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Wanted · 9:10pm Aug 19th, 2023

If y'all have been following me long enough, you probably know I'm not one to make frivolous blog posts - with that out of the way, I'm in a bit of a pickle.

Before you to getting too concerned and/or aroused, I'd like you to know that there's nothing seriously wrong.
My dilemma is that there are two particular pastel pony products that have eluded me for years - years, I'm telling you!

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Pinkie Art Pack · 8:30pm May 4th, 2023

To those of y'all who might be interested, I wrote a story for a Pinkie Pie themed art pack

Artwork included by such talented artists as @Aer0Zer0Ri2k, @DDemon7000, @Elicitie, @Forsaken3d, @Hentype, @Sanyo_2100, @Snudd2, @DibujitoArt, @GodoffuryN, @imaaahorny, @Libido_mlp, @LegendOfLinkArt, @PurpsYoshi, @SpindlesX, @Weloost

Go to Aer0's twitter if you want the details (@Aer0Zer0Ri2k)

I'll make my story public eventually, but there's a LOT of good stuff in this pack.

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Acceptance Details · 8:21pm Apr 5th, 2023

So here's the skinny on the story. I'm gonna publish a chapter a week, so the following may involve spoilers. I tried to include the major kinks/fetishes for each chapter, but I may've missed some. I can't understate how depraved this collection is. I regret nothing.

Big Mac - Changelings, Double-Penetration, Oral, Anal, Large Insertions, Emasculation, Feminization, Crossressing, Transformation

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Happy 2023 · 1:54am Jan 8th, 2023

First and foremost, happy Insert Applicable Holiday Here!

With that out of the way ~ how are you glorious folks doing?
Not gonna lie, it's been a relatively rough start to the new year.
Had various bullshit hitting the fan, the persistent grind of life, and the omnipresent challenge of whatever obstacles fate decides to hurl at me - that said, I've been staying busy with writing.

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Art Pack Promotion! · 12:04am Jun 12th, 2022

So I wrote an exclusive story for a Rainbow Dash art pack!
Before anyone bursts a blood vessel, yes, I'll post the story to FIM Fiction eventually.

For those of you who want to see some absolutely increcible Rainbow Dash art, animations, and my story, go peep @Aer0Zer0Ri2k on twitter for a link!

The pack includes art from: @Aer0Zer0Ri2k, @Forsaken3d, @GodoffuryN, @irisarconsfw, @pabbley, @Pyroo_NSFW, @ScrewingWithSFM, @wiz_slime, @Weloost, @htpotAnims

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Just a Quick Shout-Out or Two · 9:36pm May 21st, 2022

I know most of y'all will probably just skim over this, but I wanted to give a shout-out to two really cool people.

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Just a Small Update · 2:26pm Mar 13th, 2022

If any of y'all are interested, I uploaded a few non-pony things to my Ao3 page.

If you're interested, check it out HERE.

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Quick Question · 5:14pm Mar 1st, 2022

Fuck if I know why, but I've had the urge to write some RGRE (Reverse Gender Role Equestria) - as such, should I dip my toes into that subject?

Yes or no?
Also who'd y'all want to see in such a scenario?

Wouldn't mind some feedback in the comments.

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A different type of blog post · 8:22pm Nov 25th, 2021

First and foremost, I hope everyone is having a safe and happy Thanksgiving - that being said, I bring a bit of dour news.

As I'm sure you're all well aware, I don't blog much, nor do I give shout-outs to people, but this is a bit different.
Sny, a lovely artist and kindhearted guy, is in a bit of a bind.
The TLDR is that he's suffering from the side effects of COVID and needs some help.

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Non-Pony Content Anyone? · 3:21pm Oct 17th, 2021

Ok, so I finally got around to posting some of my non-pony stuff.

"B...but Leech," someone doubtlessly mutters, "does this mean you're going to stop writing pony?"

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