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Hello there! I'm from Chile, but I love FimFiction stories.

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Just a quick notice. · 12:10pm Nov 12th, 2021

Hello everyone. I hope you're having a good day/night/eternity in some other dimension.

I'll publish two new stories, however, these will remain on 'incomplete/hiatus', since I want to focus on The Anomaly in a Mare's World. I may publish them in a few hours, or in a couple of days.

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I don't think it's that. Remember that there is a rule that says you can't make non-english stories. That's kinda like a wall for most of us if we don't have at least an intermediate understanding of english.

Chile, but I love FimFiction stories.

Why don't the people of Chile not like FimFiction stories?

As soon as possible. I've been VERY busy with many things going on around me. It's the reason I haven't updated in a while.

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