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I make both fanart and fanfic. I draw all my cover images myself, and I take art and writing commissions!


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  • EChanging Cherries
    Cherry Berry is an earth pony. Sometimes. And that's not the least of her problems; her insomnia is getting worse, and she can't keep her secret to herself any longer.
    Shaslan · 3.5k words  ·  293  6 · 2.3k views
  • TPatience
    Cheerilee dwells alone in sterile white rooms. The disembodied voice that calls itself the Chancellor tells her she has an important task - a duty to her students. Come what may, Cheerilee is a teacher. She will do what she must.
    Shaslan · 6.7k words  ·  154  3 · 1.3k views
  • EMy Little Sister
    Sparkler is a lonely foal. Her parents...well, they aren't exactly around. The only patch of brightness in her life is her half-sister, Dinky Doo. She loves Dinky more than anything. If only Dinky knew Sparkler existed, then surely she'd love her too
    Shaslan · 8k words  ·  132  2 · 862 views
  • TCome Hell or High Water
    Autumn Blaze receives a parcel from her friend Applejack. But when she sees the cutie marks of Applejack's parents emblazoned on the bottles within, a memory is triggered. A memory Autumn wishes that she could forget...
    Shaslan · 6.2k words  ·  177  6 · 1.9k views