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Hi there! I'm Silent Whisper, I'm an author here on Fimfiction.

A bit about me: I'm a girl across the Internet, writing her way through life. My favorite topic to write about is slice of life, and I love making you all smile! If you leave a comment, it brightens my day!

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New Story Out · 4:25am November 28th

This is a belated post. And this is where I apologize for belatedly mentioning that I have a new story out.
Thankfully, it seems to not come as a surprise to a lot of you, since as of now it's featured on the non-mature (immature?) version of Fimfiction.
It's about absolute and sheer madness. In the words of my girlfriend, it was written in a style that reminded her greatly of Douglas Adams. And then she gave me a rather unsettling impromptu evil giggle. So there you go.

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