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A big fan of cartoon ponies and an even bigger fan of cartoon humans with pony names.


"Signs of Life" · 8:17pm Apr 21st, 2017

...could've been an even more interesting episode than the 100th episode we did actually get.

Nevermind, just wanted to start in a wacky way.

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1900754 Speaking of famous last words, Raiders4Lyfe? I hope that joke works on some level because I have no idea what it is (best guess of course some sort of sports team)

Speaking of superbowl, Raiders4Lyfe!

Thank you very much for following me!! :raritystarry:

1491840 Yeah. That's why I have more respect for atheists than a lot of far left liberal Christians.

1491792 Yeeeah that is actually a bit hypocritical. If I were to guess, they might be aiming to make the whole thing more appealing to people who are largely ambivalent and underinformed, who'd just go "sure, this sounds nice, I'll agree with these nice people and whatever they believe". Heck, you don't really need an instruction manual quite as obtuse to know how to be a good person, but maybe they think that if you take it from the bible specifically, however much of it you ignore, you get devotion points for when it begins to matter. :twistnerd:

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