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Just a guy who loves to read stories and look at or do other things of the Arts. My Quote: "For Every Evil, There Is Good, That Shall Balance It. For Every Darkness There Is A Light."-ArcaneDust

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Riddle · 6:36pm Apr 2nd, 2022

I wanna see if anyone can figure out who this is. If you do, send it via a PM. Thanks!

"Beneath the Hallow's cleansing blanket lies a vengeful fae goddess bent in the scrubbing the land of any and all impurity. A beautiful bullet hell awaits anyone who dares challenge her."

When you kill a butterfly:

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Who Watches the Watchmen? Maybe it's you. Thanks.

Hey, thanks for recommending my story, how nice of you:twilightsmile:

Wow, such a beautiful quote!

Thanks for adding “Anon Von Bismarck” to “Hall of Fame” (:

Thanks for the watch!

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