Every time Luna falls asleep, her lover vanishes. Every morning, she must find who he's replaced.

Sex tag for allusions to sex off-screen and mentions of stallion's equipment. You know the drill. Better safe than sorry.

Written for Zontan as part of a Christmas fic exchange. The prompt he gave was "I want a story about a sympathetic villain protagonist. Tempest, Nightmare Moon, Starlight, Chrysalis, etc - so long as they're out there doing villainous things for good reason."

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I can safely say, this is a type of relationship I've never seen before. Very interesting idea. :)

A well done and powerful idea. Something that would be cool if it were cannon.

Howdy, hi~!

Loved this. Such a unique way of translating Doctor Whooves as a character and reinterpreting the Nightmare Moon myth. Absolutely adored the romance aspect and the connection of dreams and night to their relationship. Absolute banger of a fic. Thanks for the read~!

sometimes I think this site is dead, but then these stories come along. I had an idea for a character like this but not quite as extreme if I ever got back into writing.

???????? no dislikes???? oh fuck yes!


luna in first person is new for me. kinda interesting

This definitely one of the more unique stories I've seen on this site. I'm not quite sure how you came up with the idea but somehow you manged to pull it off. Have a Derpy :derpytongue2:

Damn, that's good.

No comments yet? This story is going great :0

For the first time, I felt like it could last.

Uh oh.
Perhaps even "last forever"? With visits only able to happen at night?

And there it is.

The series has been concluded for some time now, and still we get to see novel and brilliant takes on the Old Stories.

What a delightful thing you've given us, author.

Very touching.

Welp, just reread this again.
The unique situation Luna and her lover are in, is both entertaining and heart breaking. I hope she actually figures out how to make it work in a manner less morally dubious.

Heya! So, this is probably one of the highest compliments I think I've received on a story. You read it again and it made you think so much you left me a comment again?!?!?!?!??!? You made my week! Thank you SO MUCH!

... and I hope she finds a way to make it work in a less morally dubious manner, too. The whole situation's not exactly something you'd be able to find advice on how to deal with, you know? Must be rough.

Well, you know how it is. You want to read something, but you want something you know is good. Best time to browse the favs you haven't read in a while. :)

That means a lot to me, and yeah, absolutely! A lot of the time, I end up wishing I could re-read my favorite fics again for the first time

this is probably the most cruel curse of immortality imaginable.

Huh. You know, for most of the story, I was wondering if you'd included, without considering the actual implications of it, the concept of making love in another person's body... a concept that is absolutely mortifying on many levels and exists in an area that I personally have several neuroses around. And I intended to ask you about the implications once I'd finished...

Then lo and behold, it turns out those very implications were one of the most central points of the entire story and, what's more, was handled very well, in my opinion - making clear that what they were doing was terrible from a purely moral perspective, but also making it very understandable why they would do it and wouldn't think about the implications, and treating both them and their actions with empathy and taste.

My one thought is that... well, I'm honestly not sure whether or not you should use it, but I think it's possible this should have the Non-Con tag since... well, I'm not clear on the exact definitions and boundaries, but I think what they were doing would technically fall into the category of... that. Still, if you don't want to associate the story with the sorts of stories that frequently have the tag, I understand.

So, yeah... I'd be lying if I said I enjoyed it completely, but I did enjoy a fair bit of it and I respect and appreciate all of it.

I keep mulling over this comment, because I think it's one of the most respectful comments I've ever gotten. Like, regarding sensitive subject matter, that is. I'm flattered that you think I handled the topic well! I'm not sure if it needs the non-con tag, as its usage is often a bit different than this fic and it's kind of in a strange gray area for said definition the site uses, and I'd gone back and forth on whether or not I should use it. This is what I get for coming up with strange premises! I often have trouble with trying to fit tags to my fics, and this one was no exception.

But, tags aside? I think one of the most flattering things I've been told is "I wasn't sure if you thought all the implications through, but you did, and you treated it with respect and taste."

Thank you for reading, even when the topic made you uncomfortable. It wasn't meant to be a fairy tale romance like Luna felt inside, you know? I really appreciate that you understood that the characters aren't acting in a mature and even morally-correct way in the fic, and that it was a deliberate choice on my part in order to explore the concept. It's high praise, and I really appreciate your comment.


Happy to hear it, thank you.

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