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It’s been so long since that day. Since I’ve had to live a lie. Of course, living a lie is what changelings are all about aren’t we? But this lie is different. 

I’m different. I want to change but I can’t. 

And everyone will hate me if they find out. 


Written for the second Quills and Sofas Anonymous Contest!

Many thanks to Mushroom for proofreading the final draft for me and for everyone in Quills who commented!

Cover art by me! If you are a writer and would like cover art, send me a PM!

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Stargell needs to understand and accept that they are reformed. They might not have went "Rainbow Bug" like the rest of the hive, but they don't want to cause harm anymore. They wants to embrace FALK, so that is all the more sign they really need to understand that they are reformed. Hopefully they can come clean to Trixie and she can help them see that.

I'm using they/them because the characters gender is left ambiguous.

I purposely left their gender ambiguous, it’s one of the fun things with changelings lol.

And yes, I very much agree. At this point, Star is doing pretty much everything an ‘unreformed’ changeling wouldn’t do, but they aren’t able to recognize it. The main themes of the story that I was trying to portray was social anxiety and imposter syndrome, both things I very much struggle with personally (spoilered cause…spoilers XD)

Thanks so much for leaving a comment and I hope you enjoyed the story!

I did. I wouldn't mind a sequel with Stargell meeting Trixie, but if you don't think it's necessary, you don't have to write it.

First person... hmmm pretty good.

Seer #5 · August 9th · · ·

I thought in the contest that this was such a clever idea to discuss a changeling character. Having them having to hide as a reformed changeling was such a creative and clever idea. Doesn't hurt that the writing is absolutely belting too! You should be very proud of this one!

I like this idea. I'd also like a sequel to explore it more. Great job, Snow.

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