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The loneliest ponies, are the kindest. The saddest ponies, smile the brightest. The most damaged ponies, are the wisest. All because they do not want to see anypony else suffer the way they do.


Who am I?

Well... first and foremost, I am Marco, nice to meet you :)

I come from Germany and I love MLP.
I've one day found this website and was fascinated by what I was able to read... fascinated about what you all wrote.
So I stayed ^^

One day I when I read my what felt like the thousandth and one story, I decided that I should start my own. I don't know what struck my fancy at that moment, but I always had something that I thought I could do better in a story, or that it went another direction as I had hoped.
Nothing awfully bothering... just always the niggling feeling... I could have done better... or different...
So I started to write my own story.

So here am I... writing what I think is a good story, while I eagerly devour each and every letter from my favorite stories, always on the hunt of new ones.

Say hello when you are around :) I don't bite and I am always happy to have a chat.
Best regards, a German Marco, trying to find a place in this world.


I have been "gone" · 12:12am Sep 1st, 2020

Hello everyone!

I am sorry I've been "gone" so long.
While I have not technically been not online, I have not found time, inspiration, and presence of mind to writhe...
Though, I believe I am more or less back to my old self :)

Depending on how much work I have to do over a day... I believe I will finally be able to continue writing :)

So... :) here I am, sorry for taking so long :(

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