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Welcome to the Ending-Verse!
Here, all HiE ends in depression and suicide!

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This group is like the desire to kill something that's cute and I love everything about it.

Comment posted by badnewsmascot deleted Jul 5th, 2023

Really wished there were more stories like these to be honest.

That probably sounds strange considering this group's description.

There anymore stories like this section?

thanks that was the story.

I know this it's "How many friends have you made today" by sarcastic brony I believe.

I seem to remember a story about Jason where the princess had the main six on stage each was punished by another pony. Princess Luna bucked Applejack for how she kicked Jason. Can't seem to find the story. Anyone else know this story ?

I already said this but the fact there is no history with jason actually dead somehow make me uncomfortable :unsuresweetie:

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


After the End is up! Take a look and let me know what you folks think.

A new addition to the family is coming... :trollestia:

This seems just right for such a previously and recently suicidal maniac such as myself!

There are no happy endings.

358971 Indeed I shall.

358958 Bask in the light of our feels.

Well, this groups just a little ray of sunshine, isn't it? :rainbowlaugh:

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