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Throughout his time in Equestria, Anon has seen a great many things - that being said, he's in for a first. The strange behemoth is as beautiful as she is baffling, leaving the man in a bit of a pickle. What does one do when faced with a literal giant of a pony?

Artwork by AnonTheAnon (Twitter @RealAnonTheAnon)
Big shout-out to MiddyNight (Twitter @Middynight_) for help with the Scottish accent for her!

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It says the story is completele. Is that right, because I kinda want more of this?

This seems interesting. Upvote

wait, some_leech isn't writing porn?

does not compute


Me hovercraft's lippin-fou wi eels?


Don't ever let her meet Stella the batpony.

An accent so thick you can practically taste the haggis and Irn-Bru!

It happens from time to time. And it's perfectly natural to feel a crushing sense of unease and worry, as if some otherwise-immutable cosmic order was being violently wrenched about and distorted from its ordained course and shape :pinkiecrazy:.

I love this so much!

I may do more with her eventually - that is, with AnonTheAnon's blessing

Comment posted by Late_Night deleted Nov 19th, 2020

Neat looking art of that mare. She looks almost like the girl from 'Brave'.:heart:

...Why are the really big non-alicorn ponies always earth ponies?

Probably because they're horses
Or they're that big as a result of earth pony magic

The mare simply chuckled for a second and locked eyes with him. “Na…”

Death by Snoo-Snoo. Obliterate that pelvis.

I fixed your name issue.

I switched the first two letter of Anon, for a J

It is much less lazy that way

That having been said, The use of the dialect was great, I love it

Oh no. I'd like her to meet Stella. That would be something to hear. I might not understand it, but it would be something alright.

Oh fudge no.

I only know of Stella from a story involving Luna cursing her to hug ponies whenever she heard hug in any way.

"You know what Jack Burton, would say in a time like this?"

I will not buy this record: it is scratched.

It’d be a helluva fight though, and probably end up best friends immediately after.... or enemies

WE NEED IT NOW:flutterrage:

Blame goes for your writing skills being Amazing and the cover art of Nord of sweet chaos :twilightsmile:

ok, after rereading and finding no Rockhoof, imma repost my old comment i deleted(after i realized i only read one chapter)
sequel pls?
i need to see her and Rockhoof interacting

Wasn't there another story about actually horse-sized Scottish ponies? And anon was a plumber or something? I always wanted more of that, so this is a very welcome surprise.

Old Jack Burton says What the hell

2020 is full of surprises

I'm disappointed we only get a hint of them having sex.

A very enjoyable story you've crafted here. I do hope you are able to continue with it.

Wow! You fucking tease!

Good fun all the same. Would have liked some sex though.:moustache:

no, you're not the only one wanting more :pinkiecrazy:

well we need Anon to be still alive for the sequel

Comment posted by Ponifex deleted Nov 19th, 2020

Is this complete? Cause its really, really good. And I'm loving it so far and I hope to see more.

Ah a, Big Trouble in Little Chinatown, name twist eh?

Little China not Chinatown even though it occurs in Chinatown lol

The poor lad. He's gonna be broke, probably two ways depending on how he plays his cards


For those of y'all wanting more, feel free to pester AnonTheAnon on twitter XD

Pursing his lips, he patted her shoulder. “Twilight, please start making sense…”

You're asking a lot, dude...

“So...she was pickled?” he asked.


“If you’re asking what I think you’re asking, for the umpteenth time, we’re going to find you a job. I can’t afford to have you eating me out of house and home, so you’re going to have to work. Thankfully, there are a few places that are hiring in town,” he explained, rushing to keep ahead of her.

Her best chances are anything related to rock breaking and demolition.

that was, until the mare bent over, rummaged around behind herself, and produced an honest-to-goodness battle axe.

Because that's something you find in every barber shop...

Pleased with the fortuitous turn of events, Anon dusted his hands. There was no way Nord would be able to fuck this up.

Even if there wasn't a way before, you just created one...

You probably meant this one, right?

TCompulsory cuddling was NOT in the job description!!
An ongoing prank war between Luna and a trusted guard gets a little... Affectionate.
Ausbrony · 4k words  ·  253  8 · 2.4k views

“Ok, this is your last shot. All you’d need to do is pick apples,” Anon instructed, leading the way to the Apple family orchard. “Just pick,” he added, extending an arm and plucking one of the succulent fruits from a tree, “the apples.”

She'll pick the entire tree, won't she?

“Ah swear tae god, if ye dinnae git mah name richt, a'm aff tae kick ye intae neist week,” Nord darkly rumbled, only eventually smiling over at the sibling farmers.

Anon: "By now being knocked out for a week sounds like an acceptable option..."

Mac stood mute and broke into a cold sweat, though it was unclear whether he was scared, aroused, or possibly both.

Or concerned he will be out of job in no time...

The corners of her lips turned up, if only slightly, as she looked over at him. “If ye'r wanting a guid story, ah hae a few.”

Maybe story teller might be a job for her.

“P...please...Be gentle,” he stuttered.
The mare simply chuckled for a second and locked eyes with him. “Na…”

Well, it was nice to know you...

For whatever reason, she almost looked like she was getting ready to storm into battle.

Nord: "Hey! What do you mean with almost?!"

Do NOT give her alcohol…

Didn't she literally came out of an cider barrel?

Good stsory!
I enjoyed reading it.

But I really expected Twilight and Rockhoof to show up any moment.

Also, the entire story I had to think of this comic:

Inspired by ye olde Sir Hat's love of horse-sized, mouthy mares? Size. Check. Attitude. Check. Boisterous. Check. Accent. Double-check.

Ah, I've missed this kind of thing.


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