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  • Monday
    It's out!

    My first long-form story, By the Will of the Council, featuring a young Celestia and Luna, is getting released... NOW!
    Accompany the not-yet-royal sisters on the first of their many journeys that shaped Equestria, and find out about the past they never spoke about.

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  • 11 weeks
    Progress update - what is to come

    Hello to everyone reading this (all five of you, yes)!

    If you've been wondering about the radio silence recently, and thought I abandoned what I was writing, then I have some good news: My story focusing on Luna and Celestia is almost complete. (I'd say, the manuscript is 95% written). The way I put that (the absence of "Princess", and also, the order of their names) is on purpose.

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  • 39 weeks
    (Belated) Anniversary 2

    As of yesterday, I've been a Fimficcer for two years. Not much has changed since the same time last year. I published one story (two if you count the one I unpublished), so you could think things are slowing down, and I won't even create anymore...?

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  • 69 weeks

    I thought "No Explanation Necessary" could break 4000 views by the time it reached one year old. I was wrong. It already did.
    So holy shit, a LOT of you like random bullshit involving the funny green man. It has more views than all my other stories combined. It has more votes than all my other stories combined. It's the elephant in the room, and compared to all the "effort" I put into it, it is by far my most popular fic.

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  • 91 weeks

    As of today I've been a part of Fimfiction for one year. I'm kind of a latecomer, yes, but I only felt so inspired last year to actually make an account, and start publishing stories. I hope that inspiration won't wane, and I'll be here in the years to come.
    If you came here, you might as well read some statistics. In one year, I have:

    • Published 29 360 words, spanning 6 stories
    • Wrote 4 blogposts (including this one)
    • Accumulated 28 followers

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My Ars Poetica · 4:15am May 15th, 2022

I think I finally realized my ars poetica. It could be summed up in this one simple animated image.

Expect more stories, just don't expect them to strictly adhere to canon (or at all).

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