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Hi there! I'm Silent Whisper, I'm an author here on Fimfiction.

A bit about me: I'm a girl across the Internet, writing her way through life. My favorite topic to write about is slice of life, and I love making you all smile! If you leave a comment, it brightens my day!

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New Story Up! Another fluffy romance, because I'm a sucker for that it seems. · 7:05am June 16th

Today's story is brought to you by the fact that I've had this partially started in my folder for almost half a year now.
Presenting... the cutest ship ever to exist. Also, cute ponies being cute together. I hope you enjoy!

ECinnamon Saturday
Fluttershy takes a vacation to Manehatten, but finds her feelings for her friend and host are a bit more complicated than she expected.
Silent Whisper · 3.1k words  ·  31  0 · 187 views
Report Silent Whisper · 5 views · Story: Cinnamon Saturday · #update
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Every time I see your icon I can't help but squee at how adorable you are <3

The pleasure is all mine! Your fics are wonderful and I eagerly await your next one!

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