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This story is a sequel to Never Any Doubt

Needing advice on an important project, Twilight, Tempest, and their friends work to reopen the mirror portal, and rescue a former student of Celestia's... Sunset Shimmer.

Note: This story assumes the backstory for Sunset presented in: Sunset -- Part I and Part II.

For more of this AU, see: By the Light of the Moon

And also check out the series, beginning with Not Exactly Friends.

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I notice you constantly have Twilight use 'Your Higness' to refer to Princess Celestia. In the show she always uses 'Princess' when taking to her. Did you have a particular reason not to use Princess, or had you just not realized that's what Twilight always uses?

Ahhhh. My favorite AU has returned!

I... would love to see these characters meet their Show-counterparts sometime. Would be fascinating...

The human Trixie rushed over and hugged her. "Trixie has never had the privilege of being her own audience before! And for such a impressive performance!"

My absolute favorite trope to read or write about: Trixie and Trixie hanging out! :pinkiehappy:

REALLY good job on the starting chapter of this latest story in your series. I LOVED Celestia explaining as much of the mirror as she could to Twilight and her friends as well as the logical explanation of why Celestia doesn't go herself.

All in all, really good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Definitely heading for the next chapter now.

REALLY enjoyed this chapter. The assorted reactions on Twilight and her group's parts concerning their new forms was great (particularly Grubber's wondering why he is a snake), as was them meeting Sunset and the friends she made while she was in this universe. And, yeah, glad Sunset is showing enough responsibility to not want to abandon her friends without cleaning up her mess even though she DOES want to go home.

Again, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are quite well done and now I'm going to read the final chapter.

So, the disappearance deal was a misunderstanding? That's a HUGE relief. But it was great seeing Sunset's friends willing to step up to the plate to help not just Sunset, but ALSO Twilight. And the interaction between the two Trixies was downright entertaining. And, Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna's interaction following the misunderstanding's clear-up was beautiful stuff too. And, hey, maybe Pony Trixie could use this adventure as inspiration for later on - figuring that Luna patching things up with Celestia and becoming a co-ruler again really would be what was best for her. Thus, allowing her to honor her contract without betraying her friends. Now, all we need is a way to work in Moondancer and Twilight will have a large enough group to use the Elements of Harmony.

Anyway, once more, the exchanges, characterizations, general wrap-up and future story set-up are superbly done.

AU meeting Show Canon stories are few in number, but often VERY fun and interesting to read.

Sounds like this universe had the fun Andy Price Starswirl rather than the grumpy one.

She glanced around at the guards. "You ever have one of those days? When they just don't listen to you?"
The guards looked at each other. And nodded sadly.

Every bodyguard's worst nightmare really.

In Twilight's tower room, Trixie was sitting at the worktable, her head nodding over a book of spells. Having had a taste, even indirectly, of real, powerful magic, Trixie was determined to learn, to develop her skills... to truly become Great and Powerful...

For a moment there I thought they'd swapped.

Thanks so much for reading, and especially for your detailed feedback -- it's very encouraging, hearing what works for you, and what makes you keep coming back for more in this series!

Right, Celestia's reminiscences of Star Swirl here are intentionally a reference to the Reflections backstory from the comics. While I don't feel beholden to the comics as canon in general, they are a great source of inspiration for things like this...

I assume that this is set before she became familiar enough with the princess, and therefore isn’t comfortable calling her “Princess” rather than “Your Highness”. Although I could easily be wrong, of course...

Y’know, I might actually like Trixie if she were Luna’s student. And a fair bit more humble. And perhaps had a lovely pair of wings... Perhaps the best part of the Reflections arc, aside from the double Heel-Face Turn (ignoring that it was accompanied by a Face-Heel Turn), was the hint to the existence of Humble Trixie. If only she were Luna’s student...

Find the key, open the door...

What she's not telling you is that the "key" is actually a weapon, a special kind meant to slay the heartless.
Can you "find the key" and "open the door"? Or will all worlds fall to the heartless?

find the key
open the door
get on the floor
everybody walk the dinosaur


I'm not sure it was a misunderstanding- I think the focus of everyone present on bringing back Celestia, with all that magic in the air, caused the world to /twist/, and find a way for Celestia to return.

Got it in one! Though to be fair, in a sense it turned into a simple misunderstanding, so you're both right.

Got to hand it to Trixie that was impressive. Though that part where she was mocking Starswirl and Twilight’s reaction to it was hilarious.

I did not expect Grubber to be a snake. Though Tempest calling him cuddly at least cheered him up a bit.

It's clearly a mark of my development as a writer and Twilight fan. When I first started here, I would never have been able to pull off a Twilight eye-twitch reaction like that.

That was really heartfelt. Everything turned out okay for Sunset and her human friends and Sunset is home where she belongs, as the newest member of Twilight!s group. That makes 5 now right? Who will be lucky number 6?

Trixie and Luna still has me a bit concerned though. How long until everyone finds out? Will that turn out okay too?

It'll be interesting to see how this plays differently with the four of them instead of the two.

"Wait... Trixie, how did you know Twilight and the others went through the portal? You were sound asleep for that."

"Oh, Princess Luna mentioned it..." Trixie distractedly waved a hoof as she turned back to the mirror, tracing silver leads and counting gemstones.


Unless the group you intended to create is now full, I am eager to see who else you plan to add to this group. I can only guess it would either be Moondancer or Rarity. Either one I can see having something to contribute to their project.

The AU continues to deliver. I have to say, you have the uncanny ability to reinterpret and reinvent things in ways that both compliment and improve upon the original canon in some respects. I really like everything about this Sunset better. And the short-lived "human NMM but not really" segment was cool and didn't actually resort to the EqG staple magical transformation and subsequent temporary villainification, which I don't mind in the movies, and honestly wouldn't have minded here despite the lack of originality, but it was one hell of a subversion in that way. Turns out the magic did other things and Luna got more serious because of inner emotional turmoil. It's also a very good parallel to the pony NMM situation, but scaled back to human context, instead of being a somewhat tacked-on lip service magical crisis that it could've been.

Thanks for reading! Yes, I always intended for this story to be a light-handed look at how Nightmare Moon's redemption might appear in the EQG world, so I'm really glad that works well for you. And like you, I felt the "she-demon" ending of Equestria Girls was a little over-the-top, so I wanted an ending here that was more down-to-earth and justified by the needs of the characters. With just a little Equestrian magic rainbow apocalypse thrown in, because rainbow lasers...

Man, you made Trixie pretty brilliant while still remaining an entertainer through and through.

Yeah, out of sheer necessity she's the "techie" of the group -- the one with practical knowledge of mechanisms and construction. Though even Trixie prefers "plug and play" tech to actually having to understand the details...

Even in alternate realities Starswirl is kind of a dick in his methodology.

Ending line reminds me of the 9th Doctor talking with a security guard. I believe the line was “that’s not going to fly is it” or similar.

Very nice. Have to wonder what element each of these girls would represent, so far I would have to go with Loyalty for Tempest, Laughter for Trixie, Honesty for Sunset, and either Generosity or Kindness for Starlight depending on if you want to view her cooperation with Tempest as one or the other.

Brilliant work from start to finish, with some excellent tension in the uncertain portal duration. And I can only imagine how Princess Celestia feels about being able to visit another Luna. Now there's just the matter of Starlight knowing something Princess Luna would rather she didn't...

Thank you for this.

I'm really starting to think Starswirl does this shit just to be an asshole

Okay, with Sunset that makes 5. Now who's the last member of this Avengers team?

Zesty, Rarity, Luna? Seriously I would love a story where Luna is the magic specialist of some group or another. But after reading the comments I realize it's probably going to be Moon Dancer. That said whoever it is I am sure I am going to love their characterization as I've enjoyed this series immensely so far, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Thanks much for reading! It's encouraging to hear this series is still holding readers' interest, especially now that the stories are tending longer, which often seems to work against me a bit -- I worry that word count may be a turnoff for some folks. Hopefully I can keep the ideas interesting to help justify the story length!

Word count has never been a problem for me so I may not have the best advice for dealing with the public on that score but I love what you've done so far and can't wait to see what you do next.

Or both Moony and Rares, and Trixie turns out not to be an element bearer.

Probably unlikely but it's certainly a possibility depending on how the rest of the story goes.

Edit: Actually I wonder if Sunburst or Stygian will show up as the additional obligatory seventh pony without a element. It would definitely be interesting to see one them star in a major series.

Hm, Stygion's a no (still trapped), but Sunburst is a maybe if male characters are okay, though on that front, Neighsay is more likely (he was an antagonist after all).

True, I guess I was thinking more long term since we don't have a whole lot of male unicorn antagonists, though i suppose Chrysalis could always reform early but technically Stygian came before Neighsay in the show. Although now that I think about it and researched the relevant information I realize that without a excuse to go antiquing in Ponyville they wouldn't have discovered the journal or freed the pillars at all.

I can honestly see Rarity becoming part of the team because their school project deals in holding magic in gemstones. Rarity would likely be a gemstone specialist because she has an eye for detail and such a skill would help the team create more flawless gemstones and reduce the risk of disaster.

It's possible for there to be only the five of them and that they will all share the element of magic.

Edit: with Sunset being Honesty
Trixie being Laughter
Starlight being Kindness
Tempest being Loyalty
Twilight being Generosity.

A masterfully executed adaptation that raises some very intriguing questions of its own. Once again, I tip my nonexistent hat to you.

Hi, Eroraf86, and thanks much! A lot went into this (effectively) three-parter, so I'm glad you liked it!

I think any group of six with the proper personalities can form a Elementsmof Harmony grouping but certain beings can only hold one element, while others could have more than one, it depends on individual's personality and or destiny. Ponies like Twilight and Pinkie for example are anchored to their element fully, destiny says Twi must be magic and Pinke's personality makes it impossible for her to not be Laughter, while say AJ and Dash could easily bear one another's element easily. Sunset really has the most flexibility on where she could fit.

Okay, before I read...

OwO What dis? Story I missed? TIME TO RECTIFY!

Same complaint I had about Sunset Part II. Way too quick on the resolution, pacing was absolutely breakneck.
Also Tempest should have been missing something important, to mirror her pony self.

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