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Unending Suffering

I feel nothing; enjoyment is a myth, and happiness is fleeting. Every day is a struggle to find meaning and value in my actions.


Princess Luna has a journal! She writes about her daily life in it!

This is a sister story to Son of the Moon, it is imperative you read that first, however this story does not need to be read to understand Son of the Moon.

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ooo... im expecting great things from you.

Oh yes, show off for the guards that im sure you "had no clue were training not even a 100 hooves away". Those poor stallions, bless their souls, yep two of them just fainted on the spot. And now the drill instructor is chewing them out.

That made my day ha ha ha!!

8006017 I'm glad it did, my comedy's pretty slapstick so I'm glad you liked it.

this story has potential :moustache:

8009548 you have checked out the main story right?

8010168 Son of the Moon: Nightmare of a Child? yes

8010257 Oh goody! Just wanted to make sure :P thanks for all the support!

I just finished putting Jack to bed, and I will be joining him shortly I feel. Normally I could stay up longer, but bathing Jack can be such a hassle sometimes. Humans must not like water very much, I know it would feel weird to be in water without my fur.

No that's just kids, they hate being clean....

...because they're dirty little bastards.....

Is this dead? I really hope it isn’t this stories really good

thanks ive seen soo many great stories die, its good to see this ones still cooking

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