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What's Going On Here?

I'm Wintermist, and I write mind control themed stories! My Little Pony is a fun arena to work in, since the characters are all fleshed out and distinctive, both adult in personality and fundamentally innocent.

I've now finished Friendship is Mind Control!

To my immense surprise, people have asked for a donate link! These can now be made here.

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How much are your commissions?

Winter mist said not to expect anything until mid September (despite this I have been looking expectantly every day since August). It’s not over yet! Patience and solidarity are sure to be rewarded! (Or punished :trixieshiftleft:).
Plus it can’t be easy keeping up with so many prolific passion projects on pony’s while managing school life. If I didn’t have so much debt from student loans I would send money Winters way.
Since I have no money all I can give is support (the bush league friendship is magic bullshit support, that doesn’t solve any problems). And I suggest you continue to cheer them in as well . . .
Crap I pulled out the rant again. . . Sorry :twilightblush:

Well, here we are in November and the last update to any story here was back in May. I don't have a right to complain... my own story hasn't updated in a couple years... but I am disheartened. I just want to say, we miss you and especially miss empress Twilight.

Please remember that fans like me would be happy to read -anything- written by you and would happily follow you around on different sites even, if you point out where to go.

Here's hoping that life is treating you well.

Well, this came out of the blue today! Apparently in an exchange about shippers, including some Sunset/Flash shippers, that tended to be homophobic, the director for EqG, K. Hadley, made mention that Sunset was actually Bi. But later in the thread says it is still up to fan's personal preference.

  • Viewing 138 - 142 of 142
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