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After taking over as the ruler of Equestria, Twilight sought out a powerful artifact said to hold infinite wisdom. Now, every night she falls asleep with the faintest knowledge of what tomorrow holds.

First place story for the Quills and Sofa Speedwriting group contest #32 "The Beautiful Future" with the prompt "Letting Go."

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That ending might work better for me if you explained what the hay happened to Twilight. End of the universe itself, I think, and then...

It's so hard to pull off oblique pieces which leave a lot to the reader to work out, however somehow you pull it off each time you do one. There's a palpable feeling of bubbling dread even as each situation keeps getting resolved. Really don't have much in the way of critiques here mate.
A very worthy contest winner indeed :twilightsmile:

I love this story. I'm glad you put it up.


"She did not bother to translate the ancient words marked outside of it, or make a note of the circular patterns they formed."

It seems the reason people who use the artifact can see the future is because they live their life on a loop without realizing it. At the end she was born.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it took me a minute to theorize that the "Nothing" she saw at the end was actually her own death, and because she had used the Magical Macguffin, she was now locked in a time loop; she could see everything that was, is, or shall be because she had already, and always would, live those moments in perpetuity. Very interesting.

Awesome story, cool concept that was expertly conveyed. Do wonder why she banished Discord at the end though?

I grabbed this off my to-do list because I wanted to read a short story before sleeping, and I feel like I just read a very long story, in the very best way.

Gives me Everything Everywhere All At Once vibes. Must be terrifying to know definitively what's going to happen, and that nothing you do is ever going to change that. Great stuff!

I... I don't kow if that is a curse? Those last few lines made me shiver.

I don't understand....

So Twilight knows everything? And so when the final day came the universe ended? And then it began again? When did Twilight wake up? At the very beginning of the universe or what?

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