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This story is a sequel to Cuddle Time...Again!

The Canterlot Castle's dungeon is renowned for being the highest-security jail in all of Equestria (after Tartarus, of course). Little do ponies know, but the most dangerous, unpredictable, and crafty criminals are held in an entirely different floor, directly under the watchful eye of Princess Luna.

Luna ALWAYS extracts the information she needs from those held in her secret Cuddle Dungeon. And if they refuse to cooperate, well, she'll just suffocate them in her chest floof until they fold like a house of cards.

Inspired by a few brief lines in my story Cuddle Time...Again!

Beautiful cover art by probablydnon on Tumblr (no link; Blog is NSFW).

"deliciously and hilariously silly..." - LightningDashes

EDIT: Featured 8/15/17! Thank you all so much!
EDIT 2: Featured at #1 8/15/17! I am so glad everypony enjoyed!
EDIT 3: Now with an Audio Drama set up by the illustrious TheWingman!

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Oh god... I can already feel fuzzyness!

I have not a clue what I just read but damn I enjoyed it.

If this is only chapter 1... then sentence me for life there!:rainbowkiss:

Most of these chapters were done on my birthday! :pinkiehappy:

Good story so far (starting chapter 2) Keep up the good work with future stories!

Omg, this chapter is cute

These stories gave me the wierdest mix of cacophonous laughter, and the warm fuzzies.

Post-BronyCon Depression? :unsuresweetie:

So, this is Luna's secret power, uh? I don't know how to feel after reading that story. :applejackunsure: This is a large punishement though, I would honestly rather die, because it does not seem that comfortable. But this is very well written though! Nice work!


I'm really glad you both like it!

You would rather die than Cuddle with Lulu? :fluttercry:

Once again, my OC knows naught but pain and nonsense. :heart:

Hehe...I want to see Celestia's punishment for continuously throwing Twilight on to the field with the bare minimum of information and continuous evasion of answering questions during a crisis.

All together now:

The struggle snuggles are real.

my name is Red Cola

If his parents named him that, no wonder he went for radical communism. :rainbowlaugh:

“‘Twas an elaborate ruse, knave!”

Luna is too adorable.

Anybody who wants to sleep too much to cuddle?
Don't think there is, cause one can do both.

Luna is like straight up sadistic tho, jeez.:twilightoops:
good stuff tho.
tally ho, good show!

I like how Michael went from a normal guy casually weirded out about the scene, to wanting to take over the world in like 10 seconds flat :rainbowlaugh:
although i'm sure it's all just for good fun.
Good show, jolly o'll chap!

I... I believe I have finally found a fic that is too ridiculous for me to continue reading... The shame is intense for me...

Come to the Cute side we have Cuddles, Plushies, and cookies with Cream.
We also have a Dungeon equipped to provide those tortures that only the truly cute and adorable can give.


This is what's commonly referred to as beating a dead horse. Or, pony in this case.

Someone call the UN. This is horrifying. I am appalled.

You did a better job of writing my OC than I ever will.

Do you really mean it?? :D
Thank you- I hope I did her justice.

Welcome to e v e r y d a y of the author's life

8367643 I'm glad you wrote this masterwork!

“Th-this is great! L-l-look at this racist fruitcake!”

Where did that come from? that totally just confused the fudge out of me, i feel like im missing something in this chapter, but he just kidnapped Sapphire for cash not because of race or whatever. :?

Have you seen the statistics? Since she became co-ruler again, we’ve successfully rehabilitated more than 99.6% of kidnappers.

Criminals in general rather then "kidnappers" i assume? since she uses the same general method for all criminals.

He used the term 'ugly as a bat' earlier in the chapter, and the night guard is full of bat ponies.

This method is also tailored just for kidnappers!

Shadow Rose scrunched up her muzzle. “The coffeeshop lady says that stories about princesses being saved by stallions are misag...miserger...misgenistic and relics of...opppretun.”

Damn feminists.:twilightangry2: I love how Luna showed her what true heroes and heroines are like though! :pinkiesmile:

Soo cute!!!! Don't mess with Luna's food though! :rainbowlaugh: What if she started tickling her helpless victims?:pinkiecrazy: It would probably increase the effectiveness of her "interrogation tactics"...........

Luna certainly is a nice and openminded pony!

Oh what tragedy to see our mastermind Michael, former overlord of cuddles and master of slightly offending unoriginal insults.
Reduced to naught but a gibbering cuddle addicted fool.
We will remember thee as thou were, O fair Michael.
Thy legend will live on through us.
fare-thee-well ol' pal :ajsmug:

This was too adorable for me. *faints*

this is deliciously and hilariously silly, i'll be happy to be subjected to more of these chapters

Thanks so much for your kind words- can I quote you in the description?

Said bat-crazy

Shes a bat pony

Crazy=bat= rascist......or overly sensitive

I lost it every time the newbie was shut down by the others hahaha.

Snuggle dungeon is best dungeon!

Worth it! Every minute!

That was adorably hilarious. I want a cuddle now. :heart:

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