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Cherry Berry is an earth pony. Sometimes. And that's not the least of her problems; her insomnia is getting worse, and she can't keep her secret to herself any longer.


Winner of the Cherry Berry 'new horizons' contest on Quills and Sofas.
Featuring Cherry Berry and Berryshine (also known as Berry Punch) as two sisters with a dark and mysterious secret.

EDIT: Likely to get a second chapter soon, as people have asked for one.

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ah yes ,poly-pony-hoofington's disease. once you find your form you like, take 2 of these every night, and also every fourth full moon you must sacrifice a goat on...you know what I'll just give you the pamphlet

Oh wow... like, holy shit.

Either she's going through some sort of dysmorphia -thank you TheBadWriter for correcting me on the right word- feeling she's born in the wrong species or something more's going on. It can't be night terrors, as that would require her to be asleep. And speaking as a former insomniac, I can relate...

This is some really good story. wow.

Dang. Way to make my empathize with Cherry. I'd kill for a continuation of this; you can't just leave the poor girl at her wit's end!

That said, I'm curious, was this partially inspired by the tendency of the artists to swap out races for the background ponies early on in the show's run?

That was exactly it! When you look at Cherry Berry's wiki page, her profile picture has several variations, one showing her as an earth pony, one as a pegasus, one as a crystal pony. Berryshine has earth pony, unicorn, pegasus and crystal pony. The animation errors / reskins are really common in the show, and I just started thinking how would it feel for the pony going through that?

dystopia is a bad society, i'm pretty sure the word your thinking of is dysmorphia

I knew I'd gotten it wrong, back of my brain was telling me that wasn't the word. Thank you for correcting me.

This isn't a job for a doctor; this is a job for a Twilight.

I dreamed that I was falling, head over tail, down and down and down and down, that I couldn’t even see the ground beneath me. I just knew somehow that I was going to keep falling forever. I woke up absolutely screaming, and all the other fillies woke up too. Then when they saw me, they started screaming too.

Those generally mean that you need to relax, learn to let go.

Well, that was dark.

Brilliance story! Her life journey look a really dreadfully.

Cherry Berry? Pegasi? Quills and Sofas? Was this ghostwritten by The Red Parade?

Jokes aside, this was very gripping. I think first-person works well for summarising multiple events.

Just one chapter? Awwwwwwwwwwwww

Playing backseat psychologist for a moment, best approach I can think of is focusing on what does remain constant for Cherry Berry -- if it's not her physical form, then her mind and character. She's protective and loyal to her sis, resourceful too. Given her fears about what if she turns into something like a dragon or diamond dog, I would suggest Twilight if she feels she can trust authority (which, admittedly, seems to be a long shot at this point).

Obviously, the doc should ideally convey this in a much more gentle and compassionate manner than I am here.

It's a fun short story if there could be another one. xD But hey, each their own. :D


I can neither confirm nor deny I had any hand in the making of this story other than hosting a background ponies contest. Which directly makes me responsible but I still deny any involvement.

I'm sure that you don't have any obligation as a fimfic author to say in your Author's Note or story description that your story marked "Complete" is likely to get at least one more chapter soon. But I think it wouldn't hurt to let readers know that more is probably coming. :twilightangry2:

Of course, when a reader reacts to your story the way I did (by writing and publishing an unauthorized sequel chapter in less than an hour) I suppose that could be interpreted as one sign of a kind of success? At least I obviously care what happens next and want to read more. :raritydespair:

Well damn, that's some pretty creepy stuff. I like, I like. I also like what the initial inspiration is-- the reskinning! Oh, the RESKINNING!!


I can neither confirm nor deny

I still deny

Ah, yes. Makes perfect sense.

The law (Zontan) requires that I answer yes.

Darn, way to leave us hanging. Don't know what's happening to them or why and no hope in sight for them. :fluttercry:
Regardless of whether you continue this or not, thanks for sharing. It was an interesting read. :twilightsmile:

Meh. It all comes down to peer pressure in the end, doesn't it. This incredibly awesome capacity, to experience life as a different (sub-)species, 100% natural with no drawbacks but nightmares (which were never even adressed). Even if you can't control it, embrace the Change and live it in full. But alas, people just had to ruin it for the sisters :fluttercry:

Ponies be like: 'oh noes she grew wings over the night, it could be contagious! '
Me be like: Let's see how much you like it on the other end of the experience.

10429729 Or just see Discord. This sort of thing is right up his ally.

Though, he may decide to start snapping you into hundreds of random things just for the giggles....

i Seth standmore am Pleased to have seen that you are also writing a sequel to Mocking Bird's story Cheery's Dream, you and I should cohabitate on a project sometime, I mostly write about if my little Pony charactrer's were anime's and also if I was in them somehow if that is something you'd would be interested in hit me up

Sincerely SethS tabdmore

What's happening to them? Animators' errors!

So wonderfully close to horror, what a damn good piece of work this is. I love how the greatest terror isn't the physical troubles of switching or the social treatment, its the psychological of dysmorphia and loss of identity.

How could you 👎 on such a blessed comment


Fascinating stuff... though I do have to wonder if ponies' reactions would shift after Twilight's ascension. You can't ask for a more public refutation of "a unicorn is a unicorn." After that, an involuntary shapeshifter may find a gradually (or, in Ponyville, almost immediately) more welcoming environment. Though she has to be willing to let ponies in for that to happen.

I do think Twilight could help, but there'd be some experimentation that might rub Cherry the wrong way. I do hope you continue this, but even if you don't, you've crafted a fantastic bit of body and mind horror.

Wow that was powerful!

A neat little thriller on the edge of styling itself as horror. I feel that the mental aspect is what makes this work so well, and the physical thrill being limited to externally non-harmful reactions adds butter to an already savory biscuit. I’d love to see this explored further and dive into Cherry’s therapy to explore how she chooses to come to terms her condition.

The point of the phrase "I can neither confirm nor deny" is to address a question without answering it at all, which you completely defeat by turning around and answering the question by denying your involvement in the same breath


The reactions of other ponies seems a bit overblown, but I'm thinking that can be chalked up to Cherry Berry projecting her own revulsion onto them.


I can neither confirm nor deny that I was joking. That being said I was joking.

Everypony was petrified, of course. How can somepony go to sleep an earth pony and wake up a pegasus? It doesn’t make any sense. It still doesn’t.

Yeah, it' doesn't make sense to suddenly grow wings.
Wouldn't you agree, Twilight and Spike?

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Ah, I am not too sure about this. It is a good idea, do not get me wrong. Taking some animation inconsistencies and turning them into an actual in-universe thing? Why yes, I am interested.

But I am not too sure fear and disgust would be the actual reaction. We are also presented with the fact that the two sisters apparently ran away from their home, which on itself is a story worth attention.

Finally...I just do not see how therapy could help here. Some others have pointed out the same, but I do believe this is something Twilight would be more qualified to look into.

See, she never have gave them a chance after that first traumatic experience. Everyone naturally balks at the unexpected, but they would have come around eventually...

Oof. A good kind of oof

Great story, So my guess is that their parents are probably dead or they got lost on a move when really young given Cherry's seeming inability to recall her earliest memories. They have some sort of dysmorphia, and Cherry has severe anxiety and self loathing on top of insomnia and other such things. I definitely concur that this is something that Twilight or the Princesses should look into more than a traditional therapist (although a therapist could be part of the team). Can we please get another chapter or a sequel? This is WAY too interesting to leave as a mere one-shot.

Thanks for reading, and your lovely comment <3

I have a couple more chapters in the works that are half finished, but I keep wavering on what would be the best follow up to what has been my best performing story. I want to make sure I get it right! I'm aiming to get them out by the end of the month, but I'm doing NaNo so it might be a bit longer.

Cool beans, and don't you worry Take your time.

As to the follow up, perhaps it could run something like this (completely off the top of my head) Cherry finishes her story and the Therapist says "Hmm, very interesting Ms. Berry, I honestly am at a loss on what you want me to do. I can certainly see what I can do to help you with your insomnia and anxiety, but your magically induced changes are outside of my area of expertise." Reaching for a quill, the doctor scribbled something on his pad of paper and ripped it off hoofing it over to Cherry. Cherry couldn't read the hastily scrawled note aside from a date and time and looked up with confusion. "It's a note for an appointment with somepony who has more experience with magical maladies. In the meantime I want you to take it easy and do whatever you can to relax as I believe that part of your problem is that you let your protective instincts grow to the point where you seem to think that unless you are eternally vigilant your world will stop spinning as it were." From here you could show Cherry trying to relax, and meeting Twilight or Discord or Zecora as the Magical Specialist. She'd be nervous (perhaps even borderline flower trio if Discord was involved) but Twilight or Zecora would work to ease her fears and figure out what's what.

Chapter 2

Therapist is revealed to be Pinkie Pie, her hair flattened for once. Pinkie pulls out a silver pillcase.

"Do you know why you're really here, Cherry Berry? You're here because you know something is wrong with Equestria. What it is, you can't explain, but you've felt it your entire life. Like a popcorn kernel stuck between the back molars of your mind, driving you loco in the cocoa. This whole world is a lie pulled over your mind to blind you from the truth."

Pinkie opens the pill case revealing two jellybeans, one red, and one blue.

"You eat the blue bean, you go home, the nightmares stop, and stay stuck as an earth pony, and you live as normal a life as anyone in Ponyville. But you eat the red bean? Well, hold onto your flank cuz things are gonna get weird, yo."

I wish there were more chapters.

Your story has been reviewed here!

Why do I feel like that will happen if pinkie would be the therapist

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