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Everyone deserves to spend Hearth's Warming Eve next to loved ones. Or at least someone who cares a little.

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"Christmas? Is that a holiday in your world? Oh and please, just call me Sword from now on. Officer is really flattening, but I'm not actually one. Not yet anyway."

Uh, something I'd wrong here but it's pretty funny

Thanks for catching that, my unwitting proofreader! :twilightsheepish: It has been fixed. Oh, and thanks for reading my first story here. Baby steps, but you have to start somewhere, right?

agreed, not bad for a first story though, btw that wasn't the only error in the story, a few more remain that I can't pinpoint, but the more people read it, the more likely that they will point them out. mostly syntax errors I think. sometimes sounding like Yoda is talking XD

What a beautiful story I enjoyed reading it a lot, thank you for sharing it

"It's called Honorhall Orphanage. If we're still near Canterlot Castle, then it's quite a walk from here."

Nice Skyrim reference.

Also, sequel?

Wondered if anyone would catch that! Btw, there's another obvious reference to another fantasy world in there, but it's only funny if someone finds it on his own.
>Also, sequel?
Yes, there is definitely more to tell about Private(?) Glitter, but it might take a while until I finish that story. It's gonna be much longer. Although it couldn't be considered a direct sequel to this, and won't feature Anon, so it won't scratch your AiE itch, if you have any.
And thanks for reading, of course!
And thank you too, of course! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Don't worry, take your time. I also don't really mind if Anon isn't in the sequel/main story.

Right! Also, I'm flattered that you're interested in a sequel after reading this little thing. I'll do my best to provide.

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