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This story is a sequel to Twilight's Pirate School

Aboard Twilight's airship, The Friendship School, no one ever wants to be sent to Commander Tempest for Detention... at least, that's what they always say...

Takes place in the Friendship School AU, established in Twilight's Pirate School.

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Ohhhh yesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so hoping you got back to more adventures aboard the Friendship!!! :pinkiehappy:

Gotta say for this first outing it's so good seeing Tempest back into her Truant Officer role, I just loved how each of the Young Six got *in trouble* for their detention trip, so to speak! :rainbowlaugh::raritywink:

Hoping to see more of these Friendship School stories later down the road! :twilightsmile:

Thanks so much! I'd love to do more in this world. The challenge to writing this version of Tempest is finding something she can turn upside-down and inside out, in her own special, subversive kind of way...

Yep. This is still 100% better than the other AU you did. Mostly because pirates always makes things more awesome.

Getting detention is one thing, but with Tempest Shadow... something different

Do what you want, cause a pirate is free.

I've been hoping to see another entry in this universe again. Pleased to see one that delivers just as well as before. :raritystarry:

This would be the sort of thing Tempest would do. :rainbowlaugh:

Definition of perfection: This story

Well, the squeaky capsain gets the grease, and the siege gun gets the powder.

You are a pirate!
Yar har fiddle dee dee
Being a pirate is alright with me
Do what you want cause a pirate lives free
You are a pirate!

Tempest is best Truant Officer.

And you know, because this isn't stupid enough to end by retconning itself.

...Ooh, more Friendship School.

"Baloney," she said levelly, "is sliced thinly, Mister Gallus."

...Ponies eat bologna? I mean, I know they could, but...

"In a minute," Tempest replied dryly. "Let me get my articles, pronouns, and adverbs switched back on first..."

...Heheheh… Yak no good with pony words.

Remember that she's talking to a griffon here. But if you like, we can theorize that "baloney" is made from abalone, a kind of shellfish (i.e. sea snails). And since that's probably on the order of caviar in expense to produce, it's sliced very thinly...
... but I digress...

(And what, you think yaks barbarians? Yona perfect at speaking yak! Is pony language has useless extra words!)

10141406 10141444
Well, not only that, but I'm sure Tempest has been around and seen or encountered things, or in this case foods, you wouldn't much in Equestria itself.

Ah, fair points, the both of you.

I hope you do a sequel where the Mane 6 finds out about Detention.
Twilight and Applejack would be annoyed.
Dash and Pinkie would want to join.
Rarity would faint.
Fluttershy would flabbergasted.

Thanks! In the story I do hint that Twilight knows about it, but chooses to look the other way, since as she says she doesn't want to "micromanage" Tempest -- but yeah, an adventure with Tempest, Celaeno, the Mane 6 and the Young Six would be fun... if I can only come up with a plot worthy of it...

Hehe. This was a lot of fun. Turned out different than I initially anticipated it being (my first thought was that this was gonna be more Gallus-centric, but I was pleasantly surprised to see more with the rest of the Student Six too - really got a kick out of Yona's scene, plus Smolder and Sandbar's) and so all in all I had fun. :yay:

I really would love to see this story again about the pirate ship school 😀😀

I cannot wait for sequel!

This was an adorable piece. Each of the Student Six trying to get into detention to be with each other and Tempest being a good sport about it.

Also, very creative means that each student got detention. Silverstream's one was the most creative.

You know what they say mate. It’s a Pirates Life for me! Savvy?

Haha. That was rather nice. Getting in trouble to be with friends. Such a friendship thing to do.

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