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Rainbow Dash is old and sick to death of being on 'wing rest'. She knows she's got more left to give, and she wants to give the world one last sonic rainboom. No matter what the cost.

TW: suicide mention.

A retrospective look at Rainbow's life, as told by Rainbow as she goes on one last herculean journey. Originally a speedwrite for the 100th contest for Quills and Sofas, now doubled in length and fleshed out more. Special thanks to all the Quills and Sofas members who edited, especially Flashgen.

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Can't say I enjoy AppleDash, but you did this very well - certainly how I'd expect her to go.

Really like how this story worked out, especially with the scenes split into their respective chapters to help bring in the proper flow.

Good work, Shaslan.

Me likes this story. Even if it sad.

This is beautiful, heartwrenching, bittersweet, and wonderful. Goodbye Rainbow Dash.

I like the build-up to the conclusion of the story, though maybe a bit dragged out.

IDK. This was good. :pinkiehappy:

Great story. Loved the emotion

:moustache: And guess who had to clean up her mess? ME THAT'S WHO!
:duck: Before Canterlot or the Crystal castle,,
:moustache: The Boutique. . .Yes Dear
:moustache: 75th anniversary - She knew how to train her dragon
:pinkiegasp: You're all invited to Rainbows poopy rainboom party! Yea! With casket dancing!

Wow, thank you for this comment. I'm really glad it had an impact on you.

Several times when I was reading this story, I realized I was holding my breath. Probably so I could read it without as many distractions as possible.

I love this story. Thank you for this.

I must say, I do not like appledash at all, but you shone in this story, and you managed to get a tear out of this reader, you earned my follow.

Do not,
Go gentle into that good night.
Old age,
Should rage at close of play.
Do not,
Go gentle into that good night.

Very good stuff. I totally see Rainbow taking the glory exit.

I broke my back years ago and it's almost impossible to accept that there's just things you can't do anymore.

You have a new follower.

And then Rainbow Dash for the greatest of her greatest magical accomplishment the Rainboom ascended into an eternally in her prime Alicorn preventing her from seeing and resting with Applejack in whatever pony afterlife they believe in. Well at least she’ll be able to fly and do rainbooms whenever so yay I guess

Edit- actually kinda wanna see that now lot a drama and slice of life to be had oh well to bad for me

I like how you left it ambiguous whether or not she managed to pull out in time. Sure, you built up how unlikely it was, but the possibility was open.

A very difficult subject that you handled with great delicacy and care.


Exactly how I'd wanna go out. Doing something I loved to do.

It's 7:48 AM, I've stayed up all night writing, and now I'm sitting here crying instead of getting my pizza out of the oven, damn you, you beautiful bastard

Just reading the chapters following up to this I am pretty sure Dash knew well ahead she was never going to pull up in time. Whether she wanted to or not. I believe it was well beyond anything she was capable of. The impact would have been as spectacular as the sonic rainboom that preceded it.

Really would like to see her friends reactions as well as zap apple. Otherwise wonderfully told story. I definitely think this is how rainbow would have to go out,lighting up the very heavens with a magic that none other than her could produce.

This has made a man shed a tear you have a follower congrats

I love that you are using the canon ships in this it really feels like a continuation of the story:rainbowkiss:


I bet the crater would become a national monument, quite a hell of a way to remember one of the original six elements

Its kinda implied that most of her friends (aside from Rarity, Twilight and I think Fluttershy), are dead.

Here lies Rainbow Dash. And here. And here. And here. And over there. And way over yonder. And in those bushes. And over that hill...

Love the story, one thing though is I'm kind of curious as to how the rest of the gang reacted to this.

god, i'm sobbing. Thank you for this beautiful piece of art.

That does ring true in how Rainbow Dash would finish things

“It’s too dang dangerous, Rainbow Dash!” Rainbow muttered, her voice deepening in an attempt at Applejack’s husky tone.

Which should be easy considering the shared Voice Actress.

Should I like or dislike this?

:moustache: Depends if your the one who gets to clean up the mess.
:rainbowlaugh: Clean up = no like
:duck: No clean up = Like
:pinkiegasp: No umbrella = icky!

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