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This story is a sequel to Shelter of the Storm

Starlight Glimmer decides to accompany Sunburst when he goes to start classes at Celestia's School. It's the worst possible day in her entire life... that is, until a chance encounter with a certain plume-maned unicorn...

For more of this AU, see: Never Any Doubt

And also check out the series, beginning with Not Exactly Friends.

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Mark my words, those three are going to go far.

And Spike, he'll be involved too.

Nice. I look forward to the two of them slowly corrupting Twilight and her slowly bettering them until all three snap and take over Equestria in the best planned coup in their World’s history.

So that's two destinies altered for good. Great story!!!

Now, I wonder what will happen to Twilight's original "inner circle" (Minuette, Twinkleshine, Lemon Hearts, Lyra Heartstrings, and Moon Dancer), and the 1000th Summer Sun Celebration.

Yes. All of my yes. This is an alternate universe just begging to be explored further.

Ha ha! The fun has been dou-!


...And I look forward to all of them just being normal, if extraordinarily powerful, ponies. No reason to trigger a coup if you're satisfied with the current ruler, and Celestia will give them every reason not to turn on her. Because she's Celestia, and, contrary to what some fanfics would have you believe, a benevolent ruler, beloved by her subjects (even though she's third best), not a tyrant.

Superb work on this one-shot sequel. :-D I definitely LOVED seeing Starlight befriending Tempest and Twilight like that and rethinking that "equality obsession" right in the bud. The "110% discussion" and Sunburst finding out that Starlight is now a friend of Celestia's personal students were especially beautiful, as was Twilight's pointing out how impressive it is that Starlight is THAT good at improvising spells.

At any rate, superb work on the exchanges, characterizations, general wrap-up and possible sequel set-up.

I’ve always tended to take a lax view on the title of Tyrant, mostly because Lord Vetinari is one of the best Discworld characters. Also I don’t think Celestia would give them a reason to, I just think Twi would get heavily stressed, Temp would get annoyed, Glim would have a brilliant idea, and all of that would cascade into something gloriously terrifying despite the best efforts of Spike.

...Where does Sunburst factor in? Because of course Starlight will introduce him to the group, and he'll fit right in. He's Starlight's friend, after all, and a friend of a friend should always be a friend.

Indeed so. Of course, speaking of which, there could be a third story in this series that has Twilight, Tempest, Starlight and Sunburst all befriending Trixie as a filly. Who knows? Maybe their early influence could tone down her ego JUST ENOUGH to where she becomes careful enough to ONLY make boasts that she can actually back up. And, with these four helping her, Trixie could still learn to GENIUNELY pull off some REALLY cool stuff. Plus, with Twilight, Starlight, Sunburst and Tempest ALL vouching for her (i.e. "We've known her since she was a filly. She's actually a pretty decent mare once you learn to look past the ego - not THAT unlike YOU, Rainbow."), it might nip some of the worst parts of "Boast Busters" in the bud.

There's no doubt that Vetinari is at times an iron-fisted brutal dictator.
But it works out the best possible way for everyone involved.

...I'm not a big fan of Trixie, although Humble Trixie (her mirror world counterpart, as named in the Gameloft game) is a different story. But you are a genius. Although, Trixie specializes in magical cantrips, presumably the simplest of magics. Not to say she can't do impressive stuff with them, but I don't reckon most unicorns would be very impressed, at least the ones in places like Canterlot.
...Which will make it that much more impressive when she cantrips an ursa major into submission. That's right, I didn't say minor, I said major! The power of friendship!

Starlight Glimmer decides to accompany Sunburst when he goes to start classes at Celestia's School. It's the worst possible day in her entire life... that is, until a chance encounter with a certain plume-maned unicorn...

I think you mean “plum-maned”

Great story. There are some issues though...

Twilight seems to be still a filly judging by the time period. I think Spike would look like his flashback “appearance” in “Sparkles Seven” minus the diaper around that time. Around that age I don’t think he should be taken care of by just Twilight alone.

Also, what about the Canterlot 5? Lemon Hearts, Twinkle Shine, Lyra Heartstrings, Minuette and Moondancer. Are they getting replaced?

Man Sunburst is (un)lucky. In the future, he would have 8 mares to pick from!!!:rainbowlaugh:

That episode did show that Twilights parents raised Spike while she was at school.

Long lost cousin might not be far from the truth. We still haven't seen Starlight's mother. Maybe Velvet or Night Light have a sister.

Or even a brother. Firelight is the same purple as Twilight.

Chapter: Great. Very good writing.
Story: Hoping for more in this mini-series.
Comment: Doing something different for this comment. Tell me if it’s annoying.
Suggestion: Starlight and Tempest, playing near a mirror, going to make friends with Shim-mer.
Suggestion 2: ‘You better believe, Twi’s got some tricks up her sleeves~! See her dominate, then recruit the Powerful and Greeeeaaat~!’

This was wonderful! I really hope you continue with this world you have made!

You know, it's starting to look like the elements of harmony are going to be a bunch of unicorns.

Now we just have to wait for Sunset to come back.

We might be waiting a while.

Loved it! Especially as a Starlight fan, this was a very welcome surprise. I'll be honest, I kind of want to just keep reading and reading from this AU until Nightmare Moon and beyond. It's fascinating to think about.
(Also, this does it. I'm following ya now lol)


Twilight seems to be still a filly judging by the time period. I think Spike would look like his flashback “appearance” in “Sparkles Seven” minus the diaper around that time. Around that age I don’t think he should be taken care of by just Twilight alone.

As with all my stories with Twilight and Spike, I assume the headcanon I established in My Little Student (and its semi-sequel The Night that Luna Returned): basically, that dragons have language skills and some amount of wisdom right out of the egg, and Spike is cared for by Celestia until she discovers what a low-maintenance first friend Spike is for Twilight. It just works better, storywise, having Spike be a constant in Twi's life. (Also, Princess Cadance becomes Twilight's foal-sitter after Twi's exam, as part of Twi becoming Celestia's student. It just makes more sense that way...)

I've done a few of those, actually:

I'd love to do more of these kinds of stories, just spend some time with these characters and have fun. They don't seem to get the reads and likes, though. Not sure why. They're lots of fun to do. Shopping Spree Day in particular is exactly the kind of story you're talking about.

No worries... who ever checks the back catalog anyway? We write 'em and read 'em and move on...

If that’s the case, then how is he readily available to help take a letter as if he is already old enough in here? Was it her turn?

Next: Sunset Shimmer.

Later: Moondancer and company.

So how long until we have Twilight's Canterlot friends in this AU? What's Moondancer going to be like when it's not just Twilight she'll be on the same page as?

Tempest eyed her placidly... though with just a hint of a smile.

I see somepony has a puckish sense of humor. And that Starlight picked up on it near the end. :twilightsmile:

At this rate you might make a alternative mane six series. I hoping the next story will have sunset or trixie. Out of curiosity will you be addressing the canterlot six specifically moondancer in the near future

Now do trixie, and discord, and chrysallis, and tirek, and scorpan.

Literally just do muppet babies

Life kept me from reading this till now. Lol
But yes, this didnt disappoint. Amazing even!

Just... the story idea i had in my head on the last one wont work any more. XD

Instead now its like little Twilight is unknowingly gathering the most powerful of unicorns. It really makes me wonder how this will effect her magic now that she's going to be able to use it, because before she was told not to because it was to powerful. Will she finally tap into her full magic potential and surpass both Tempest and Starlight in sheer raw power? Will she- ok i have to stop or the questions will keep coming.
As always this is an amazing story and of course im curious as to if you plan on continuing this AU in other stories.


Yeah, that's what they are at this point. And with how things are going, it's less unicorn supremacy and more 'eventully full alicorn team' xD

Ok in this AU Twilight's friend group has gotten a little over powered already :p Between Twilight, Starlight and Sunburst we have 3 of the smartest ponies, and together Twi, Gkimmy and Tempest have power to spare.

I can see that happening, cantrips can be really powerful, or at least in my experience playing d&d they are.

Hmm.. Wonder if ascension would fix Tempests horn. I mean, it's already adding new body parts.

Most likely. It seems like an entlrely new or heavily rebuilt body, since simply being an alicorn requires different neurology from any base pony race.

I suddenly wonder how sunset Shimmer will react.

Another example of cantrips being awesome if used well: in the sixth chapter of A Different Bridal Path, a reduced-power, pre-ascension Twilight Sparkle is forced to rely on cantrips to defeat a big, vicious predator. It probably helped that she'd read a firsthoof account just prior of another pony's encounter with a predator of the same species, which explained what they did and why it worked so she could emulate it with what she had in her repertoire, but still. Cantrips. Awesome.

REEEEE Starlight and Sunburst are supposed to get together!
Also, strong fan of the idea that Sunset is Sunburst's older sister.

Why do I feel like this is a Sunburst villain flashback or something?

My d&d character managed to hold off 3 gnolls, undead hyena creatures, using ray of frost to ice a staircase and throw things at them so they slipped and fell every time. Cantrips are life saving in the right situation.

Wish I could be so creative. If I ever got to play D&D, I'd like to play an Arcane Trickster. Magic Hand can do some awesome things, I reckon. Like nicking an enemy's weapon. Prestidigitation could be cool, too, some of its effects are kinda Rogueish… Particularly lighting or, more especially, snuffing candles and torches, although the "instantaneous cleaning" effect could help with laundry, too.

I really like this AU you are creating. I hope to see more.

Arcane trickster is a nice rogue to play, it gives you more options than just sneak attack with a crossbow for combat, and the magic it gets is pretty nice. I remember it being mostly illusion magic, but even illusions can be deadly, I tricked a small group of ghouls into walking off a cliff with illusions. Prestidigation is a really useful spell, alongside thaumaturgy and I think druidcraft.

Read up on it, it's mostly illusion and enchantment. For the spells. Cantrips are anything goes, though. 3rd level arcane tricksters get mage hand and two other wizard cantrips, two illusion or enchantment 1st level wizard spells, and one of any 1st level wizard spells. Man, I wish I could play this game...

Delightful stuff. Twilight just can't help but make friends, sometimes by accident. Though I do hope someone tells Firelight about this... (Also, nice touch with the explanation for his oppressive coddling.)

People are clamoring for Sunset next, though I'm not sure how well that work. Still a bit of an age difference there. Still, looking forward to more of this setting.

In my opinion, the best example of a quality idea is that you're left wanting to see more of it. And this story is an example of just that. XD

So that's two future enemies now friends. Got a feeling Nightmare Moon's going to get hurt when she shows up.

trixie the next please

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