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Do you ever see any griffons living in ponyville? Did you realize that the cows and the sheep can talk but no one gives a hoot? Did you ever notice spike is like a pet?


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Friendship is racist?
Ooh, what time are the friendship speeches held?

Comment posted by ShatteredCrown deleted Mar 1st, 2016

379793 That's cool, I always liked lazy people.

349843 Don't worry, most of us are just too lazy to take the effort to join and comment when all they want to do is read.

Friendship sucks balls it seems.

Comment posted by New Spark deleted May 4th, 2014

321432 I love Marxism too. It's so glorious. My hear fills with hope and glee whenever I think of the word. :heart:

Not many people are here, are they?

I've noticed on so many occasions how blatantly racist mlp can be at times and then how anti-racist it can be at times and I honestly don't think the writers know that they're being racist but still... :twilightoops:

321432 Friendship is apparently quite a lot of things, including anti-democratic. :twilightblush::twilightoops::trollestia:

Friendship is also sexist, if my fic is to be believed.

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