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These ponies will never understand us - because we don’t give them a chance - which is why we must MAKE them understand. We shall take back this night - it doesn’t have to be like this Nightmare! - and use it as our return!

“Stop it!”

”Not until we are together again, Princess.”

Written as part of an anthology for the amazing Zontan. Make sure to check out the other stories, compiled here in this group

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It’s been so long since that day. Since I’ve had to live a lie. Of course, living a lie is what changelings are all about aren’t we? But this lie is different. 

I’m different. I want to change but I can’t. 

And everyone will hate me if they find out. 


Written for the second Quills and Sofas Anonymous Contest!

Many thanks to Mushroom for proofreading the final draft for me and for everyone in Quills who commented!

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After their 30 year flight class reunion, Lightning Dust decides to finally take up Rainbow’s offer of coming round the farm and hanging out at an Apple family reunion. 

There, she meets a hard headed mare with a no nonsense attitude and a hell of a song on her fiddle. 

Both are past the days of wasting time on a fling and are looking to finally settle down with that ‘special somepony’. The question is, is it going to be with each other?

Written for Red’s Fiddledust Contest.

(Please note that the Washouts episode did not happen in this universe)

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It’s a mystery to most how Maud and Rarity got together, even more so what the outspoken and sometimes dramatic fashion diva sees in a plain, quiet mare with a Rocktorate. 

To Rarity, Maud is a steady comfort, the unmovable object to her unstoppable force, the one who keeps her grounded and steady. 

To Maud, Rarity is a gem worth considering and protecting.  

Written for Bike’s Maud contest and also submitted to Bike’s 1,000 word contest in the Fluff category.

Cover art by me!

((If you are an author and would like cover art, send me a pm!))

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In the innocent city of Canterlot, two little girls grew up together. 

In the lonely city of Canterlot, one had to leave. 

In the beautiful city of Canterlot, two best friends reconnect.

In the dangerous city of Canterlot, a once unshakeable bond is tested.

Written for the fabulous Dawn!

Heavily inspired by Monochromatic’s story Crimson Lips, though this story is in no way intended to be canon to that one. Think of this as an AU of an AU. 

Rated T and tagged sex for discussion of sex work and adult topics, similar to Crimson Lips.

Thanks so much to Novelle Tale and n3k1dsk1llz for proofreading/editing and a big thanks to Mono for inspiring this story.

Cover art created using the Wombo app!

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Friendship and relationships are complicated, but falling in love with your best friends should be easy right? You just start to cuddle and kiss and say ‘I love you’.

But, sometimes, you forget an important step to a relationship.

Like a first date.

Written for the amazing Wishcometrue!

now I finally have my revenge for the masterpiece that is With The Thought of Us muahahaha

Thanks so much for everyone who read this and helped edit, y’all are amazing.

This story will be updated daily until it’s complete

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I often wonder what led me here, what series of events long ago set off, triggering different actions and places until I ended up here, right now, in this bed, with a numb and tired heart. 

I used to think it would get better. ‘Surely’, I thought, ‘My love will be enough. I can fix her and then she can return the same support.’

What a laugh, an absolutely remarkable joke. 

It truly is a funny thing, how relationships change.

Inspired by the song War by Icon for Hire, specifically the start of the chorus. Mostly a depressing little drabble cause of feelings and stuff.

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Cheerilee is a happy mare. She has an amazing marefriend, loves her job, and overall has a happy life. 

Sure, Rara’s music career can keep them apart for some time and sure, maybe she gets a little annoyed with her students occasionally but those little things are just part of life. 

It’s not like he has any skeletons in her closet. 

Nope, Cheerilee is an unhappy stallion mare. 

Content Warnings - gender dysphoria, mention/memory of past sexual and physical abuse, transphobia, potentially triggering anxiety episode/spiraling thoughts

Written for the Quills and Sofa’s 24 hour LGBTQ Extravaganza and part of Pride and Positivity. Expanded and edited slightly from the original contest version.

Consider donating to The Transgender Law Center or Point of Pride.

Cover art by me! If you are an author looking for cover art, send me a pm!

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Centuries in the future, Equestria is undergoing a monumental clean up task. The last Bot Engaged in Refuse Relocation Equestria Class (BERR-E) unit has been hard at work trying to make it hospitable again. But when an Autonomous Universe Traveler (AUT) comes to Equestria, BERR-E will go on a journey across the stars. Can she finally bring ponies home to Equestria? And just how equine can a robot get?

Tempest Shadow, a household name for horror movies, has startled fans with the shocking announcement of her lead role in the new family friendly film ‘BERR-E’. Even more surprising is the directors choice to have her co-lead be a no name Kirin who’s been lurking in the background for years now. What will this mean for BERR-E’s release? Will this be the summer's biggest flop?

Written in the Quills and Sofa’s Disney Parody Speedwrite (and placed first!) Presented here with some expansion and editing.

Thanks so much to AFanaticRabbit, PinoyPony, Vis-A-Viscera, and dziadek1990 for participating in the Quills speedwrite and leaving me great comments!

A special thanks to Aurora and my friend Ember for helping to proofread and edit this final version.

Cover art by me! If you are an author and would like cover art, send me a PM!

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Inspiration is a fickle thing, Rarity knows this. She’s known it her whole life, it’s part of being an artiste after all. Some days you create for hours on end, bringing to reality countless gorgeous designs and art pieces that until a few hours ago, existed only as abstract thoughts in the mind. 

Other days, you simply sit and stare, unable to conjure the slightest idea.

Rarity has been in a slump lately, she recognizes that, but how long is a ‘slump’ before it becomes a new reality?

What if she simply can’t create anymore?

Written for a Quills and Sofa’s Panic with the prompt ‘Inspiration’, presented here with some editing and expansion (technically got 3rd place in a panic with only 3 entrants lol.) Many thanks to Red and Silent for kicking my butt in the panic and for Ashley and Aurora being second round proofreaders.

Cover art by me! If you are an author and want cover art, send me a PM!

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