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I...I am a monument to all your sins...


This story is a sequel to The Mystery Mystic Machine

Fortuna is a mystery - literally. Anon has no idea how old she is, who made her, or how she ended up in a scrapyard - still, despite all that, he continues to discover things about her. It feels like every day he's finding something new she can do, oftentimes with disastrous results, and the list of her abilities keeps growing. Fortunately for him, even if he never uncovers all her secrets, he's happy to have made a friend...

Artwork by AnonTheAnon

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Call the O5 , we have an unknown using foundation resources!

Too bad the O5 doesn't exist in Equestria

I like both stories so far i hope there will be more at some point.

Oh, yes...
More shipping!

Oh, yes!
Moar shipping!

Foreboding to be sure, but even that can't stifle my excitement at the thought of more of this.

I wish for more of this if you don't mind.

But apparently Black Mesa does? :raritywink:

what have you done, you've left me starved for more! This short series has been lovely

:pinkiegasp: And the first Some Leech story of the new year is wholesome and clean? No doubt the rest of the year is going to be wall-to-wall depravity and perversion then :rainbowlaugh:.

Wut were do u get that impression

I eagerly await more of this mechanical melange

You know maybe you should try this side of writing more often as you are spectacular at it

Fun fact
I cut my writing teeth on /x/ and SCP entries
No, I won't reveal which ones

You may be happy to know I'll be working on a SFW Horror story soon™

"Time to choose, Mr. Anon."

The Operating System 5?

Whoops, there was an extra S there. The foundation must not be amused

Man wholesome af
I just love the sentient fortune box. She an absolute delight.


even if he still didn’t fully comprehend everything she was capable of,

Fuck if he knew what he was looking at, but he thought the sight was both baffling and inexplicably frustrating.

This story was very cute I hope their is more in store

"okay, you know when I said, don't ask dumb questions don't get dumb answers? Well, you can still ask questions you know!"

What to do.... Spend on your marefriend, sir!

Well she did warn him it was consolation for his upcoming windfall...

Hooray! Partners! Don't worry Anon, we'll keep the shippers at bay, they can't take her away without permission!

I think its quite clear what you do with a million bits, you turn pony zultar here into Optimus prime.

Aw, this is such a cute story! I forget that you write sfw stories sometimes, lol.

I say that date was....sorta successful(?)...

Being rich in pony land
What will our dear Anon do?

Magic Healing Tablets?
Equestrian Advil are wild.

The unforeseen consequence?
The MechaGodzilla that will appear in a week...on Tuesday.

This was so cute, I love the artwork that goes with these, and the story is so charming. Great job! I feel a lot better right now, thanks to you!:twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

Glad it brightened your mood!

Considering some of the things they do, or in some cases, DON'T do, that's probably for the best.

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