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This story is a sequel to M.A.D.

All Chrysalis wanted was to have some fun and vent some stress - regrettably, after setting her sights on Luna, she winds up with more than just a bruised pride. All but in traction at her hive's hospital, barely able to lift a chitinous hoof, she'd left to sulk and brood on her past mistakes - that is until a very special visitor arrives.

Artwork by Xarakayx and edited by Evan (Twitter @evan555alpha)

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Well, this was amusing! Though I’m a little curious to know how Luna knew it was Chrysalis who took her book and not a member of her staff.

Just shut up and kiss already you two!

Celestia X Chrysalis is definitely one of my favourite ships

This is super cute :twilightsmile:

Dream Walker. Probably took less than a day to rule out everyone in the castle and guard barracks. That leaves infiltration, this seems to have been going on for centuries if not millennia so it shouldn't be too hard to sus out who was on staff that night versus the scheduled staff. That narrows it down to changelings and only one of them has a prank war going.

Simple deduction and investigation.

This is both cute and silly. I like it :twilightsmile:

I read a story about changeling courtship in which Twilight and Chrysalis had actually been dating and shit.
This is like that but believable

D'aww, that was cute. While Celestia is teasing, most ponies would give a foreleg and hind leg to be nursed back to health and waited on hoof and hoof by Celestia.

I'll bet you didn't know alicorn saliva has a powerful healing effect. Oh, wait. (looks at rating) Well, I suppose some minor nuzzling instead will be just fine.

would it be fair to call Chrissy a Tsundere?


That said, I’d be more interested in a Luna spinoff of this idea. Chrylestia is cute but these infrequent one shots lose a lot of momentum for what you’re going for.

Disregarding the significant improbabily of this relationship, you have managed to write a profoundly adorable story.

“ Must you?” she moaned, unable to stop the Princess from scrawling a black, porous heart over her plaster-clad bosom.

She drew her a cutie mark lol

I love this series more than I thought I would, I can’t wait for the next one!

Omg I love them together!

As the Princess sorcerously plucked the markers from his forehoof, the Captain averted his gaze. “Pharynx, Ma’am - Captain Pharynx.”

Ouch! Pharynx is probably the most competent soldier in mlp history… that’s gotta be a new low for him.

and even a crew of doppelgangers she’d created

Okay, that's sounds like something I want to hear more about.

Knitting her brow, her tempter starting to flare, she stared at the closed door. “Nurse! I said I’m thirsty!” she barked. “Or I could use a guard - honestly, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get me a drink!”

Knowing the usual pony or changeling guards they still might somehow manage to mess it up anyway.

Chrysalis squinted, her eyes tracking the pony with murderous intent. “Then perhaps you’ve come to finish me off…”
Stopping dead in her tracks, Celestia reared back askance. “I would never do such a thing! Do you think so little of me?”

:trollestia:: "Just think of all the fun we are having together! Few dare to challenge me like you, and of those who do you are the only one who ensures things don't get out of hooves. Without you my live would simply be incomplete. And boring."

Looking over and turning her head, she swallowed hard - things had just gone from bad to unfathomably worse.

Me: "Worse? How could it have gone even worse from here?"

Adorned with a nurse’s outfit, replete with the requisite hat, stethoscope, and a little red cross patch on the bosom of her uniform, Celestia proudly smiled and wiggled her shoulders. “I hope somepony is ready for the best bedside treatment available!”

Me: "Nevermind, I got my answer."

“You’re right, I’m not a nurse - that said, I am a registered Physician’s Assistant with a specialty in changeling biology.”

Where did she get that? And why?
So many questions...

It was rare that the Princess would leave Chrysalis at a loss for words, but be darned if the idiotic act didn’t do just that. Not only would the stethoscope be unable to detect her heartbeat or respiration, but there was a perfectly functional heart monitor wired to her not three feet away! Closing her eyes and taking a long, deep breath, she fought to control her fraying nerves.

Don't be too hard on her.
She's just a pony being a pony. She doesn't know any better.

A plethora of balloons floated up and bobbed against the ceiling, while Celestia hovered and placed assortments of flowers about the room. “You may not realize it, but there are several kindhearted ponies who are worried about you.”

I wonder why that is.
Maybe she has a fan club who enjoys the eternal, harmless squabble between those two rulers?

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Lol. Very nice


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Knitting her brow, her tempter starting to flare, she stared at the closed door. “Nurse! I said I’m thirsty!” she barked. “Or I could use a guard - honestly, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get me a drink!”

Cherry Berry, you're up!

The bad news was that her hive had been decimated, her castle razed to the bedrock, and she’d been left with more than just a bloody nose from the furious rebuttal to her relatively harmless plank


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