viscera and Zontan

Cover art by uar1

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There is a saying in my family.

That Mill Finish will never be a mare you’d want waiting at your doorstep.

I suppose there is some truth to that.

The original draft of this story was written for Undome Tinwe's Dramatic Contest,
as part of the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting group

Many thanks to the following for their invaluable feedback:
Atom Smash Decaf HapHazred The Red Parade Scrying Mind Shaslan Undome Tinwe Vis-a-Viscera

Artwork by LA-ndy

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This story is a sequel to On The Transience Of Adelasters

✽ Tale V of XXXIII ✽
adapted from Volume II, Track XI

It's out there somewhere
and it ain't going away anytime soon

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Ever since the schoolhouse closed down, Cheerilee feels as though she had lost her purpose in life. With what little she still has left on her, she spends her nights drinking her life away and her days nursing the hangovers that follow.

All of that changes when she was suddenly offered a job by her ex-coltfriend: to become the private tutor for his daughter, Fuschia Fresh, and help the filly with her grades.

Reluctantly, Cheerilee accepts it. She does need the money, after all. Plus, all she needs to do is to help a child with her studies, which was something she had years and years of experience in. In other words, this is a job that she was prepared for, a job that she was perfect for.

This is a job that, little did she know, was going to become the most important job of her life.

Updates sporadically
Art by MadHotaru

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The ocean remains to be the greatest mystery left unsolved in the world. Intent on cracking the case wide open, Professor Moondancer took it upon herself to figure it out, following in the first steps of so many who had failed to do so before her. As the questions began piling in and all seemed lost, however, there came a miracle, and with it, comes knowledge that had never seen the light of day.

With it, comes the answers she needs to understand everything.

With it, comes the only truth left worth knowing.

WARNING: this story goes into much darker, much grosser, much weirder and, on all aspects, more graphically descriptive in later chapters. If the idea of Lovecraftian body horror alone, among many other grotesque things, does not appeal to you, then I advise you to stay far, far away from this story.

This story is Cthulhu-free, despite it seeming otherwise.

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This is a not-at-all-carefully curated of throwaway words that were written for no singular reason other than to clear up and sort out the constant fuzzball of ideas in my head, so as to keep it level when working on the rest of my stuff. Updates casually come and go.

Stories may vary from the dreadfully mundane to the blatantly absurd. Good night, and good luck.

Rated E for everything. Well, almost everything.

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A young filly goes on a fishing trip with her parents.

Winner of the 'Rarity' award for Everfree Northwest Scribblefest 2018

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