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Quick Question · 5:14pm Mar 1st, 2022

Fuck if I know why, but I've had the urge to write some RGRE (Reverse Gender Role Equestria) - as such, should I dip my toes into that subject?

Yes or no?
Also who'd y'all want to see in such a scenario?

Wouldn't mind some feedback in the comments.

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Comments ( 78 )

Actually never seard such a phrase as RGRE, what does that mean exactly?
(big fan, love your work)

Reverse Gender Roles in Equestria
Basically where the females/mares are the sexually assertive/dominant ones

> be a dude in Equestria
> start getting catcalled by mares

Yes. I wouldn't mind seeing that.

No particular interest on my end, but I say go for it.

Would be fun! I don't have a suggestion as far as characters go, I know anything you'd write is great, even if it's completely OC characters.

Dan #8 · Mar 1st, 2022 · · ·

Sweetie and Button meeting Luna in a Minecraft server.

Or Sweetie and Button inflating balloons together to reenact NES Balloon Fight (but without popping, since Rarity wouldn't appreciate the noise). Button detaches one of Sweetie's balloons and she falls on top of him and won't let him up until he smooches her.

Hell yeah, could be fun.

Do you want the stallion to act like a stereotypical female? Or a stallion that does not behave like a normal one? Or perhaps a human finding himself in such a place. The mares may consider him even weaker than a pony, and treat him even more better or worse in some ways?

Just giving you some scenario ideas.

I would be good to see some of your older characters such as Nord and Anon dealing with him trying to be successful male in a RGRE world and deal with Nord at the same time Who thinks stallions are just as good as Mares.

Go for it dude I would love to see it

Anon and a Soft/Gentle/Mommy Domme Cadance?

Love me some RGRE, and 5640597: Yes.

It depends honestly, some authors like intricate disguise do it beautifully and its great, other authors make it horrible lol. I'm sure you'd make it great, so go for it if that's where you muse leads.

There are few good onces and often they don't get finished. Please do 'Some Leech'.

Sounds like a fun idea to me.


This could be good. Many RGREfics are just a thinly veiled attempt at doing a haremfic(I'm not opposed to haremfics, just don't claim it's RGRE if all a guy does is have lewd sexy with a bunch of mares). RGRE can be ways of looking at gender issues from the other side of the line. I came across a couple of RGREs where Equestria was in a sort of weird 1950's or 1970's-ish mindset where mares assumed the dominant roles in both society and in home life, things like mares are the ones who go out to work, go to the bar with their buddies after work, where mares could go to college and get the better education while stallions would learn the equivalence of home ec, where stallions were expected to stay home, clean the house, cook the meals, take care of the foals and put out whenever the mares wanted it.

An RGRE story could even explore some of the darker issues that still plague our country(I live in the USA), things like if a stallion gets sexually assaulted, law enforcement could ask things like were they acting/dancing/dressing provocatively or how much they had to drink, if a stallion is a victim of domestic abuse, local clergy could try to convince them to stay in a toxic relationship and that they "just need to work harder to change them" or stay in the relationship because it's [insert whatever deity or god-like being here]'s will, where individuals who are gay/bi/trans/etc... could be deemed by "normal" society as being broken or mentally ill or even outright being declared criminal, where if a mare wants to sleep around, she's considered all that is mare/a player/a mare's mare, but if a stallion does the same, they're called slut/whore/impure. It's your story, go as dark or as light as you want. I'm not looking for some deep dive into the cultural psyche of our modern society or into the ills that still haunt our society.

Hekk ya!

I derive an unreasonable amount of enjoyment from RGRE stories.

Please add to the library!

Why not, what's the worst that could happen?

I think you could do something awesome and hilarious with an RGRE setting. I'll check it out for sure if it happens.

Probably not dressing, because you aren't otherwise proposing a crackfic...

A clop type of RGRE from you would be GOLD I'm betting. Would love to see it!

Sure I would be up for it

It would be very interesting to see your take on the RGRE universe. Would gladly read it, too. Even if it's just an experiment.

In a nation populated by creatures that generally don't wear clothes, wearing of clothes could be seen as provocative.

Comment posted by TheaSuncream deleted Mar 3rd, 2022

If you want to do it, do it 🤷
Obvious take aside, it has always been a fascinating subject to me, so yeah, I would personally look for it

Could certainly be intriguing, especially since you do femboys so well.

Personally not the biggest fan but that's mostly because I find that people tend to exaggerate the switch or alter personality along with the switch.

Do I think you should do it? Yes. If it interests you than by all means go for it. If it doesn't then I can't think of why you'd be asking.

I've been considering satirizing RGRE.

Yes, RGRE is quite an interesting genre. :twilightsmile:

Go for it Leech!
You'd make it funny I think.
Hell the only ones I've read were pretty amusing anyway.

I say go for it, otherwise it’s going to fester and drive you nuts.

I'd be interested in it if it's not one of the dime a dozen "RGRE but our main character turns it back to normal by being an alpha male." plots.

One of my favourite writers dipping into my favourite genre? Yes please! I’d love to see something that starts off with the character seeming to stick to what was normal on earth, but begin to really enjoy and get along with the RGRE environment

Yes please do.

If I had to say with who maybe something with anon and the or one of the mane 6.

Maybe anon walks in on twilight wearing socks and she is embarrassed because it’s a very colty thing

I can guarantee you it wouldn't be this - in fact, it'd lean very heavily in the opposite direction.

I'd have fun seeing your take on it regardless.

I've a pretty mixed opinion of RGRE.

I've read a few really good ones where the RGRE element is nuanced enough to be believable and it's pretty much the protagonist, with our worlds cultural/moral view, navigating an RGRE Equestria. Usually with the RGRE theme serving as a backdrop or canvas for the actual story arc which can be anything from comedy to romance to erotica or even thriller.

I've also read a lot of absolutely atrocious ones where the RGRE themes take center stage and it just reads like a thinly veiled (and failed) kinkfic or misandrist/misogynistic propaganda piece. Add on subpar spelling, grammar and dialogue and it's eye-bleach worthy cringe.

One of the best ones I've read was kind of heart breaking, actually. In an oddly good way though.
It's called "Cupcake Half Full" by Uh-hmmm. Odd username but not the weirdest I've seen.

Basically, average joe/mildy unattractive guy stranded in a land where the "men" have as easy a time getting laid/getting dates as women do in our world ends up having as rough a go of it as he had back home. Because not only is he unattractive in the eyes of his own species females (being a pot-bellied baker is hardly something the ladies care for) but he's also an interdimensional alien in equestria. And there's no logical reason why a race of equines would find the human physique appealing so in this story they... don't.

The guy is kind of chill about it and handles the cards he's been dealt with as much decency and integrity one could muster in that situation but goddamn if it wasn't hard to read. In a good way. It's well written and an interesting take on the subject. Poor guy, though.

I kind of wanted him to find a sweet mare that'd be able to look past his exterior and want him for who he is.

I quite enjoy RGRE - lewd stuff is all well and good, but honestly not at all necessary. I always struggle to define what exactly it is that I enjoy, though - the role reversal? The exploration of traditional gender roles via narrative foil? The exploration of 'love' versus 'respect,' with characters wishing to cherish and protect others but not necessarily acknowledging their own agency or personal struggles?

Most likely it's some combination of all of those things, I suppose. Or hell, maybe it's just the femdom, who knows. However you look at it, 'A Dance On The Mats' and 'The Long And Short Of It' are definitely some of my all-time favorite fics, though. So I'm all for more good RGRE.

SQA #47 · Mar 1st, 2022 · · 2 ·

If you do, please for the love of God make it good. Take inspiration for people like Uh-hmmm and NOF, people who actually write RGRE, and not the usual hack frauds people think of when they start talking about RGRE on fimfic.

May B_25 and An Intricate Disguise burn for eternity for what they have done to RGRE on this site.

by all means, go for it.

Believe it or not, I've never read any RGRE
If I do it, it'll be my pristine imaginings

SQA #50 · Mar 1st, 2022 · · 1 ·

Well, l pray your imaginings are good. God knows there's already more than enough trash on this site with the RGRE name slapped on it.

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