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Noblestallion Jet Set asks Celestia to preside over his wedding. Tired of the long-standing custom, Celestia decides to pull a little prank. A big one, actually...

Note: AU tag because how Cadence's background is depicted in the story.

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Cute story :twilightsmile:

This was a fun read.

"Look, Jet. Can I call you Jet? If you want the love of your heart feel special, then all you need is inside here , not all around!"

true bruh moment right here

A clean, cute story featuring Cadence! Whoda thunk it?

"So, all you want Mr Jet Set... Is that the Princess of Equestria... To preside over your wedding?"

"Yes, that is my humble request, Your Majesty."

And here I was thinking it would be Luna showing up to officiate. In battle armor. Drunk, and delighted to be there.

"Huzzzah! And We thought Our ponies had forgotten about Us! Ha! Let Us show the modern era how We celebrated in Our day!"

:twilightsheepish: "Princess, I'm fairly certain that the custom of Primae Noctis was abolished in the year 323 AL..."

"What??! Nonsense!"

"So, all you want Mr Jet Set... Is that the Princess of Equestria... To preside over your wedding?"

:trollestia::rainbowlaugh: Making a request of Celestia is like making a wish on a monkey's paw. You've gotta be REALLY specific or you'll get what you technically asked for, just not what you intended. :moustache:

This was a fun story, thank you for writing it. :twilightsmile:

I think she is kinda underutilized in stories, but also often misused. I think there is potential in Cadence, that sadly the show itself didn't really explore. And we saw precious little of Celestia and Cadence interacting in canon. That's part of the reason why I thought of a story like this.
That joke would have been too obvious, hence the story taking place before Luna's return.
>or you'll get what you technically asked for, just not what you intended.
She is a TRUE diplomat. And she had the time to practice the skill, after all.
And I'm glad you liked this little thing!

"Flying Colors, please send in the first attendee."

See, if I chose this name for a pony, I'd think it was ridiculous. But when I read someone else using it? "Oh, that's a cool name." :facehoof:

My own self-deprecation aside, an enjoyable tale. Always nice to see when Celestia casts aside the Princess title (metaphorically) and just be a normal pony. Interesting to see a deviation on Cadance's origin too.

>"Oh, that's a cool name."
It's always fun to come up with names for random ponies. This one came to me on a whim, never imagined him/her, but I guess a pegasus would be appropriate given the name.

>Interesting to see a deviation on Cadance's origin too.
In my head, there is no alicorn ascension. So in that sense, every one of my serious fics gonna be AUs. I mostly work with S1-2 canon, minus alicorn Cadence, then fill in the blanks with headcanon.

Hm just to point out a thing…
The nickname is Cadance with an A not Cadence. (The full name is Mi Amore Cadenza)

It's okay, Caddy. You got this!

Hm the doubling of the d sounds odd.

When it comes to it Jet Set got more than he wanted didn't he? Tom have Cadance's first official act as a Princess being to officiate his wedding? In noble circles that's going to be a big deal! There is only ever one first official act, only one first wedding offiation.

I know that full well, but I just find the official spelling rather dumb. Her name is Cadenza, so the nickname should be Cadence. Also, CadAnce isn't even a word, while Cadence has a meaning, like most pony names. And don't even mention that most show staff, and even the finalized script for "A Canterlot Wedding" spells it as CadEnce. So I'm gonna go with that, always spelt her name like that anyways.
Gonna give you that. That way the name reminds me of the VW minivan. Better with one D. I shall fix this.
It's up to interpretation if Celestia truly went through with the whole abdication process, or the whole thing was just a bluff. Needless to say, most nobles would have a hard time to look at some young unicorn with a mostly meaningless title as the new ruling princess. That's why Jet Set was troubled, thinking he would be remembered solely as the butt of this royal joke. If we go with the first version, then eventually it would be looked at as the same as Celestia officiating though.
I kept this plot point kinda open on purpose. :raritywink:

Cute and fun little story, thanks for posting it. :pinkiehappy:

Maybe I'm reading into this. But Jet Set seems like a decent sort. I can't help but think Celestia might be being a little cynical and that his choice of Charity - far from being an act of unwitting irony - is an act of rebellion against his father, demonstrating a certain level of empathy that his father lacks and an attempt at trying to ensure they get some justice.

Weddings are (in wealthy familes, especially in the era the nobles of canterlot are based on), usually paid for not by the bride and groom but by their parents. Meaning that Jet may have circumvented his father's attempt to stiff his workers with his choice in charity.

A thought I find to be hilarious.

I thank you for giving it a chance, and am glad you enjoyed it!
I can confirm Celestia might be a bit biased against the nobility, she's kinda tired of their shit in general, and especially about the annual GGGs. I admit, I didn't think about the things you said TOO hard when I was writing this, but yours is a cool interpretation nonetheless.
And honestly, it just feels good when you can write something that invokes some thoughts in readers, so thanks for sharing them!

Oh Celly likes mess with them, she probably took her title back and had Cadence kept the title of princess too. Cause well she has the authority to decide who gets what title.


It's always fun to come up with names for random ponies.

It can be, but it can also end poorly sometimes. I once came up with the name Aurora Dawn and used it for a unicorn duelist OC. Loved the character, and enjoyed her adventures a great deal.

It wasn't until much later that I discovered that name had been taken.

And extensively parodied.

>and had Cadence kept the title of princess too.
That's not a bad idea, would explain how she could become the princess of love in this setting
>she has the authority to decide who gets what title.
The show itself heavily implies this, but I do think Celestia has full executive powers. She is basically a dictator, although a benevolent one.
Yup. It's always a good idea to do both a Google and Fimfic search for a prospective pony name. Chances are the good ones you come up with are taken, as it is quite obvious which names are the cool sounding ones.
I named a royal guard OC in another one of my stories Sword Glitter, which doesn't sound very cool, but I could confirm it's a never-before-used name.

Dictator is no like we assume a negative term for ruler, it's a neutral one. It's a position of superme executive power where no one can question you. Naturally evil people want that, and that level of power is corruptive.
But of course Celestia has bore the consiqueces of her position and it's tempered her into a just dictator who lets people question her. Still we know she's a bit of a troll at heart and combined with superme executive power... Her title is Princess but she is effectively God Queen. If she says you get a title, you get it. She says your a princess? Yes, you are a princess cause she said so. Cadence was legally Celestia's nice the moment Celestia called her that. Luna gained superme executive power equal to Celestia on her return because Celly said she did.

>Luna gained supreme executive power equal to Celestia on her return
Either that, or officially she's never lost it. I can believe Celestia kept Luna's position intact out of respect for her, as it would have felt "giving up on her" otherwise.

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