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Found this website through a YouTuber, I got an idea, began writing. So...uh...life is odd.


Jacob Irving is not your average human. He's not popular, he's very poor, and has nothing to live for. After running away from his life, he falls into a hole that transports him to Equestria. Since he no longer calls himself Jacob Irving, he calls himself by a name that he used to go by.

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Before I read this, I must know: Why would Jacob want to call himself Anonymous?

Nice start man. What season does this story take place in?

You have to read it first, It says why he calls himself Anonymous

Good story can't wait to see the next chapter

Hmm...this has a good start, and its rare to see a fellow HIE writer with a good opening.

Can't wait to see what happens next!

It takes place during the season after the MLP movie.

Creí que el peluche iba a obtener vida de alguna manera y convertirse un un personaje.

No, pero ese es un pensamiento interesante. Espero que hayas disfrutado de la historia.

Good Chatter one I give it a 10 out 88 .
Ps I'm going to help you make more fanfic ideas

Excellent Chatter 2 I give it a 10 out of 99

On the contrary, I think you just described the average amarican

Twilight Sparkle noticed a couple of things during the past few months. When Anon moved his building supplies, he'd move them without any help, even if they were heavy. He often made several trips and breaks. She concluded that it was his stubborn and self-reliant nature. Another thing that Twilight noticed was that Anon didn't make any effort to get to know anypony. He usually kept to himself, and the only time he interacted with ponies was when he was doing business with them. As the Princess of Friendship, which Anon laughed at, this concerned her. When Twilight tried talking to him when he was alone, he'd snap at her and say something rude. He had his usual blank stare, but his words showed that he was bitter and cold-hearted.

He's not accepting friendship! Someone call the friendship police!

Un buen comienzo y una historia muy interesante es bueno saber que se utilizaron algunos diálogos en español
no puedo esperar a el siguiente capitulo y espero que sea pronto que ya me dejo muy interesado en que pasara luego
gracias por compartir el comienzo de esta historia
( A good start and a very interesting story it is good to know that some dialogues were used in Spanish
I can not wait for the next chapter and I hope it is soon that I am very interested in what will happen next
thanks for sharing the beginning of this story )

Then, Anon feels guilt course through his body. He remembers that phrase from Mass when he was younger. However, Anon remembers how he treated the ponies rudely, simply because he wanted to be alone. Anon dislikes Twilight but he knows he could've treated her nicely. "Now, I feel like an asshole. I've been rude to a lot of ponies lately and I have no excuse for it. I'm no more innocent than Twilight is."

Do you mean the Mass movie from this year or the state of Massachusetts?.

Mass is a Catholic church service. Probably should have specified that.

Oh yeah!, now i remember!.

I just finished reading the poem: Before You Were Mine by Carol Ann Duffy.

i think he meant like.. a church mass.

Eventually, Anon reaches the farm. The Apples' collie named Winona spots him as he approaches. Winona barks happily and runs up to Anon. She lays on her back, wanting a belly rub. Anon gives her one. Winona used to be extremely skittish around Anon, due to him running through the farm like a timberwolf after a dear four months ago. Now, she enjoys it when Anon comes by.

That should be a deer instead of dear

Great chapter, man! And diamond tiara is gonna get it!

Excellent new Chatter I give this story a 10 out of 10

Welp, not who I expected to be on the verge of death, but it works.

And holy hell that was a fight from left field. Though the elements are going to be ticked when they find out who the griffons were harassing.

Thanks IWA for another great chapter. I wish you the best of luck with your next one, and as always have fun writing.

You are welcome. The next chapter is well underway.

Great chapter, though I feel like our bud Anon may be crusing for a bruising with that handyman job.

Tia is coming by today. I bought her favorite cake from Sugar Cube Corner. Pinkie has caught on to why I keep buying that specific cake. I made
Pinke "pinkie" promise (strange, huh?) that she won't tell anyone. Ironically, she doesn't blab secrets like I expected her to. Anyway, I have the cake on the counter, close to the money jar. I might have stuck my finger in the frosting and licked it off. Can't help that the chocolate frosting tastes so good. Speaking of Tia, I've noticed something about her that I find very interesting. Every time I see her with the ponies around here, she acts differently around them than she does around me. It's like Tia has this "mask" that she wears. She acts like a formal princess that everybody expects her to be. When she's around me, Tia takes that mask off and acts as the other ponies who talk to me. Well, not exactly. She acts like the friends that I do have. I like to be alone with her because when other ponies come around she puts on that stupid mask. I hate it when she does that. Never thought in a million years I'd be friends with a pony princess. She treats me the way Brandon Caldwell, Ally Brown, and Silas Ray treated me. Like I was someone. It was a feeling that someone cared about me like Mom and Dad never did. I guess they filled in that hole in my heart. When my friends and I went our separate ways after high school, that hole opened up again. Now that Tia is in my life, that hole is gone. I miss my friends on Earth so much. Brandon and his brotherly love towards me, Ally and her daughter, and Silas and that Irish accent of his. Those guys were my family. Oh crap...Tia just arrived. I will more later.

Pinke should be Pinkie

Thanks again IWA for another amazing chapter. I'm really loving the slow burn romance between Anon and Tia thus far, and think you doing a great job slowly building up Anon's character with a little background info being released every chapter. I'm excited to see what happens next in Canterlot. Thanks again, good luck with your next chapter, and as always have fun writing.

This is a pretty good story so far and I do hope to see more soon!

For someone who claims to know humans she spends most of her time with a bunch of high school girls who decided to be nice to the new kid. Most of the stuff sunset writes about to her is the stuff that happening in her life which is not exactly a large sample of humans.

That was the point I was trying to get across. She thinks she knows a lot about humans but she, as you said, only encountered students who chose to be nice to her. She hasn't encountered the emotionally hurt and suffering crowd.

"No. It's due to the thestrals that make up 60% of the Lunar Guard. Most of the noble ponies consider them to be demons, which thestrals are anyway. The nobles think that thestrals infect the minds of the 'regular ponies', making them 'unfit to be a Royal Guardsponies'. The advisers at the time and King Cosmos and Queen Galaxia decided that only the Solar Guards can apply."

Well, theres some equestrian racism for ya.

"Stopping my leg, damn it. I'm awake," Anon growls. Tempest retracts her leg.

Should that be "Stop shaking my leg?"

"If you're submitting an application, I'm sorry, but I'm not exactly into interspecies relationships."

Give him a month in canterlot with celestia, tops

Interesting to see he still has some drawbacks from the bar fight. Then again, things like that tend to leave an imprint on people involved. Great chapter, man!

Fixed the error. Thanks for pointing that out.

No prob! And congrats on the 70 likes!

dam this is pretty good so far keep it up bud

It isn't long until Celestia falls asleep, next to the one she loves.

The ship has set sail!!!

So far so good, I'm really enjoying reading this. Can't wait to see what happens next. My mind keeps going to what will happen if he ever meets Blueballs

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