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This story is a sequel to The Definition of Insanity

Lil' Cheese lost his Mommy, and he will stop at nothing to find her - unfortunately for Pudding, the hostage negotiator in charge of untangling this mess.

This is a sequel to Snow Quill's story The Definition of Insanity, written (with her blessing) as part of a 'shitty sequel' event some friends ran. It's intended to subvert the spirit of the original and generally shit all over it, in a funny way. You can read this story without reading Snow's, but if you'd like to read something beautiful and sad, and then something that disrespects that entirely, you should read them both.

CW for some gore and violence. This is dark comedy.

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Yeah cheese sandwich is a horrible father. But why didn’t they put him on death row or something after more than one hospital killing spree or heck just one.

Plus the negotiator could have just said put down your Friend and you get to see your mom real soon.

Like I said when I first read this, I absolutely love this holy shit lmao. I didn’t know what would happen when I submitted this story for the shitty eu, and honestly I felt really bad for you cause I was like ‘there’s no way this is a good story for this’ but then you absolutely blew me away. It’s stupid, it’s silly, it’s gory but man is it also fun. Just, thank you so much Shas

I like evil story's it's great for me.

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not really funny, but a good read overall. I liked it.

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