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Hearth's Warming Eve is almost here and Lil' Cheese had the most perfect present for his parents: a surprise party! But when that plan falls through, he has to quickly organize one within the next few hours. Which shouldn't be a problem for the son of the two biggest party ponies in Equestria right?

Unknown to him, that might be the biggest problem of all...

Cover art done by Doodle-mark

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Good story!

Although, I thought Lil' Cheese was a girl?

Lil' Cheese has eyelashes but was confirmed by the creators to be a colt!


Huh. Well, F*** me.

Still, good job! I like it!

nah he’s a guy
everyone’s confused by that

Nice to see stories with Lil' Cheese, he's adorable. :rainbowkiss:

10003940 Apparently they never settled on a gender. One writer said Lil' Cheese is a boy and they just gave him long eyelashes to look extra cute.

Dan #11 · Dec 26th, 2019 · · 1 ·


Really annoying how people can't accept he's a colt and keep vandalizing the derpibooru tags.

I'm accepting he's a colt. Just didn't know.

I know, I love him too :D

10004454 Well, it seems the show staff never quite settled on what gender Pinkie and Cheese's kid would be. It seems that the writers wanted it be a colt but the animators weren't told and just recycled Pinkie's filly model.


When I see a character with eyelashes, I know instantly that it is female because of that. >:/

Hey nice to see stories of the future / continuation / epilogue world of mlp :ajsmug:
Love your work.

Sooo by your logic, when I see a fan of a little girls show called My Little Pony, I know instantly that the fan is female.

You would think that of all fandoms, this fandom would be more open when it came to looks and preconceptions.

Really, it's not that big of a deal.
I think it's quite nice actually.
mlp always always been more than the "simple Saturday morning kiddie show" and bending a couple of stereotypes can be a good thing.

My advice, and going from what Whitewolf states: Jim Miller and Josh Haber are just ignoring 9 years of proof of difference between Fillies and Colts. (Case in point: calling Lil' Cheese and Lemon Crumble/Hyper Sonic colts whereas they are CLEARLY fillies! And in the case of the latter, someone at Hasbro's VA department obviously made a mistake by assigning a Male VA to voice her even when they have PLENTY of Female VA's that could of voiced her!)

Honestly though: If that person on Twitter didn't have to ask about the gender for Lil' Cheese and Lemon Crumble/Hyper Sonic to officials from Hasbro..... NONE OF THIS WOULD OF HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE! :flutterrage:

Wait, so a male VA was actually assigned to Lil' Cheese ?
I don't remember that from the finale.

And we had the Director also state that Lil' Cheese is a colt. I remember those tweets.

So he is pretty much a colt. Wouldn't you say?
And about the "evidence" of fillies vs colts, did you just completely ignore that part about "My Little Pony is a girls show, therefore all fans are female".

Assumptions break down. Fans can be male. And colts can have eyelashes.

Also, why so uptight?


Wait, so a male VA was actually assigned to Lil' Cheese ?
I don't remember that from the finale.

I didn't say Lil' Cheese, I said Lemon Crumble/Hyper Sonic.

AND I DON'T CARE! If you want more proof, go to Fluttercheer and that person will explain more on the matter. -_-

And besides... you wouldn't know it given my ability to transform into Female Characters for a living. :ajbemused:

Okay I'm walking away.
I have no idea what is going in here. Transforming? What do you mean?

Before I go, I made an error on Fimfic recently when I was very uptight and responded poorly to someone in a blog post. I was having a VERY bad day at work and was working two 12 hour shifts back-to-back. I had to take some personal time during work and went to Fimfiction on my phone to unwind. But instead made an arse of myself in someone's blog as I was so uptight. I interpreted someone's earlier reply to me incorrectly and was aggressive. Yes, I later apologised, twice.

Maybe you need to chill aswell?
You sound like someone just stabbed you.

Look, from the comments here people are happy to have him as an androgynous character of sorts. That's an novel development.

Heck, I think I read something about an author planning a story on how Lil' Cheese is constantly teased for looking like a girl. It was a comment to a linked story, I think. Now isn't that much more interesting for a character than stating eyelashes = filly?

Anyway, Cheers.


But I will state the obvious: One day... and I mean one day... Jim Miller and Josh Haber will say they were trolling and knew that Lil' Cheese is Female all along.


I know this conversation ended in theory but please stop. No more arguments about Cheesecake's gender in the comment section please.

Aye. I wasn't really expecting this to happen.
I could see the comments back and forth and chipped in.
Sorry for my part.

This is very adorable. Glad that I finally got to read it.

Great story! You captured the characters perfectly. And the surprise at the end was sweet.:pinkiesmile:

This was an amazing story. Lil Cheese has become one of my favorite characters to read stories about, but it upsets me that in every single story regarding him, there's always a discussion in the comments about his gender. One would think we're in an era where people's pronouns are simply that, pronouns.
Anyway, thanks for writing such a cute story ❤️✨

Awwww....so cute and sweet and interesting!

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