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Welcome everyone.

This group is for people who love MLP, but in a dark and twisted kind of way. Like stories with war, hatred, betrayal, sorrow and anything else that makes you inner rage scream out to the world. So if you have some stories that have the main character wanting to bring down Equestria with his/her bare hands, please add it to this group, and let you fellow humans read it. So come on you insane bastards, LET YOUR HUMAN HATE FLOW ONTO EQUESTRIA! Or not, your choice. :3

To welcome you, a little music.

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Do a story with the Balkans in it.

If you guys like this group maybe you would also be interested in mine. Its a less extreme version with more of a focus on freedom rather then hate. The library has some very good stories that I recommend.

Heheh, I"m in more like a crazy humans vs ponies....Humans who would tear into their bodies and rip out their hearts

374961 I find a user, and join whatever groups they joined.

*pst. don't tell anypony!*:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

group post brought me here.


*facepalms* I don't do drugs, I come from a long line of Alcoholics and I plan not to make the same mistakes.


I mean that I am a Knight, Mages are lower than me.


Ah, no.

My mother was a Mage that spent more time yelling at me over my grades than actually socializing. All I have to say to her now is that I hate Mages and I'm higher than she is!


My mother was not like that. I sir am insulted!


Well, I needed some target practice soooooooo. . . *starts walking off*


*pulls out an anti-tank rifle* Better?


*unsheathes sword*

Then we have to teach them the hard way. :pinkiecrazy:

I hate ponykind to an extent.

Twisted, dark stories, huh?

I am most pleased...

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