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Earth-pony Twilight Sparkle has always been a little "out there". But while testing her latest crazy idea, she finds that there are places even farther than that...

For more of this AU, check out the entire series:

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Aaaaa saw this pic a couple days ago and now I have to read the fic!

"Other ponies run off at the mouth. But Twilight? She runs off at the brain. Saves time, ya see."

Hee hee.

And then, banking left, she came a little too close to one of the taller peaks. A huge updraft, like an invisible river of wind, caught her. It sent her spiraling up, up, far into the blue, as she struggled to keep herself from panicking, and keep herself level and in control.

I like how the sudden possible crisis is rather the opposite of what someone might expect.

As for the story as a whole, it's nice to see what MLP gen4i might be like. :twilightsmile: Recommended.

Yeah, this is ador’bl enough for pony. Hope you expand it into a bigger fic/setting someday! :rainbowlaugh:

Image source?

"I said when ponies fly . And I really should know better by now. Soon's the words were outta my mouth, I saw her eyes light up. The way they do, whenever she's got an idea. She turned right around and high-tailed it up to that workshop she's got in the old red barn up there. After a bunch of tinkerin', one morning she comes trottin' out with home-made wings strapped to her barrel. I tell ya, she looked like somethin' out of a carny sideshow. And then she takes a flyin' leap, right off the side of the hill..."

To be honest there was a comic of an earth Pony who became a Wonderbolt the very first done flyer to become one which that was interesting to see

And the show also displayed a hang glider, Tank's propeller, and two pedal-powered helicopters. Scootaloo's involvement in that comic felt like it was made as a response to the show never letting her acknowledge the wonderful world of aeronautics - to have there be some canon work acknowledging (to the extent that they could, being bound by the show's status quo) that even if there ends up being no hope of her flying naturally, she has options.

Speaking of which, this Twilight Sparkle would certainly be nice to have around if G5 were to give us another handicapped pegasus (such as the protagonist from an early draft of the movie, with a half-functional left wing). Though there's also Zipp and her aerodynamics research.

Then Twilight rolled her eyes. Who needs friends, she told herself. There's always so much to do, so many things to see and do and learn and think about, all on my own.

Well Twilight in the future you will see how important friendship is

"Other ponies run off at the mouth. But Twilight? She runs off at the brain. Saves time, ya see."

A more succinct description of Twilight I have never read.

Pinkie's eyes suddenly went wide. She jumped up from the cloud she was sitting on, shrieking in astonishment. Then, wings buzzing madly, she blasted away like a pink guided missile, disappearing rapidly into the distance over the city.

Of course as usual it's Pinkie Pie no matter what universities she's in

I never know what we're doing when I see you, but I always have a blast. Just give a shout when the next thing is ready, and I'll shout back, "Let's do this!"

Wow that's actually pretty neat idea ever since we saw the earlier artwork of Twilight as an earth pony but she really wanted to learn how to define gravity by flying which that would be very interesting to see that and apparently there are different worlds out there basically like a barrier that's another interesting idea and she meets Rainbow dash and Pinkie Pie who is Pegasus although fun fact about her she was supposed to be a pegasus during the Friendship is Magic but changed into and earth Pony instead but again this was a pretty nice story and I've always wanted to see something like that keep up the good work

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
I would not object to a sequel.:raritywink:

As usual, Pink Ponk is best Ponk. :pinkiehappy:

Really cool concept and world building. Be fascinating to see a sequel where they find the unicorns.

Good ole Jules Vern feels, I tell you what

VERY good work on this AU story. And, yeah, I COULD VERY EASILY see this if the original plans for G5 didn't get scrapped. Heck, I could STILL see it, given that the multiverse is semi-canon in this franchise anyway. Adored this look at Earth Pony Twilight and her inventions and explorations. Loved how she discovered the Pegasus world in one of her explorations on a hang glider as well as the compare and contrast information on the differences between the Earth pony world and Pegasus world. Also liked how Rainbow introduced herself to Applejack to prove Twilight was telling the truth about her whereabouts when she got back home. And, yeah, I could also see AJ and Twi getting introduced to the unicorns and, later on, even Dragons.

But, anyway, definitely enjoyed the work on the exchanges, characterizations and general wrap-up.

I love this, its such a cool idea, just world bubbles seperated by sky barriers. Just different realities with different rules and structures. Its just so charmingly novel.

Also we are short 2 memebers of the six, Does that mean Fluttershy is a Unicorn in this AU? :P

This is such a great take on those early leaks we saw of the species-swapped mane 6 and the different worlds. What a great AU you came up with, and your writing style is so good!

Great story, sorry it is only one chapter. You didn't even let pinky though twilight a party. Maybe a series is in order, so we can meet the rest of the main six and spike. The possibilities are endless.

"Will I ever learn?"

Honestly, AJ? I hope you don't. :raritywink:

This was a seriously cool fic, and not at all what I thought it was going to be going in, which is doubly good, because I always enjoy a good fic that defies my expectations like this. :twilightsmile: Not only would I love to see a sequel or some other kind of follow-up to this, I'm this close from just flat out demanding it, because oh my gosh was this ever a novel and creative idea, and we need WAY more of it! :raritystarry:

"Work out some kind of flaps," Twilight mused. "So I have more banking control. And maybe strap on fans or something for drive power. Something hoof-powered.

Anyone else reminded of the arcade game Prop Cycle?

If and when she makes contact with the unicorns, I suppose she could get something like Tank's propeller.

Yeah. She is. And I would wager her magic would probably relate to either healing, animal telepathy or a combination of both.

Is this labeled FiM AND G5 because of site rules requiring some sort of Pony related tag*, but this being SO AU that while it certainly IS Pony, it isn't exactly G4 any more?
*I assume they do.

Truth be told I wasn't a huge fan of the swapped-around Mane Six during the early stages of G5. I love the creative what-if that people like the author here came up with. For me it was more about timing, just popping off Twilight's wings and horn and "claiming" she was a new character didn't feel right to me.

In any case, I hope this story gets expanded or sequels or both for that matter :twilightsmile:

That was the best fic on here for a while I hope you can flesh it out with a bigger story cus this really left me wanting more.

This is definitely a story to remember. It sets the stage for a whole new Equestria that will probably spawn many future stories on this site. The writing was simple and quaint, like something straight out of the show. I’m kinda getting Totoro vibes from this, and I’m not sure why. Well done!

If I’m comparing this to the canon G5 movie, this version of G5 feels like the utopian version of the pony tribes going their separate ways.

i love and need more of this story

alas for what could have been, but damn if this isnt a lovely concept...thanks for writing it!

I remember hearing about a concept super similar to this a few years ago on EqD for G5, was that the inspiration for this?

It is considered G5 because it's what G5 looked like in the early stages of development.
The cover picture is from Iamlou one of the shows designers.

That was awesome

This is too good to be only one chapter. There's so much more to explore in this.

G5 as it should be... And that we will never have.

One picture that’s all it takes to create an entire world of pure imagination::pinkiehappy:


Artist is Imalou. While I could not find this image in her DeviantArt gallery, she did post it on her Twitter feed, here: https://twitter.com/ImalouArt/status/1506333125835730959/photo/1 She states that it was the last concept piece she made before she was told that Main Six was no longer the story for Gen 5.

Come with me, and you’ll be.

In a wooorld of pure imagination.
We’ll begin, with a spin…
Traveling in the world of my creation

While we'll never know for sure what G5 would of liked looked if Hasbro went with this idea, something tells me I'd look a lot like this.
Not saying you have to, but if you wanted to do more with this premise I'd be down for it :twilightsmile:

Very charming.

Honestly, I could see this being a better reboot than the next generation. Same characters, but change everything else. Make the world just a setting for all new stories. It's actually something I wish a lot of franchises would do. Great idea and well executed. If you did more with it I would read.

I love how you ran with the early ideas for G5. I never liked that much, but huh, THIS just works. The characterizations felt spot on, and although the S1 references were a bit on the nose and cheesy, I have a soft spot for the early show, so I won't complain.
And yes, this is a one-shot that actually DOES warrant a sequel.

Good one! And just to make it a tad easier to get to:


This was a VERY enjoyable read! Your characterization is on point and I love it! :pinkiehappy:

You produced such a wonderful AU from concept/early art, and I say that’s quite impressive. Not only that, but I really enjoy your writing style. Keep up the good work!

Good read, did you think about a sequel or something?

I need a full lenth story, this is just too awesome.

Huh. Now that is an interesting idea.

Now this is a beautiful story. Very well done indeed.

The idea of an earth pony Twilight flying around with bad piggies-esque wings is adorable.

There's a name I haven't heard in years.

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