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This story is a sequel to Tomorrow Was Beautiful

Tomorrow terrified her, because she had no way of knowing what was going to happen.

But if Tinker was able to overcome that, maybe she could stop worrying.

She'd do anything to make that happen.

This is a sequel to my friend Flashgen's story, Tomorrow Was Beautiful and was submitted for, and eventually won, the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group's 3rd Expanding Universes Contest.

It should be noted, though this is a spoiler, that this story also expands on my story Onkalo which was itself a sequel to another Flashgen fic, Pneuma. Going into the fic knowing this will spoil some of the content, but will make a couple of details clearer. That said the fic is very much understandable without this. The choice whether to go in blind or not is left to the reader.

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An absolutely fantastic sequel, Seer.

I remember submitting "Tomorrow Was Beautiful" to this contest and feeling a little bad about it afterwards, because it's such a weird, open to interpretation sort of story. In a way that let's anyone take it wherever they like, but I was still worried it would be too strange and leave the person expanding it listless. In the end, I'm really happy it ended up in your lap. You have a real talent for describing and writing about anxieties in your stories and working those into your themes, especially given that the original already had a bit of that worked into it. And then seeing that you made it a double sequel to Pneuma was just fantastic.

So haunting, I read all the stories you and flashgen made in this series. Love it, the dread I felt the entire time as all the character's fates became awful and inevitable.

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