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Sparkler is a lonely foal. Her parents...well, they aren't exactly around. The only patch of brightness in her life is her half-sister, Dinky Doo. She loves Dinky more than anything. If only Dinky knew Sparkler existed, then surely she'd love her too

Won second place in the Quills and Sofas Sparkler /Amethyst Star speedwrite contest. Originally a Nightmare Night fic, but published a bit late.

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Pretty sure Pip would like Dinky's costume

THat's below the line, Diamond:twilightangry2:

At first, I was afraid...but happy to see Derpy changed her mind

Poor Sparkler. I'd condemn Derpy for not letting her see Dinky, but I'm guessing that she isn't able to think streight in this regard.

Little creepy, but not really a lot of people being reasonable here.

I get the distinct impression that Sparkler is maybe about ten to twelve here? From the descriptions I think shes maybe six years older than Dinky, and at that age this feels about right. A desperate need to express and recieve affection, and having lost her father and her mother in that regard, she's turned to the only source she can see a chance with- a little sister. Itd be sweet if it wasn't so sad.

It's times like these where you remember how horrible Diamond used to be. It's interesting to think how she ended up later on.

I really feel for Sparkler here. It seems that her father really caused a massive tole on both families. It's very nice to see Derpi finally starting to accept her. I can only imagine the many awkward conversations and revelations that would follow between them.

Good interpretation! That's exactly what I was going for. Thank you for the comment <3

A very cute story right here. The relationship between the girls and Sparklers inner monologue was very well done.

Sparkler is obviously very desperate for some form of affection, which I’m glad Derpy was kind enough to open up in the end.

Very sweet read, nice work

Well, that was a sweet little read that I needed, today!

I can understand Derpy's dislike of anything even related to someone who hurt her in such a manner, but I'm glad she was able to come around and give Sparkler a chance. I'd love to see more of those two bonding and sharing sisterly shenanigans! :heart:

i really loved this! Rare to see Derpy characterized as cold in any way (at least, from what I've seen), but it makes a lot of sense. That stallion must have been Something that's for sure.

It was a super fun fic with just the right amount of realistic tension and conflict. Something about it reminds me of like... Nancy Drew books or Magic Treehouse, very nostalgic.

I just had this one thought. Ditzy, you separated that filly from her father. Now you stand between her and her sister. Literally took everything away from her. Because of that stallion.

That said it was very heartwarming

Derpy comes across as overprotective which is probably what Sparkler thinks of her.

It's good that Derpy changed her mind about Sparkler. I wonder who their father's third mare is and if she will last longer than the first two.

Couple questions:

She saw the siblings at school playing together,

1. Who are the "siblings", Sparkler has only mentioned Dinky up to now?

and seen countless arrows thud into the butts.

2. What the hell kind of place is Ponyville, where they use butts for archery targets!?! :pinkiegasp:

3. In the Mysterious Mare-do-well episode, Sparkler is show as having her own daughter (might be a sister but she acts like a mother). How does that fit into this timeline that makes Derpy seem so much older than Sparkler while the show makes them seem like contemporaries? Is this like an AU thing?

Suspenseful till the last second, and an happy ending to boot. It was a short but really interesting read, and I'm glad I came accross it !

"the siblings" just means Sparkler sees siblings at school, and is jealous she has none :rainbowlaugh:

And Tootsie Flute isn't confirmed to be Sparkler's daughter. She's just a filly who Sparkler has a picnic with once on screen. Could be a friend, relative, anything. The fact that Sparkler and Ditzy compete in the Sisterhooves Social together is more directly suggestive of an actual relationship, so that's the one I went with. The fact she has a young sister made me decide Sparkler was a little younger than the mane 6 and Derpy was a little older than them, so the timelines work out. It does actually say Derpy is a mare "barely older than Sparkler herself".

At first, I thought it was going to be a Link costume.

Um? Sparklerving?

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